Heather’s News – October 2013 – Future Directions?

This is an occasional update on what Heather is discovering, sent to those who have seen me in the clinic, or who are interested in what is happening in my world.


  1. Surprise to us all – Leaving Brisbane end of year
  2. Heather’s Movements
  3. Pregnancy App
  4. HeatherSays
  5. Korean experience
  6. My NZ gardening
  7. Someone left their glasses behind . . ..


1.   Leaving Brisbane end of year

No, this is not a joke . . .

My lease has been cancelled and I have three months to move – so this means I am unlikely to set up another clinic here.

(If I do work in Australia still, it may well be in Melbourne)

Nothing is settled yet, but do not bank upon my being available in Brisbane after Christmas.

This means if you know anyone who is going to see me – now is the time.

If you have been meaning to come back – now is the time.

2.   My movements . . .

Brisbane till 22nd October

I had not planned this ending, and unfortunately am to be off at various times in the next month. . .

23 – 29th October

I will be at an Aura Soma experiential workshop in Melbourne.

30/31st October

Back in clinic.

1- 5th November

World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (WFAS) conference in Sydney where I will be presenting papers.

20-28th November . . .

Home to see my NZ patients and garden – and rest if possible –

29th November till 10th Jan?????

Back in Brisbane

Outside these days I work all the time to catch you all up on self help.

3.   Pregnancy App

I have been talking of developing iPhone and Android apps for some time now and at last my Pregnancy app is ready to download.

It is not quite finished (what with my being a perfectionist) but is there for all to explore the answers to all those questions that get fobbed off and also those which means so much to anyone thinking of starting a family.

See more http://heathersays.com/

More apps to come:

I will soon start on apps for:

  • periods,
  • puberty, &
  • fertility.

Then hopefully there will be time to garden in NZ again . . (We will see how fast I can dance)

Special ebook Offer

ALL my eBooks that support these topics are available NOW for a limited time for the ridiculously low price of $57.

This special offer is only in force until the ebooks are reformatted to reflect the HeatherSays branding.

4.   www.HeatherSays.com

As part of what I have been working towards – everyone helping themselves as people used to know how to – or asked their older female relations  (old wives?) I have developed the “HeatherSays” brand for my work . . .

To assist the future app development (periods, fertility, puberty, pain, metabolism coming next), I now have another site.

The intention of HeatherSays.com is to shed some light on common myths and give alternative sources of further information on essential topics.

In my research I have discovered that very little of what is happening in medicine, (hence what is published in popular media) is actually true.

When I say something in clinic, often it is the first exposure to an alternative to mainstream concepts and often this is met with incredulity.

It is a great shame that people still come in to see me thinking that helping the body work better is somehow new, ‘alternative’ and/or dodgy.

. . . that is how one could describe the western medical ways of poisoning and damaging without knowing why things happen. They seem not to know what to change to go back to the template that we are all born with and have as our birthrights.

Not letting the cold in . .

As an example – I talk continually about the need to protect oneself (especially when female and birthing/breastfeeding) against all cold influences.

The current medical fashion is to use ice on anything.

. . . well – I was ‘mother roasted’ in Korea. This is a normal part of all traditions – giving mum some ooomph /yang/inner fire back after being so very depleted in birthing.

I felt SOOO much better afterwards –  it was incredible! Click on the first small picture here to see all of me (face down I mean)

Why are people not thinking as they used to?

I have been asking this – as when I came back from Iceland/Germany earlier in the year to Brisbane, all of a sudden there was this hysterical medical push to vaccinate everyone as though this were a measure of health care that actually (and without safety or effectiveness studies to prove it) works.

  • Is anyone questioning – is it SAFE and EFFECTIVE?
  • Where is the research?
  • Why is there all this emotive manipulation (obviously it works . .)?
  • The issue is authority

So I recently researched into the hand washing beliefs – it becomes very apparent that we are now entering into a new age of Flat Earth beliefs.

Emotive manipulation and bullying are taking the place of reasoned logical and informed debate on anything that goes against what western medicine has to say.

When the dominant paradigm does not understand new information, the carriers of that new (pesky, inconvenient) info are attacked  .  . this is not ‘science’ but human behaviour.

As a result, I have written the www.HeatherSays.com site and the Apps (initially just the pregnancy one is ready to go) as people need to know what use to be known by all – and in the Asian countries – is still practiced common sense –  what has always worked.

Old Wives Tales

May seem strange – but that is how we are all here – our mothers learned from their mothers – and the women were always the keepers of the tending and caring and the young and the old. . . and this has all been lost in the push for new to the natural world chemicals – to our disadvantage.

I say this as having worked for 35 years on/with people – they were then a lot easier to help than they are now.

What is the reason?

Where to start? – just sleep/what is expected of them/the pace of life. . .

Then there are the electronic messages never intended to be through us that mess with all natural signals . ..

Then there is the toxic residue from all the farming and domestic chemicals that are as background noise now and forever as most of them do not break down – and all are causing a toxic environment that is being ignored by all – and no more so than in the fertility and the cancer fields – what is blocking normal?

Perhaps start your own research – hence I have begun this for all with the sites below . .

Start asking questions.

There are several sites to help you

www.heatherbruce.com.au is there to give meditation and cancer information

www.easybabies.com.au is the pregnancy/fertility/women’s health site

www.simple-natural-solutions.com is where most of the help yourself/become empowered information sites.

www.my-mothers-heart.com is for those whose children are not OK – for those who have had a non standard baby or who find  themselves grappling with what to do now.

www.acupunctureplus.com.au is the clinic site along with

www.healing-on-hawthorne.com.au is the one that was current until I moved 21 months ago

5.   Korean experience

I had an amazing time in the 6 days I was in Korea at the Eighth International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicine (ICTAM). See my report on ICTAM.

I particularly ‘got’ that the East Asian systems of medicine have been around in written form for at the very least 2-3,000 years, as it is it still being used today.

This means our less-than-100-year-old ‘orthodox’ system of disease control and crisis management has no idea of how bodies work to heal or repair themselves. Their new fashioned ideas that come and go out of style, are taken as the all knowing and the final word, until something new comes along (see Breast Screening).

All participants in ICTAM were given a translation of the Dongui Bogam, a set of books compiled by the royal physician, Heo Jun (1539 – 1615) and was first published in 1613 during the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. The title literally means “Mirror of Eastern Medicine”.

6.   My NZ gardening

Had a fulfilling time playing in my garden – although it was bitterly cold and snowing in the hills behind my house. We had so much rain it was a trick to get weeding happening – a great rest (although saw 30 patients in two days there and had several meetings in addition to the gardening).

The garden at 348 Riding Road

Now the sun is up past the house next door and the trees, the garden has perked up – is a little like the adage ‘just add water’.

We all need essentials and the plants are now reveling in the rain and energy in the clinic space. Please enjoy the walking irises, which occasionally flower, and fragrantly, for just a day.

7.   Someone left their glasses behind . . ..

within the last month – in the front room – and in a soft case

New Season

The weather is changing – please encourage yourselves to have a big throw out /declutter – it does us all good to have space around us.

Best wishes,