Heather’s News – May 2013

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    • Back from Rothenburg
    • Gone again for a week 3 – 11th June
    • Heather’s research topic
    • Seasonal afflictions/catching ‘cold’
    • Pain
    • Why keep chasing pain?
    • Heather’s Sites down
    • Food without gluten and sugar?

I am back!!

I arrived back to work Thursday and will be here for just over two weeks, before I head home to NZ to get my research library in order to start back at uni part time.

I had a great holiday, incorporating a trip to northern Iceland with an acupuncture seminar/Kongress in Germany. I have come back brimming with enthusiasm and new ideas.

Rothenburg odT, Germany:

An amazing place to visit!

A preserved mediaeval walled city.

The 44th Kongress was a great place to reestablish my roots.

After being at the 5 days of acupuncture seminars, I am full of new tricks and old ideas that have been working for millennia!!

You may find my treatments somewhat different when you next see me.

Gone again for a week 3 – 11th June

Moving house and setting up my reference library in my new house on Greymouth NZ (still will have the writing retreat one I go back to).

I then go to another Kiiko Matsumoto seminar in Melbourne 8-10th June – I have been attending her seminars since 1994 and find it a wonderful thing to have so many people who are innovative and who I can learn from – we are never too old to learn.

Heather’s research topic

I will start on the Independent Research Project for my Masters (on Christchurch) on Saving Babies – 24+ weeks in a few months.

This means I will be coming and going from NZ as I have been for years. but once I have submitted various journal articles, I will be focused in the results of not preparing well enough for pregnancy.

In the last year I have been doing background research on the role of nutrition in pregnancy.

Some of this work shows up in my March newsletter available here and on the Vitamin C and Magnesium information.

Seasonal afflictions/catching ‘cold’

Change of seasons as the weather shifts affects us all. I remind all that the ‘flu’ season happens to those who are stressed/over worked and ill already.

Come in for tune-up to avoid all of this – and keep handy the amazing capsules AV/AT and take daily frequent small amounts of Vitamin C and Zinc – as the immune system functions perfectly well if you support wellbeing.


Pain is there as there is blockage in flow.

Something is messing with your circulation.

Pain is what everyone in the west used to see an acupuncturist about – especially arthritis and severe joint and back disorders.

Now with such keen marketing campaigns, the various therapists all suggest a long relationship with them will help – when often something as simple as what was folk medicine in the East Asian countries works the best.

This and avoiding all cold exposure – and where would the modern medical people be without the ice packs?

Please if you have not read the ‘Cold is Not a Woman’s Friend’ eBook, ask me about it.

It helps explain a great deal about the low thyroid function that plagues most who are slightly sick – and who stay that way – never quite right.

Cold lodges in the tissues, forever and is the cause of a lot of low metabolism, chronic inflammatory and auto-immune problems.

These need not be chronic – with the right treatment.

Stop putting the cold in, and do something about getting the cold out – this is why often the very first thing I do with all is cup the navel – for anything – as I have found it work faster than appearing to work on the sore bit, or the problem that you think is what you are seeing me about.

When the weather changes and the cold we are not used to starts up – without a firm grounding in ability to change – taking warmer clothes, not being in draughts,  not eating or drinking cold things, ensuring better bedding in at night – all the usual things mums automatically do for children – it is likely the Yang Qi – (my sites are all down due to a hacking problem at the moment – but go to the thyroid section on www.simple-natural-solutions.com and read up about this soon – needs to be looked after.

Why keep chasing pain?

If you have been visiting the musculo skeletal or massage therapist or chiropractor or physio waiting for the condition to resolve, it may well be time for another visit with me to see how Gua Sha (also known as skin scrapping) can change your life.

It makes marks on the skin – it does not hurt and has an immense amount of research now done on it – especially for any chronic neck pain, and pain at all lurking and for severe chronic illnesses, especially severe hepatitis . . .

Some of you may be aware of different styles of acupuncture – there are many to choose from.

I was taught classical – and the branding that happened after the 1949 Communist Revolution created a herbalised, dumbed down version called TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine – except it was misnamed and is NOT traditional = as it was westernized and made to be so easy that Mao’s “barefoot doctors” could understand it.

The reaction against this has been the split between Chinese and Japanese styles – with many saying that what they do as being gentler and more subtle than Japanese

.. .. there is really Traditional East Asian Medicine – as science dating back in written records at least 2000 years . . . and still in the original form today.

Acupuncture has a rich tapestry of anatomy and physiology that stands up be itself outside anything a medical practitioner can come up with.

Health restoration, explanations illness and still works and a lot better than the dry needling that those medically trained wannabe’ acupuncturists – physios especially are now doing in their rooms.

Acupuncture does work so it is possible to get some results through dry needling – and any massage therapist/naturopath/anyone can do a weekend course and appear to be doing ‘acupuncture’.

Anyone who has seen me will know that often I work at an entirely different location to the apparent problem to get instant results … and needling may be only a small part of the treatment.

Sites down

There has been hacker activity in all of my sites, so they were down to prevent security breaches most of Friday.

I sincerely hope this has not inconvenienced you.

Rest assured I am on the other end of the phone should you need to talk with me.

Looking at food without gluten and sugar?

Cooking and tasting classes . . . A Slice of Love

Best wishes,


Heather Bruce

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