Heather’s News – November 2013

In this issue:

  1. New Clinic in Wynnum
  2. Conferences
  3. Bells Palsy
  4. Pain
  5. Heather’s Writing
  6. Self Help Apps
  7. eBooks
  8. Self help package


1) New Clinic in Wynnum

For those who were horrified as I was that the clinic was having to shift ..

I have resolved the issue and will be moving into a house my son is buying in Wynnum – sole purpose – keeping me and the clinic here in Brisbane.


Whilst the offer was just accepted last night, with all good energy behind the actions, the garden there will be my saviour; it has sea breezes, a big deck upstairs, in a very quiet street, with a downstairs that can become the clinic and my library – so all is well . .

The move will all happen over Christmas break, and I will still be working at Riding Road whilst the renovations are being done, so in early January, Wynnum is my new Brisbane base.

I will even have a clinic warming party for those who are still in the city as the deck can hold 30 apparently  . . .

Just another 20 minutes travelling time to see me – not having to fly down to Melbourne – so all is saved!!!!

2) Conferences

May look like I have been traveling around, but actually have been in conferences. .

The World Federation of Acupuncture Societies in Sydney was a great idea – I have just returned.

although hard on the heels of the Aura Soma four day intensive in Melbourne.

The bottles as always (last conference I did with these was about 12 years ago) were amazing and I spent most of the 4 days meditating on colour, and having huge rest. Melbourne was a woollen jumper, woollen coat and still too cold experience. And that was spring!!!

At WFAS last weekend I did a presentation on Bells Palsy with standing room only.

I was inspired by many of the speakers – and as such have a new treatment for those especially with terminal illnesses.

The quality of life is easily adjusted – we only need to reset (like a computer being shut down) the blueprint . . .

not force it (as orthodox drugs and surgery etc do) – but reset the body/mind.

Makes sense . . . although is a lot cheaper and without the fanfare of the mainstream bells and whistles.

What you have with me is cutting edge healing sessions – although they get simpler the longer I am in ‘practice’.

3) Bells Palsy

A whole new world opened up to the ones who were at the international event.

Bells Palsy is a big drama, as 1 in 65 of us will expect to get this at some time.

Both my son and husband sent me this yesterday –

·       Face, get back to work! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-24802323

I also presented at the WFAS in Indonesia last year – same topic – and how do I resolve it?

·       Undo why it happened.

·       What do I mean?

·       Our face is not supposed to fall down. Why does it?

·       Why that person – and why then in their lives, and why that side of the face?

Unfortunately common sense has not filtered into mainstream medicine.

As in many things – without a health model, not an illness one as all traditional, cultures – or in acupuncture’s history – thousands of years of trial and observation – they are still clutching at straws – the reason behind Bells Palsy is you are depleted – for whatever reason, and then a breeze, or in the case of one patient I had – drinking a far too cold Slurpy = happened – and that was that – the face spectacularly fell down.

Often staying there as the cold invasion is not removed – and waiting as this guy did for the body to gradually sort it out is silly.

No mention in most internet searches for what can actually – often with a few treatments actually fix it – and then build you up so it is not a residual problem.

Taking corticosteroids would not help this – as it is a case of  .. .

You have guessed it  . . .

  • Cup the navel . .

I know it is not everyone’s favourite – but it is amazing how fast it shifts most conditions. .


Cold is no one’s friend actually – it is the same whether male, young or old – no one should be wasting their life force by:

–       eating or drinking cold with their food,

–       wandering around on cold floors (downstairs at the new place is all cold tiles) or

–       sleeping in a draft, or under cold air

. . . as exposure to cold in small increments wastes the energy we have to keep us here and moving well . .

This short, inspirational eBook, ‘Cold is Not A Woman’s Friend’, is easy to read whilst you are having a session. You could ask for it next time I have you on the treatment couch.

It is THE way to understand why your digestion, circulation, immune system, and all other things are failing

–       the Yang Qi (your ooomph!!!) is missing  . .or under the (inner) weather

. . . and another thing . . why not sort out why something hurts whilst we are on the subject of returning to blueprints

. . . why listen to the medical model that says we are in a decline (‘aging’)?

– We remake ourselves when giving our bodies half a chance. Change what has created the problem maybe???

4) Pain

Anywhere in the body/mind  – why – flow can’t.

Same deal – undo why it is there and the it will not be . .

Found in a text I have just discovered – on Asian medicine of course – where we help the body recover its equilibrium ..

1.     The power of nature (vis medicatrix naturae)

2.     First do no harm (primum non nocere)

3.     Find the cause (tolle causam)

4.     Treat the whole person

5.     Preventive medicine

6.     Wellness

7.     Doctor as teacher

These principles translate into the following questions that the practitioner applies when analyzing a case:

–       What is the first cause; what is contributing now?

–       How is the body trying to heal itself

–       What is the minimum level of intervention needed to facilitate the self-healing process?

–       What are the patient’s underlying physical weaknesses?

–       What education does the patient need to understand why he or she is sick and how to become healthier?

–       How does the patient’s physical disease relate to his or her psychological and spiritual health?

Why would you not consult someone who can ask these questions and undo with your assistance – what has been bothering you (all of you – not just the sore knee or whatever – as this is the way your body gets you to come in to see me).

So when in pain – get moving, do not EVER add ice as it stops the circulation.

Acute injury – the addition of heat will help the movement – you can massage the exact same area on the other side of the body and this will alleviate the pain where you have damaged yourself.

Find the exact same place on the other side of the body and the other limb – using the navel as a pivot – and when you get he EXACT same spot (outside left knee becomes outside right elbow)  and massage the sorest place on the other side/limb.

You will notice a magic reduction in pain/swelling etc. Why? It is all a matter of electrical flow being restored . .

Never ever use ice as it stops the flow of blood – which in turn stops the healing.

Become a Reiki channel yourself – so as your hands are always there – you can always help yourself.

Whatever do I mean?

Become the healer – yourself.

We are somewhat dis-empowered in modern life and the expert is within all of us.

Thinking as our forebears did – they worked things out – or often died – and relying in others and the internet and paying for help is not sustainable – hence I have been writing for years now – so all can work it out.

5) Heather’s Writing

I will get back to the text books I am writing for my colleagues soon – but presently I am getting the Apps done and the connections back to what is on my sites and the eBooks out there into everyone’s consciousness.

To help this, those who are interested (pregnant/wanting to be) could help me greatly by signing up for the App and seeing if you can spot any problems/missing info – or something that you think ought to be there that is not.

I am continually adding to it – and the major job to be done before I think it is finished is marrying the App back to several pages – already there on the site – as an example – one of the ‘drop down’ pages – http://heathersays.com/pregnancy/well-parents-strong-seeds/

6) Self Help Apps

The first app is now available – they will all be in the problem solving mode – hence all will have this format:

–       The Problem

–       The ‘Why’

–       The Solution.

I have noticed as I have been writing all these (the endometriosis one as an example – could easily be diabetes) that there is no idea in medicine as to why things go off the rails.

They can postulate – and I suspect some of the ‘reasons’ are remarkably off base .  .

and yet – mainstream medicine thinks it has all the answers and we all must follow – without thought to what we fuel ourselves with.

I know my car needs the 98 grade otherwise it does not run smoothly . . so too with our bodies – they need the best we can put in them – and what appears to ‘taste’ nice is not usually what is needed.

Whether it be gestational diabetes, MS or gout – or even poor sperm quality, the underlying causes are the same – food related 100%.

After the Pregnancy App will be (in order):

–       Periods (due out by Christmas)

–       Puberty (end of January)

–       Fertility (end of February) and then

–       Pain followed by

–       Metabolism – thyroid

–       Menopause

7) eBooks

In addition to the apps the The Human Matrix is an essential resource on how a well body is made/designed to go through life seamlessly – healing itself – IF it was not broken at all . .   The Human Matrix – a must read for everybody.

Here are the ingredients for an easy life – please consider getting the entire package as it has all the massage and moxa moves you can help yourself with – PLUS how to understand why whatever is happening to you is . .

If you have a card that has been bought from me with the ‘Helping Yourself’ title and have not yet downloaded your ebooks, please email me and I will send you the updated version at no extra cost to you.

If there is a topic that you would like me to cover – please let me know if it looks as though I have missed something out that is of special interest to you.

I will be doing auto immune problems – and in the meantime – the short answer is avoid all sugar – anything that tastes sweet or converts to sugar in your body – as it is inflammatory.

– and take the advice in my ebooks – live simpler . ..and use simple natural solutions to your health issues. . and specifically here or here to detox on a cellular level – as all the chemicals we are constantly exposed to are behind all the ‘health’ and slowly ‘dying of’/terminal problems – cancer being a perfect example – it keeps returning as no one thinks to undo why it was there – look back to point 3) above –


8) Self help package

All my current ebooks (as well as the meditation audio files are available for a short time only as a special price package until they are reformatted using an updated layout so they will be easily identified as my work using a more consistent style.

If anyone reading this has skills, (or knows someone who does) in book design and publication and would like to swap energy (treatments for the design) please let me know.

In the meantime – the weather is beautiful, the seasons are shifting – come in for a tuneup as a few well placed sessions over a year and a container of AV/AT in the cupboard in case someone decides to try to ‘give you something catching’.

The handbooks that I have been writing will help you sail through life without needing to see me, or the chiropractor.

Start living the way we all used to, simply and in tune with nature, and unblock your natural flows using the healing power of touch for men and women.

Best wishes,

Heather Bruce