Winter and How to Survive it


Winter and how to thrive in the cooler weather . . .
(How to avoid cold generated problems).


1 – Keep warm

and only eat/drink warmer than body temperature products – see more on gut health here

2 – AV/AT – always have some on hand

– as taking 3 of these at the beginning of anything will have it NOT develop – and of course – when you do catch something – take 3 every hour – and go to bed – after placing a hot water bottle on your chest or at the small of your back.

3 – Take a hot magnesium bath.

Epsom salts is ridiculously cheap if bought in 15kg bags from animal produce store
– ask for magnesium sulphate.


The MSM for bath (1-2 tsp in each) and maybe also take 1 tsp internally daily
– and Himalayan salt is from here. /

Use about 200 gm per bath
– huge pieces take forever to break down in a bath so break them up or obtain smaller sizes.
It is wonderful – alternate with the Epsom salts.  . both with the MSM in it

4 – Vitamin D3

Ideally you would have stored some of this from having been in the sun between the hours it works to make Vitamin D3 in your body.
This is why colds/flus happen more at the end of winter – no Vitamin D3 left – so take more.

I know that you are instructed to NOT be out in the sun when it can only do good.
When the UV-B rays are about – to allow you to make Vitamin D3 (so essential for life).
When your shadow is smaller than your body.

I have some on the clinic but you do need to order it online – in the doses that will work.
Perhaps come in and have a tune up and discuss with me.

Prevention is far easier – and more productive.

And in summer when the angle is right. . .

Read more about Vitamin D here

and here: From Seafood to Sunshine: A New Understanding of Vitamin D Safety

From feeling well to not getting cancer, returning to health and of course Vitamin D is what is need to NOT get diabetes or M.S. or in fact – the flu . . .

Who knew?

Those trained to think and to know of nutrition and how to stay /become well.

This is what your interest is though . .

Why you have at some point consulted with me.

5 – The Glutathione Accelerator

What is Glutathione and why do we need it?

Here is a small clip

Here is the original Glutathione Accelerator itself
– 3 month’s supply coming automatically (6 caps every morning with food)

Maybe also get the green and blue
– the three products designed by Dr Keller to work together – especially after cancer or HIV/AID’s diagnosis and treatment.

Not you?
Are you so well that it is scary?
If not – get some .. .

You can take it at work or at home for all in your family- including elderly parents . .and small children . .

Glutathione is supposed to be made in our bodies
– it detoxes and allows life wellness. . . it is also:

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant . .

Easily the best thing you can get as help for yourself.

No need then for much else – except:

  • the iodine painted on and
  • magnesium applied all day adding to your skin, and of course
  • sensible eating

Do get the Self Care course below and work it all out yourself
– PLUS have the belly care that you can do yourself
– and the pain relief/becoming automatically . .

I think you now have to add them all in separately – it is still vastly better products and all you will need to take – plus paint the magnesium and iodine and take the Vit C and D . .

6 – Heather – what next??

In winter I live in the Life Alignment Centre – when not ravelling teaching.

From June 19th I resigned as an ‘acupuncturist’ in Australia.
Why, after all these years, am I no longer an ‘acupuncturist’? – please read on.

Acupuncturist” is a ‘protected’ title – as is ‘TCM practitioner’.
Anyone can pop an acupuncture needle into an acupuncture point and even say it is acupuncture.
As long as they do not say that they are an acupuncturist – all is well.

AHPRA – safe for you, apparently.

Not for me or any others who are seen as being ‘under’ this system. .. .
I could say that he world has gone mad . .

Hence I am now a life coach . .
or a holistic multi modality transformative energy body worker.
Training others internationally to do a much better job.

What this means for you?

You get the same you always did – excellence in health care.

  • all your life/health is falling down and
  • you are spending way too much time and $$ NOT getting the help that works/you need

come to see me.

I will be here in Brisbane:

  • Now till 26th July
  • 20th August – mid October

Then I will be again back in USA from mid October for a month .

After that I will have NZ time in and out of here and hopefully some of my graduates working when I am not.
Stay tuned!!!

7 – Self Help .

Please investigate . ..

Do it yourself.


This is what the Self Care course has three components:

Get a 50% reduction in the price
when you get it as part of your next clinic visit.

but only till the end of next week . . .

then I will be gone again from 26th July for 3+ weeks.

and then it will be mad spring season and winds and maybe seasonal sicknesses if you have not followed the plan outlined above . .. .

No one needs to get sick .. .

Follow the masters’ ways and all will be well.

Enjoy the new you!

Best wishes,

 Heather Bruce