Heather’s News – Nov 2015

Heather is back!!!  I am re-signing the lease!!
I will be in Brisbane for the next year at least.

Back on deck .
Able to assist in any way .

Especially after my wonderful teachings in the states
Simple natural ways to heal – helping yourself all the while.

I will be here most days till 2-9 the December when I am away teaching in NZ.
Gone also Christmas Day till 18th January I will be away home – again gardening, and teaching.

With all the added skills I have it is not necessary to be seeing me on and on –

I will be assisting all to become free of the need to be ‘high maintenance’.

If this sounds like what you need now – please ring today.
Or send this on to someone at work or a friend who is struggling – there is so much that is so easy for me to undo for all.

Endometriosis special!!!

masses-of-maroon_pink-peoniesDo you or someone you know have a life all messed up with endometriosis?

It seems that we have an epidemic of bodies not working as they used to.
You may have a loved one – or yourself – who is apparently riddled with endometriosis or PCOS or in some other way can’t get the periods to behave themselves.
Or easy fertility has evaded you?
IVF not even working?
Maybe it would be a bonus to have sex enjoyable?
No drugs as all works as it could?

If you want this and more – empowerment through information –
Come along for some fun and interesting techniques that you can do at home.
10am – 2 on Friday 20th November
For the price of a treatment with me – you will see how easy it is to transform your life with at home practices,

  • Inspiring ways for you to undo what is messing with normal
  • Manual on menstrual self help
  • Practical tuition on easy touching you can do at home to enhance life flows.
  • Hands on healing demos and the opportunity to work on others – and to receive.
  • See how safe intimate care works, and why you need to bleed/use only the menstrual aids that support life.
  • Supportive changes to non toxic life habits
  • Healthy snacks

My Self Care weekend Bne3Can you come to this – and transform your life?

Why such short notice?

I just got accredited (hence away for a few weeks in October – and have been back a week now).

Why wait for ??? when??? No time is the best time – except when you say NOW!!
Also – Christmas cometh. Plus I will be in NZ training acupuncturists for a week starting 2nd December and then back in NZ teaching these courses over January. February and most of March is spoken for – so the next opportunity is really not till mid April . .

Do you really want to be in trouble with your gut/belly I general/emotions/hormones and all the reproductive spin-offs til then?

This is the quick-healing route – go back to what we no longer tell our children and relearn how to be in a human body easily.

In these courses we (I am the only one offering these in Brisbane and only as a natural therapist with decades of healing hands experience behind me) will delve into what all could, and can do to help themselves.

Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

ArvigoArt_Goddess_ovalmoons4Have you ever had a broken tail bone?

I have – twice.

The only relief from 10 years on for me – was when my acupuncture lecturer inserted a needle where it as indicated – and all the residual problems disappeared. A needle where it works – if you have had a problem with your sitting/body since this – come in and have the response the woman today did – all the pain she had gotten used to on standing went. All the problems on sitting and tension on her upper back is gone – and probably for good!
Come in and see what I can remove for you.

Have you ever had a fall that then stopped life from being easy?
Same again – getting someone to ‘put it back’ may mean it still keeps going out again – come in and see what instant permanent relief can be achieved.
37 years ago when I started in Brisbane as an acupuncturist, musculo skeletal problems were my special feature   – what I can do has only improved since I have been doing the work below.

mayahealing.com.auSee more here on my brand new site – to promote the brand new changes that will be featured all next year . .

Perhaps before the New Year – get started on your new life now.

Instead of seeing me frequently, my suggestion is that you come in and do the Self Care course so you understand why what has happened has and what you can do to undo it gently at home – and with my guidance – have better babies or easy periods, better digestion and a back that is so easy to live with – just appears as if by magic!!!

The money invested there is the answer to almost all that ails almost all who come in to see me. We were not designed to be so unwell and in pain.

Brisbane’s new Self Care teacher

The recent USA teacher training trip went wonderfully well!

My first class in Arvigo® Self Care massage and other inspirational breakthroughs
(how to easily transform yourself – and potentially all that has ailed you and your family lines) is on, in 10 days time.

New beginnings

In a few week’s I will be starting a very different look clinic – where if you wish me to help you – you have to also be part of your healing.
More on this soon.

Over the past 4 decades of watching people and their troubles, it has become ever more obvious that I am ‘over’ being mother to everyone.

Taking charge of your own life and health:
paying attention to the sort of older age you want, starts now.

When you see me for:

  • making hopefully making better babies
  • healing your gut
  • undoing all gyne and ‘hormonal’ issues
  • Any back problems that see to not stay as you want them – fine whilst you are at the chiros or physio – and it comes back again – find out how to magically resolve for good – especially – if you have had a broken tail bone or have had a few falls.
    The shock and being in the wrong place stay often forever.
    Release is easy . . see me for the usual and possibly I will add in the different techniques as this is working for all.

Make change easy – come along to heal your life

Normal sessions still happening here – as I become more adept at transformative energy body working – the new cards will be ready be ready by the end of the week – and as I hone up the healing agreements forms, I will put out a longer newsletter.

Fertility Issues

If you have ever seen me for fertility issues, or know someone who is struggling – look to the endometriosis day and the following on – the self care course – a weekend’s investment to give you a different path.
– come as a couple – still way cheaper than another round of IVF and you will have understanding how and why to do it all yourself (heal) at home.

Talk to me about it or read here  http://mayahealing.com.au/womens-health/fertility/ and for men here http://mayahealing.com.au/fertility/

Until then – come in and shake off all those cobwebs.

Come and find the new you!

Healthy blessings to all



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