Heather’s News – late April 2013


·      Heather’s holiday
·      Orders and appointments while I am away
·      Heather’s research into Vitamin C
·      Heather’s draft eBook
– Research into Improving Male Fertility available

·      Winter First Aid kit
·      Vaccination – to take a flu shot or not . . (What to do instead)
.      Christchurch is gradually coming down . . 

.      Gaining Health / Losing Weight
.      Yoga and Relaxation

Heather’s holiday

I am away for three weeks on a well-earned break taking time to be with my husband as we consider what next in the publishing of all my life’s work research and having space to just be. Iceland after a Germany bike adventure (push . .) and then a German acupuncture conference. Returning for work again on 16th May.

Orders and appointments while I am away

If you are needing restocking, Tracy will be available to talk to on the clinic phone (39899 2274) from 10 to 12 or thereabouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week, and Monday and Wednesday the second, plus Monday 13th. She will be returning phone messages and filling out any orders – if you have run out of something. She can leave what you need under the bench, packaged and paid for – so if you have missed me you can pick up what you are running out if or have her post you supplies.

Tracy will be also ringing all on the old mailing list to see if they want to still be receiving this newsletter. Those who are on the current list may get a call – apologies if this is a double up.

Heather’s research intoVitamin C

Follow the links, especially all those on Dr Archie Kalokerinos’ work. Then read the eBook on Dr Irvine Stone’s decades of treating acute and desperate disease – all with Vit C injections. Then perhaps have another think about the hysterical push to yearly vaccinate against the current flu . .

Heather’s draft eBook
– Research into Improving Sperm Qualityavailable

After having written extensively on the subject of wellness making better babies for years I now have a sample of what all the reproductive doctors should have been telling all couples who come in to become parents. It is sad that what is so simple and easy – and cheap – is not being made available – link to the draft eBookResearch into Improving Sperm Quality is here
It is in draft format – whilst I am away I will be working on all the empowering health through information projects.  Yes I will still be having a holiday . . and I will still be writing sometimes.

Winter First Aid kit of a

–       little Vitamin C sipped all day – frequency is the key  not chewables – you need a lot to work as designed – 10 grams daily start with . .. all day
–       taking a Zinc supplement that will be absorbed,
–       recolonise your gut as it is you first line of immunological defence,

take a lot of Vit D (at least 10,000iu daily or get proper sun at overhead times – torso exposed for 15 minutes . .) to build up this as it is the very beginning as of your hormonal and immunological systems – sunshine . . and then also having on hand:
–       oil of Thieves to paint the back of your tonsils and pop up your nose to kill dead any bacteria or mould or fungi that are colonising your body. Most importantly
In the clinic I also have capsules that were designed in China many years ago to deal with SARS and Bird flu. They work. Then three when you suspect you are getting ill, and three every hour til better – they knock off almost all problems at their source. AV/AT available if you pop in or ring and see how they can be left out for you.

Dosage is a factor – Vit C needs to be at therapeutic doses and if you are exposed to what makes you ill, having several grams every hour often is needed. Especially as a remedy to whooping cough – and as you can’t easily find a doctor who gives IV Vit C – which knocks almost ANY disease down – then taking a powder hourly is your next best route. You can stay on top of your health – a few simple natural solutions is often all that is needed – as NOTHING has a 100% strike rate – so you need to be well so your immune system works for you.

As a preventative medicine practitioner and a thoughtful health investigator, I often ask you – when did you stop feeling well and vital?
Often the answer needs thinking about and some have already worked it out – a shock, or sometimes and routine vaccination sent them into a mess, which they may still be in.  Answer?
Vit C and heaps of magnesium on the skin for a while prior to vaccinations and after then for  a few weeks at least to allow all the extra ingredients to be neutralised.

Vaccination – to take a flu shot or not . .

This seems to be a matter of being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – of being conformist or disruptive. As apparent it is one of the most important decisions you can make, as there are NO research studies to show that vaccination is safe. None.
Any campaign based in fear is surely to be taken with a grain of questioning – ‘where is your vested interest?’
Doctors used to have people’s health at heart – and make sure that all those who were to be vaccinated were well first. If not the body would have a different immunological response. In a nutshell there we have it – Vit C on board so health is assured – and if ot enough to stop scurvy – but enough to be in rude good health.
‘But the baby is too young’ you may say – exactly – breastfeeding is what nature intends to protect baby with. ‘But I have not enough breast milk’ – well – that is easily fixed. If you want to know more, email me as the very small ‘easy Lactation’ eBook will be made whilst I am gone. (yes, I know – I am on holiday . . .).
If you wish to know more about the vaccine ingredientsand what they may do – please look here.

As a health care professional, I am very aware of factors that cause illness, often decades after their arrival into a person’s life.
Often when a patient comes in to see me, after a lot of sleuthing, it is found that things that happened many decades ago are still causing whatever it is that has not been resolved by consulting illness professionals.
This is no more so than with the practice of inserting all manner of poisonous chemicals, often neurotoxons, into innocent and very vulnerable babies.

QUESTIONS: to ask yourself . .
–       Why is everyone sicker than they used to be?
–       Why are the babies in such a different state (Except the odd one who is not uninterrupted and has had an acupuncture and fully Heather supplemented gestation)?
–       How is it that gluten intolerance is skyrocketing?
–       Could it be a result of all the MMR and rubella injections?

I have my suspicions based on watching people and servicing bodies over the past 35 years . ..
Professor Wakefield was right – and his studies have had 28 studies with exactly the same results.  . . why is this not made public?

There is something that you can do . . become more informed – yes it is confronting to read that the medical profession is withholding information – and yes it is inconvenient to have to think about this – but as I see the mess all are in – daily – and can remember how people were decades ago – not this ill and worn out – something is very wrong – and ignoring undoing what has stopped your body from healing will make the entire road to wellness harder. and longer. .

Have you or your child been in a gradual downhill health journey since having an injection?  I have had many young girls with terrible skin and energy and bleeding problems since having their HPV needles . . often just one of them.

What to do?
If you do decide to vaccinate and have investigated what is in the injection, in addition to the apparently life saving components, and have agreed to all that going in (and have read the vaccine package insert and have agreed to the possibility of all those side effects – be informed . . ) at the very least, build up your levels of Vit C – as in many grams daily taken over the day for several days prior and again in the weeks following  at least 5 grams, preferably 10 – that is a powder sipped frequently.

Perhaps read what the doctors who did the early ground breaking research in their own clinics with previously hopeless cases found. It will make you wonder why theSimple Natural Solutions have been buried – they are safe, cheap and effective. And leave you with no nasty life-time side effects. Eating and living well and being in the sun a lot for the Vit D to allow your body to utilise the fat soluble vitamins (all except C and B) is a must for health.

It is your responsibility to become informed – as the current mass hysteria and bullying by the medical profession is leaving a lot of important questions unanswered, and you may not want to be collateral damage. The flu injection – has mercury in it do you really need more? None is safe within your body.
BE well – and no bug will take hold!!!

When you are most likely to succumb is when you are under constant stress and pressure – and then on top of this an emotional shock – often survival related (will I keep my job/will he leave me?) and then the ball is dropped and sick happens .. ..

What to do?
Extra a little often – as in measured in grams – at least 10 a day –Vit C and make sure you have the magnesium oil and pop it on your body 4 squirts at least 6 times daily –as replenishing what has not been there for ages will insure you against broken hips and all the stress related injuries that aging brings – and before this – you will get better sleep and digestion – all from exposing yourself to more of what is missing in the diet – please see morehere.

Christchurch is gradually coming down . .



Gaining Health/Losing Weight

Thinking if taking more steps in the gaining health/losing weight saga?

(Of course what I researched for the March newsletter- available from the www.heatherbruce.com.au site – on the right hand side . . .is still as pertinent).

I have been approached by three former clients who work in the field. This is a vexed issue as it seems far harder than just stop eating ‘x’ and doing ‘y’ instead . . .

I will showcase Tamara (a weight loss and exercise consultant)    and Keira (a phsychologist who works with issues tied into weight loss and keeping health the perspective) here.

Tamara Kreis is Registered Peadiatric Nurse and an experienced Weightloss and Wellness Coach who worked for one of Brisbane’s premier GP Clinics.
For all of Tamara’s life she has had to stay informed and deliberate about creating healthy habits for herself.
Even though Tamara is professionally trained, it is her self-education that has made all the difference.

As well as helping countless people on their own wellness journeys, Tamara has navigated her way through her own health challenges as well as bouncing back from having 2 children.

Tamara’s strength is helping people stick to their goals and staying committed.
‘Most of us aren’t very good at sticking to things or seeing things through, however with the right support and thinking, people amaze themselves at what they are truly capable of. It’s such a privilege to be able to impact people this way.’

Connect with Tamara on 0422 809 536, and she will help you take the next step. ”

Dr Kiera Buchanan is recognised as both a Clinical and a Health Psychologist after completing the Doctorate of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Qld last year.
The focus of her doctoral research was on the social and psychological factors implicated in “diet failure”.

Her research in this area has contributed to her understanding of weight management and weight-related issues.

Kiera believes that the reason that 95% of dieters fail in their quest to lose weight or regain their weight loss is due to the psychosocial aspects of dieting (our thoughts, feelings, and emotions as well as the messages from our social supports and the community about food, eating, and weight loss).

As such, Kiera works with clients to address these issues, making it easier for clients to stick to their weight-loss plans and thereby being more successful in their weight-loss or maintenance goals.

In addition to her expertise in assessing and treating weight-related issues, Kiera has experience in the assessment and treatment of clinical presentations having worked with children, adolescents, adults, and families across a range of settings including private practice, hospitals, and mental health services.

While Kiera’s primary theoretical framework is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), she also utilises Schema-Focused therapy, Mindfulness, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) where appropriate.Kiera has full registration with Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Kiera is an accredited Triple P provider and is also recognised by Medicare as a provider of specialist clinical psychology services.

Keira can be contacted at Kiera.buchanan@uqconnect.edu.au

Phone:  0439778276.

Yoga and Relaxation

..a 6 week Beginners Course from 8th May – 12th June ..

Wednesday evenings 7.30pm-8.30pm

  • Energise the Body – Relax the Mind
  • Become Stronger & more Flexible
  • Release Stress & Tension
  • Cultivate a Calm & Clear Mind
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness
  • Adults & Teens

Ring to Book – Jill 0434 506098 –earthrunner@optusnet.com.au

In the meantime – self care means wellness . ..
please look after yourself and have  a safe few weeks till I am back on deck again .  . . .May 16th . .

Best wishes,

Heather Bruce