Heathers News – November

In this issue:

Clinic lease signed up for next 2 years .

All will be relieved to know that I have decided to base myself still in Brisbane.
The Life Alignment Centre just fell in my lap.
The new signage will begin a new period of my working in Brisbane

In the next week I have 7 days of on site trainings to give.


The garden likes the rain . .



Heather’s Movements

I have just returned from a week home in NZ gardening
Plus being grandma . . .

Heather and Oscar


                                                Heather as Oscar’s dad’s mum 33 years before

Working in clinic today (Thursday 30th Nov)
Teaching in the clinic till I go away again  . .

Friday 8th I will disappear up to Cairns with Duncan to be a step-grandmother for Tilly’s 3rd birthday and then emerge
back on deck from Tuesday 12th till Christmas.



New clinic/intentions

My intention in setting the Life Alignment Centre in place is to educate and empower others.

Take a tour.

I will still be offering sessions – but mainly on my schedule not yours.

This means:
It costs me too much to be part of the game of ‘fix it’/co dependency.

I am teaching my first class – What Lies Beneath on Friday.
This is the beginning of my exposure – especially to my acupuncture colleagues who seem to not ‘get’ the basis tenets of East Asian medicine.

Perhaps watch the presentation below – (yes it is entitled Natural Fertility Coach).
It is the same for everyone – is really Acupuncture 101 . .

Health – the Ability to Adapt to Change

Why is there a ‘need’ for anti depressants and anti anxiety medications – instead of undoing what is below the surface, and what is driving the problems upstream?

Please read What Lies Beneath to see what I mean.
This is why western medicine is not working.

By labeling anything nutritional as ‘alternative’ shows the way – cynicism.
Were you to still be growing your own food – you would know this.

Cause and effect,

‘Research’ WAS life.

Now it is people who have almost no life experience – to even know what questions to ask . . to research’ . .

Alternative it is – to the money-making that is going on.

The accelerated dis-empowerment that has happened – yes the person giving you ‘health advice/care’ may have formed a relationship with you that is their ‘modus operandi’ – but is it getting you to where you are self aware and self propelling?

Usually no . .
Dependence is what I have tried to stifle in anyone seeing me.

To this end I have done up the various eBooks now the patient manuals are sold out (developed/produced in 2001/2)

The posters are still is for sale here.

The various tools to help you are on my site here.
the Apps are on need of redoing (done nearly 5 years ago – as a way to unload some of what I know to assist all.

I have been a one woman band (with my wonderful husband supporting me full-time – on the tech end).

This is changing – I now have the services of an amazing woman two days weekly and after the new year I hope to have an array of others supporting this work.

To this end – we need to shift focus – people popping in at their convenience is a thing of the past.

Others can play that game.

Were you to sign up for IVF or chemo, there are expectations and you put yourself out to ensure the best (according to their schedule of course). No mention of food and what you can do to help yourself

  • complete abandonment of anything anyone in the past and in any culture, especially the What Lies Beneath
  • all your thoughts words and past actions – and the now reaping of these
  • the toxic harvest of a life not live as you could have but did.

 To do anything less for most is to allow the disease to still rule your life.

 What do I mean?
The inner saboteur – when you start out on this path that will become very clear to you.

If that last line makes no sense to you – possibly you are not one of my ‘qualified’ patients yet – as you may be still in, or may be exiting the ‘fix me’ mode.

 I am not retreating into this, even though I have decided to renew my ‘membership’ of the highly contentions (to me) AHPRA mantle.


This means that I am still to be ‘regulated’

Some of you may have heard my thoughts on this.

39 years of delivering natural health care

in Brisbane area has taught me:

That I need to ask a question . .

Are you ‘qualified ‘ to see me?
Especially now we as acupuncturists are under a system that is not in our, but supposedly the ‘public’s’ interest.

I say this as . .
“Dry needling” has exploded since acupuncturists have had to be registered and the word acupuncturist is a protected title.

Now any registered health professional can do a 2 day course and claim to use acupuncture/dry needling.

As a chiro/physio or massage therapist – you get cheaper session (and they hurt) and they generally do not address what is actually an energy imbalance – and thus no one (except the dry needler – in the short term) really wins.

Enough said.

Who benefits from seeing me?

Those who actually want to help themselves   .

My expectation of someone seeking my services and decades of holistic multi disciplinary expertise are:

You want to get better

You will do anything to shift what has blocked your healing until now

Whatever gets in the way – gets moved.

Obviously I am not you
(This is why/when I seek help)
To be relieved is not my goal for me or for you.

If you want me to play that ‘fix it’ game – I will no longer participate.
I have been calling this a form of foolishness for decades.

You pay and expect me to provide. . yet without your understanding that you ‘broke’ yourself to start with and continue to choose to NOT get better through the daily and often minute to minute choices.

Obvious to me as I have stood for your understanding as I go through my own challenges to work out how best to be of service.

This is not the usual newsletter.
It is my position statement to those how have sought my skills in the past.

I am NOT an acupuncturist (only)

Never was.

Always a soul-centred healer.
(My first website in 1999 was the meditation work – still available to download – and I have some CD’s left if you want a Christmas present – to yourself for someone who needs to relax/sleep/unwind . .).
Touch orientated and intuitive.
Always here to help.

 AND – on my terms now.

This means – there will be many times when I am not available – and it is your choice to find someone – but I wish there were someone else – as I would have handed over.
And I would have had someone myself to go to.

 (You may wonder who looks after you Heather?)

Good wonder. . .

I go home . .

to my garden . . 

 Over the decades I have been an educator and mentor of many – here and internationally now more.

In May I am an invited presenter at the TCM Kongress in Rothenburg (Germany) – and from there the world.

I have been paid to present at many other venues and have been quietly coming and going, perhaps looking to some as though I am swanning about, but actually learning more – researching as much as I can to help you.

As a consumer of ‘health care’ most now have no idea of even what to eat.
Hence my new foundation course to be:

Loving Your Body Better

This is not about what goes in your mouth, but about what happens when you eat.

Does your food factory even work?

I can say the same thing over and over – and until you ‘get it’ – I am ignored as it is so different from the usual advice.

When you wake up the real healing can happen.

The cupping of the cold out of your system and the moxa use that can be done at home (with proper ventilation).

I will be launching this soon and will let everyone know.

Upcoming workshops

 I may run small intensive workshops on my return after New
I am handing over world wide elder’s wisdoms.

New logo

explains it all.

 Over the decades I have noticed that many close-together sessions work best.

Commitment on my part is almost never matched by the participant who is paying for my services.
This shows as cancelling appointments when something comes up – when things get sticky – as in usually
– when the need to get out of the previously held comfort zone looms.

This leads to my expectations of treatments not being met

 Back in the late 1970’s when there WAS no alternative to what I was offering – when there were no pain killers, anti-inflammatories, drugs in general to be on forever, people knew that cause and effect ruled.

 They knew that they instead of needed to do something different but did not know what that was.

Now the body’s warnings are not being heeded.

Whilst people keep doing what is at odds with their bodies’ natural ability to repair itself, they will still be ill..

 Change is needed – ‘putting yourself out’ – to heal – involves changes – which often are rebelled against at some level as part of the healing.

This can show up as a ‘healing crisis’ and the need for changes not comfy – so the need often to stop – or to blame or to go lateral and get more symptoms addressed by essentially putting more wallpaper over the mouldy wall – to then repaint so it looks nice – that s what almost all ‘medical’ interventions are now up to – a great retail adventure – and one that I wish to have nothing to do with.

Whether it is cancer (1 in 2 of us supposedly will ‘get’ this) – and what is cancer?
A scary word /potential death sentence to those who want to play the medical game.
OR they could as I would – see it as a profound opportunity to start over – and do everything differently . .

Your immune system not working well.
(You would also need to understand what causes health and why so few have any clue).

Look to any traditional society – they had an integrated approach that was not germ or physical body based – seems odd to us as we have been indoctrinated into a system of compliant helplessness and hopeless on account thereof – hence the explosion of drugs to numb their pain . .

 On the emotional and mental level and the basic ingredients for life have been taken away and I see (as the one who has always helped those who fall through orthodoxies cracks) that plastic/disconnected robotic life awaits .. those who can afford to keep breathing.

Strong words?
Yes – and these shades of grey are obvious possibly only to those of us who did not spit out the blue pill.

What is missing – Copper problems?

(Why not correct the nutritional imbalances rather than tinker with your upset self forever after for profit?)

Excess copper?

Too little copper?

Love Your Body (Back to Health) Better

I have many courses online that just need a little touching up.
This is where I will be heading – and teaching from the clinic – and doing programmes for those who understand that traveling don the same path wit minor tweaks may not be what is now need.
Not a smorgasboard but a dedicated time with me to get you past what has so far blocked true healing.

This is eventually only to be offered from my healing sanctuary in the backblocks of NZ . .

and so far the transition is here when I am.

 Not likely to remain as offering a session when you choose to show up.

 Healing after traumatic birth/C section and the explosion of vulvadynia needs someone who knows to undo and to assist other holistic healers to start the processes that I have discovered.

My solutions access so many modalities that I have studied.

Volunteers needed.

I am teaching a few dedicated souls in the next week in the clinic.
We need patients for me to supervise their working on

This is free to you.
No needling unless by me – only their heartful hands.
All have special other skills – that they are adding my Gentling Methods onto.

If you are interested during the daytime only – please email me – as ringing will possibly not get directly me – but do leave a message. .

I will only need a few – so if you have been unable to afford the new work and are fed up with the back no one can ‘fix’, the always goes back to being a twisted pelvis, the not being the same since that operation or C section – see if you can be one of the lucky few.

 It is transformative!

It may take up to 3 hours – and you will walk out with a new body!

See you soon,
Best wishes,