Heather’s News – July 2013

Welcome to my newsletter

If this is the first you have seen it is an update of things I am doing/ have learned and sometimes my schedule, as I come and go from my home in NZ where my heart, children and usually husband are residing.

For those who have been following me over the years – you will notice a theme..  .

How to help ourselves . . . simple, natural solutions.

For months now I have been trying to get to the bottom of why people are so ill, not getting better, can’t lose weight – seem to be always getting some other illness . .. .

Much of my what I have found is on my site SimpleNaturalSolutions and in this newsletter


  • My personal practice of acupuncture
  • Things are harder to shift
  • Seasonal ailments
  • We are what we eat
  • What is in the food
  • Toxins
  • Why we don’t have great teeth
  • Safe intimate care products Pregnancy App
  • EBook packages
  • Change of seasons

My practice of acupuncture

Is not the same as anywhere else, as I bring to the session my considerable questing mind and curiosity into why people are not healing as they used to.  I am also a naturopath and a mother from way back.

I may come up with all sorts of apparently odd solutions.

They will all probably work.

I am always amazed that a lot of people go straight back to their doctors when a new problem emerges – as if this style of inquiry ends in results. Usually after extensive tests and more chemicals there may not be better health, or safe solutions.

When we let our body heal – we are so much better off.

In recent years, I have been mentoring the younger acupuncturists and have noticed an underlying disparity between what is written as texts for them, and what people come in with.

Why is this?

Things are harder to shift

People and their complaints are not so simple any more.

On this path – and of also researching for my uni project of ‘Saving Babies – from 24 weeks’ that I will get to soon, I have been also searching about the internet.

Initially I posted in March the food edition 

My central wonder then was

‘why are people still fat when trying to lose weight?’

It became super obvious, super fast that low fat ‘foods’ and food look alikes are the key. Ditch ’em.

A precis . . . and yes I know I have sent through these three before:

And yes, I know it takes a while – I have watched these all at least once – and these are the best of the best.

From here I wondered –

  • why are people so less curious/more accepting of what they are told than they used to be?
  • why does the mention of the word ‘research’ change everyone’s reality – can they not think it through themseves?
  • how much does the local doctor actually know about food and its role in health restoration?
  • where did they get their info from?
  • and why do they not look on the internet themselves?

You can see what I found below.

Seasonal Ailments

– means lack of Vit D

. . . being in the sun – and who is? – is not enough.

What you are about to read is the result of my months of study when not in clinic – and seeing just what is out there in medical research and just what is ignored as there is no money in us all eating better – and being well so we do not ‘need’ what is called ‘ ‘health’ care . .
The time of year – means lack of Vitamin D and hence you may get ill – and that is very expensive as well as being a very big nuisance.

Why not pop in and get a large top up dose, and some to take every day. Also a change of seasons/keep you well tune up?

A teaspoon of cod liver oil daily – especially for the kiddies (who at child care do not see the sun unless they are all bundled up – and this is not how our grandparents did it)  – as what used to work decades ago still does. Many European countries which have little sunlight always dose all up daily.

Did you know that breast cancer is a Vitamin D deficiency disease?
That the rates of regression into cancer are down 77% by having enough of it – that means at least 5,000iu daily – pref 10,000 as well as the sun and in animal fats?
… perhaps study all I have added in below – as it is life giving to follow Nature – not ‘medical’ advice. .
Babies – 2,000 iu daily – this 400iu or 1,000 iu that the doctors seem to have decided is ‘safe’ – as though nutrients were dangerous as their drugs is not the way to approach this.

There is heaps of research to show that pregnant women and those breastfeeding should be in heaps of Vit D as it can’t be in the babies and the milk unless she has a great deal.

I have a lot of different ways of getting it in in healing quantities – and is a must for any bone or body pain – and it is also in FAT – good animal fat.

This leads back to the panics about cholesterol – and who you think is the authority.  I would say our ancestors. They kept life going so we can have ours now.

Look to what is on http://simple-natural-solutions.com/vit-d/ as there is  a considered dose of some of the best presentations – all scientists/doctors – who are up on the research – and often there is fewer than 500 views – so not sure why we take what a drug company rep (GP) is saying as the final word . . .

The information is ever changing – and what our forebears did got us to here – when we are now ignoring all that was done – liver eaten weekly, cod liver oil for all – and lots of sunlight  . .

Our legacy of listening to what our taste buds and the supermarkets sell is having a very ill bunch of children and ourselves. Listen to nutrition and forget the medical ideas. Granny did this and look how we all turned out – before the 60’s . .

Why is ANYONE drinking coca cola and lookalikes – when water is what our bodies need?

Especially when making babies or healing themselves – the phosphoric acid in coca cola pulls out the minerals – which all seem to have in abundance to start with – what with no fat in diet and no mineral dense foods chosen to eat – green vegies esp.

The children with ‘growing pains need lots of fat, better gut bacteria and to start with – and bone broths. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MeCx53Ag-w ( 1.20 mins)

Worried about Cholesterol – you should be – you need it and those with low cholesterol die faster. (And are cranky and not in good shape – the message is eat fat). And get skinny that way – there is heaps to watch above – see it all as I have and them come and have a conversation – just because all say something does not make it real.

Were your great grandparents fat? They cooked in lard and ate it – and butter is great quantities – and were not heart attack and arteries messed up – they had their greens and no sugar   ..

You need it to live – most of what is afflicting all ‘patients’ and those on medical drugs (for life) instead of food as medicine – is lack of good nutrients – and animal fats and liver and fish eggs are the sacred foods all communities invested in their children and teenage – to make better people from. We could go there ourselves to make ourselves stronger and more robust  . .

Watch the Oiling of America http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvKdYUCUca8 – it is crucial so you become aware that your medical advice is counter to life. And health.

We are so busy being scared of the sun, we seem to have forgotten that Vit A and D are crucial for life.

The oil of Thieves is a must to kill off any nasal or throat or head infections – and works instantly.

The AV/AT to ward off whatever you think that you are coming down with is also a great help.

Vit C – at least 10 grams every day will have you with very few health problem . .

Easy to stay well . . . live well . .

We are what we eat

What we throw out is the nutritious parts.
What we all thought we knew about health is wrong.

This escalated when I read in the Sydney Morning Herald late last year when they reported that there were no studies to show that reducing salt intake improved the high blood pressure mortality rate – in fact those reducing their salt were more likely to die of other causes – faster.

It was no surprise to me to find that also – fat does not give us cholesterol deposits in the blood or heart disease.

Please add to your list of ‘must sees . .’

FREE ebook

This is a free eBook which graphically explains what the refined foods have done to ALL of the world’s populations – and all of us bear the scars of not eating as nature provides.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects by WESTON A. PRICE


What is in Our Food?

I have already mentioned in past newsletter is the role of diet and good babies – and would suggest that you at least watch the interesting and informative talks below.  I started with Weston Price – his story here Dr Price and the Pottenger’s cats (7 mins). If nothing else – please watch this . . All of us must be concerned of the changes in what is happening to the children we see today.

A lot of what I have lined up below is from the work of Weston Price.
Sally Fallon is talking you through the traditional diets he discovered through traveling all over the world.
Another version of traditional diets and eating differently is found here.

The Science and Wisdom of Traditional Diet  (84 mins)

(And looking after our gut flora)

Regarding all the anti bacteria action we now see (esp babies who often have so many, and often for many of their first years). About 10% of the DNA past we have within us when we are 4 years old is human – the rest of ‘our’ DNA is bacterial . ..

Here we have a very interesting 84 mins on we are what we eat – and at about 14 mins she starts talking on gut bacteria .. at 20 mins in about Type 2 diabetes with relations – in situ (none) and in USA (highest rate of it).

Wise Traditions London 2010 – Natasha Campbell McBride

The woman who designed the GAPS diet speaks especially of the poor gut bacteria and how we are creating the ADHD and autistic children’s problems.  How we get food intolerances etc . .

Here Bonnie Bassler speaks of the gut flora communicating – hard on the heels of us finding out that 90% of the DNA in our bodies is actually bacterial – and they talk to each other .. .

As well as not needing to lower cholesterol and it being very dangerous to do so – you are also at risk of crippling back pain, more likely to get cancer,depression, and be more unwell by taking these drugs.

It turns out that the higher our cholesterol – the longer we live.

We need cholesterol to make all our hormones and nervous system.

If nothing else so when I say eat fat – at room temperature it is solid – you will know I am trying to  help your heart, not kill you.

Find out that there IS no science behind marketing stains – but a great deal of money to be made.

If you are taking these, or know someone who is and they (or you) have peripheral neuropathy or look like getting cancer – these are side effects – why not just follow a diet – high fat and no sugar/ grains – that returns your body to wellness – much like our great grandparents who cooked in lard/bacon fat and butter – and were thin as . . .

We have fat babies – and fat forever – why?

They will live less long and not at all well whilst they do.

Sugar is as addictive as cocaine – in case you wondered why you are not following the ‘don’t eat anything sweet’ message.

There is also a very worrying clip if you wondered

(Kevin eating sugar – feeding violence and apathy)

I have in the clinic a copy of Nourishing Foods For Baby and Childcare by Sally Fallon –

– please also to look at it – and I strongly suggest all by Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon in 1995
– full of recipes and food ideas for health and all of life well being – and now the one for making babies. We need to ask the question.

Besides all those transfats that are causing the arterioscelosis – see the Oiling of America above.

There is so much sugar in everything we buy – bread/tomato sauce – anything made and especially all that take away Asian food – to get us to come back and buy it again
– sugar is addictive . .

Soy is so cheap and not a food (great industrial filler) and highly estrogenic – and should never have been given to babies as formula . . yet it is in everything also

  1. transfats – they do not grow the brain (toxic industrial oils)
  2. highly refined sugars –
  3. fake flavourings – neurotoxic and create cravings

This is a radio link – so could be loaded when moving about in life.

Sally Fallon – animal foods and fats – a foundation for good health – great beginnings into eating fat for life – esp if you are wanting to make/grow great babies. What to feed babies after breasts – no grains as we are creating celiacs . .

The entire understanding of great life foundations . .
How do we get such low birth weight babies/infertility/increased heart and chronic disease – inhibit hormone production/protein synthesis etc? We are not eating for life.

This is an amazing 2 hour presentation – if you are having trouble making babies, having a good time with your existing young children – or just want to find out what to eat for health – see what different traditional societies did – and what their teeth looked like – no dental work needed when we eat as the planet would have us do so!!

Main Principles of Traditional Diets:

  1. animals fed on pasture – their products are full of Vit A, D, K2 –
  2. organ meats and
  3. use of animal fats,
  4. fermented foods,
  5. bone broths,
  6. use of salt,
  7. proper preparation of grains

More sound bites here . .

(Vegetables are a great way to eat your butter)

If you watch nothing else – all cultures had there own precious foods to keep the tribe well.

Why our children are not as strong as we remember being

Windows of Opportunity – to make great babies/remake ourselves

If this is just all to much as you are vegetarian (and I used to be vegan following macro biotic principles)

Sally Fallon – On why you shouldn’t be a vegetarian (radio) (1 hour)

Cholesterol my eye Sally Fallon – this is the first 9 mins of The Oiling of America

  • Eat fat that is solid at room temperature, and avoid all sweet tasting anything – and all grains/cereals.
  • Heaps of colored vegies.
  • Get rid of all fruits and juices – and any tiny amount of sweet – as it is highly addictive.

Then what is left?

A lot.


Prior to going to the acupuncture convention in Rothenberg, Germany I was after all answers to pregnancy mishaps.

I felt I had a handle on all this.

On my return, I was appalled to see that vaccination was becoming a hot number.

Driven by emotions, not science.

Here I explain why I care about your children and your own health – as decades later what is in the vaccines starts our very destructive auto-immune problems – our own immune systems are attacking us – and why would they not? Look what we are all doing . .  .on every front!!!

Having my own daughter born with massive autism (I suspect the mercury poisoning from my dental work whilst pregnant) and then regressing after an MMR injection at 4 1/2 years old back to lost and never found as a person again.

I have an objection to the notion that vaccines are safe, or effective.

Yes I know we are not fighting smallpox any longer.

Measles kills the weak, malnourished and those with little Vit A in their bodies. Our children are not those.

Instead – I followed what I thought – doctors know best – and have a permanently lost, incapacitated daughter.

Beware – thinking for oneself rather than swallowing what others want you to, is the issue here.

Please research for yourself – on my sites I give starting points.

Once in a baby’s body – you have all the rest of their lives to rue your bowing down to the fashions of the day – the apparent authority, inadequate research and what boils down in times to come – potential to irresponsible parenting.

These may be strong words – I have been there. I did the best I thought all parents do – and her three brothers and I are all still paying for this.

I know that there is serious side effects and we could be looking to improving health – not loading all up with chemicals that are not ever meant to be out of the soil – let alone put into our babies, and our own bloodstreams.

I have a great book now in the clinic –

Vaccine Safety Manual – with 1000’s of research references by Neil Z Miller.
Something is making all sicker. Please look to self help – follow what you find in researching, not reacting . . .

I had previously wondered why nature needed such a hand – and had looked into the safety of natural immunity and what is there for us to use.

Why are we all now so ill?

Auto immune problems and cancer particularly – as it used to be so unusual for anyone to be so ill 50+ years ago.

After researching autismmercuryaluminium (a far greater neurotoxin than the mercury it replaced in vaccines) I then worked sideways into what causes endometriosis (no mention of the iodine deficiency that would cure it) – as the dioxins and hormonal disruption do tend to stand out.

As does using safe intimate care products (more further on) to minimise the self poisoning from the chemicals used on these to make them so very white, when bleeding.

  • Vit D and
  • Cancer, then
  • Vit K and
  • all the pregnancy clotting disorders, the placental issues and lack of implantation in IVF attempts.

Teeth – Why we don’t have great teeth?

I then cycled back to teeth (as the fluoride issue – yet another illogical emotive and apparent use of science attempt at pushing all into unsafe chemicals – it all horrified me) and then onto the Weston Price and Sally Fallon show.

Fluoride is SO unsafe – anywhere, even before you put it in the water.

If you want good teeth – chose your parents’ parents well see Dr Price and the Pottenger’s cats  and make sure they never ever feed you refined foods.
Traditional peoples always have eaten whatever is available in its natural state.

Mercury out gassing from amalgams . .

Another whole industry based on a very awkward premise (mercury is neurotoxic) – but what is in your mouth, dangerous as it is, is far less dangerous than the ethyl mercury in the vaccines.

What to eat

Short watches . . (Sally Fallon press release)

The basics against the food pyramid
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frBbQb5HD_Y (pt 1) (8 mins)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2iDUFQsHHE (pt 2) (8 mins)

(they need sugar to make it palatable)

Jamie Oliver – Teach Every Child About Food (20 mins)

Safe Intimate Care products

. . up until last week I was suggesting we all need to bleed on the original Anion pads I found a few years ago.

I have been less than impressed with the service offered by the company that distributes this great product. This has made it difficult to find them which means few of you get to use safe intimate care products.

In the writing of my eBook – Endometriosis – A Woman’s Cry For Help’ . . . I found again that the role of toxins coming into the body is crucial.

I have tested a new negative ion pad – as their service is wonderful and I discovered they work better!!!! 

Watch the demonstrations as to how the pads work differently than anything you may have been exposed to before.

The Pregnancy App

is not yet ready as I am finishing the eBook packages first.

eBook packages

What are these?

Informative and full of answers and links to some of the sites and footage you will find above.

Change of seasons

Or just changeable weather – why you may get ill – lack of Vit D – come in and pick up a great supplement, and eat far more butter and raw milk – and oily fish, liver, pate and caviar – I am serious – sacred foods were found to be life giving and being ill is no fun!!!

I am here most days – and tend to work after hours to accommodate your different hours and availability.
Best wishes,

Heather Bruce