Heather’s News – Nov 2014

Welcome to Heather’s news.
In this issue:

  • Back home and loving it
  • Professional Development
  • Relaxation
  • WFAS Conference
  • Help Someone You Know
  • Heather’s Websites
  • Vitamin D
  • Auto immune disease
  • Heather’s Movements

Back home and loving it

I am back and loving being home – in Australia, in this beautiful (though dry) place.
I am grateful that I have been able to extend my knowledge and all I am now able to help others with/through different therapies.

Professional Development

The month away was spent in the first two weeks initially being incredibly thankful that I have different tools than even at the beginning of the year.
I am no longer ‘just’ a revolutionary problem solver and thinker who uses needles and an ancient healing method with modern add-ons such as the nutritional and other influences I lend to my work.
The workshops have extended my knowledge and skills in the ancient wisdoms carried down through the Mayan tribes and midwives of Belize – and the napropathic (Czech village structural) techniques I can now make available to you.


A week off watching leaves and the amazing Vermont environment – driving about – and then back to New Hampshire to ponder life, read, relax.  . .and do some shopping

WFAS Conference

A few days in Houston at the World Federation of Acupuncture Societies conference in Houston TX – were I did four presentations.  .

Topical for so very many

  1. Taking out Hidden Pathogens – in the context of
    * Lymes’ disease,
    * peripheral neuropathy
    * Krohns and
    * prostatic hyperplasia
  2. Avoiding Precocious Puberty
  3. Endometrisois and PCOS – can it be this simple?
  4. Preventing Post Partum Psychosis  . .

Help Someone You Know

The extensive research I did on all of this to back up my great clinical results may also help someone you know –
I suggest they find me before I take off again.

Why is this so revolutionary?

You learn how to help yourself with techniques that actually work.
This is what used to be passed down as the cultural inheritance, instead of wasting time and resources asking others who are also looking for answers.

Who may benefit?

For starters . .
Anyone who has

  • lymphatic congestion anywhere
    – as the Mayan massage relieves why the organs are in the wrong place and allows homeostasis to return
    – gently, safely, easily with your tender loving hands daily .
  • Vascular issues
  • Organ prolapses
  • Incontinence
  • Pain that is not getting better
    regardless of the amount spent at physios /chiros/osteopaths/massage therapists – as it relieved and comes back
  • Menstrual and reproductive issues
  • Sexual dysfunctions of all sorts
  • Digestive complaints – any description
  • Past traumatic events esp in the pelvis
  • Improve likelihood of easy birth – and of painless pregnancy
  • So much more .  .  .

I will do up a site for this and release it in the extra newsletter – this one is mainly to let all know that I am home, will be here all next year and am open – probably all through the Christmas break.
In mid-January I will be in Belize to do the spiritual healing workshop as then I will be working even more differently (trauma release),

Ongoing Research

I keep running into information that backs up what I am discovering in clinic – after 35 years there are patterns that were not prevalent back when your parents’ generation were seeing me.
Asking different questions . . .
Gets different results
There is so much information know about.

Heather’s Websites

I have been asked ‘do you have a list of your sites . .?
Over the years I have been adding to my now too many sites – hence the apps to allow ease of discovery – I have done the hard research to get all started and it is here  ..

A personal account of the journey (Kathryn, my much loved and very ‘different’ daughter) is 28 today . .

Vitamin D

I often mention this and send all home with a boost up
please get in the sun and bathe in it . .
Vitamin D  is needed for life  .

Vitamin D deficiency

What does Vitamin D deficiency look like?
I have a page here where I studied this in depth:
http://simple-natural-solutions.com/essential-vitamins/vit-d/  also here
What goes in your mouth fuels your life – all that is needed often to revolutionise how you feel – hence I have the site http://simple-natural-solutions.com/

Auto immune disease

Auto immune diseases arise from an abnormal immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body.
Medications may alleviate symptoms in the short-term but they usually have detrimental side-effects which often linger.
Your body can undo the problems and return you to perfect health (which is your natural template) if you treat it with respect and common-sense.
Please take charge, and when I suggest something, it is not all that could be done, it is what I think (after all my years of practice) would benefit you personally ..
Getting a ‘diagnosis’ is a total waste of your time – how does that help?
No reasons are given for what has created the condition and how you can back out of it – just management of symptoms (lucrative to all) for the rest of your life.
Is this what you want?
Some possibly will – perhaps not you . .
It was not for me – hence am showcasing my daughter as it is the 28th anniversary of her appearance outside my body today – and what a journey!!!
Here is the story of my daughter’s descent into total life breakdown – http://my-mothers-heart.com/
The personal account of the journey (Kathryn, my much loved and very ‘different’ daughter) and what it meant to all of us (esp those who now seek my attention for their own life challenges)
No stone was left uncovered.

What to Do

If you have any health problem – these are the steps.
You made it – you can shift it.
It is as easy as undoing the sugar/all that turns to sugar – and of course take out all that is not supposed to be there – the heavy metals and rubbish inserted in the biosphere – hence all my posts an sites really – how did it all start?

The short answer is coming in to see me so I can work your way through it all.
As Kathryn had me as her bridge out to the world, and health/life advocate – we all need an outside help.
Hence I offer far more than popping needles in to make it all feel better (important though this is) to show you how to make fundamental changes to become more of who you could be. .

Heather’s Movements

  • Now until evening of Tuesday 11th  – in Brisbane
    • Away during the Brisbane G20 conference
  • 13th – 20th I will be in New Zealand – seeing to the waiting list of patients there
  • From 22nd Nov – all through the Christmas break. – Brisbane
  • Mid January over to Belize to do the spiritual healing workshop

Till then,
Blessings and good health,

Heather Bruce