Heather’s News – January 2018

Good morning!

In this issue:

  • Heather’s Movements
  • Clinic times
  • What is Heather doing?
  • Apprentices
  • Online Courses
  • Education
  • Arvigo weekend
  • Contacting Heather

Heather’s Movements

I’m in Brisbane till mid February

I am back from the cooler weather tonight!
Having been on a two week break, I am ready to go!
Open from  tomorrow – and happy to see all who now wish to commit as much as I do to their healing adventure.!
(Garden and so much to do!!!)

I will be here for three weeks at least then in NZ for possibly 2.

Clinic Times

I will try to limit myself to working – just Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays as there is so much to be done before I start the European teaching tour late April.
(Australia Day weekend I will be holding workshops/teaching Fri-Sun)

I will be offering intensive treatment options, either 3 times weekly or daily . .
As this way real shifts happen.
All through your being involved,

What is Heather doing?

Stepping up!

After 4 decades of dispensing caring health advice and working diligently on every level I can access, I now choose to work as I have been suggesting all need to.

Short, intensives to get to what lies beneath why you are STILL not in optimal health
– past self help  and who even knows what to eat these days?

There is the bigger picture:

  • Why is your Food Factory upset?
  • From there – why are periods not perfect?
  • Never were/now ceased one way or another?
  • What were they telling you (an early warning system)?

I am pulling back into semi retirement.

How I prefer to work – will be not at all – except in programmes for people as it is a waste of resources for you to do piece meal and hope for the best.


When people have committed to being at a certain time and constantly I can plan out what to do and get it done – otherwise it feels like ‘a dog’s breakfast’ – in that we are constantly tripped up on the way to where I know you need to go.


I am totally aware that all have done all that they feel that they can.
Also the investment I put in – and generally it is not noticed as some of us work very differently.
As I have had experience pre modern surgical and pharmacuetical and now post their bright ideas – so many people being so chronically ill – that I have had to step back and work out how best to help.


Bodies and life is not working as it once did  .
I work with those who actually are wanting to make life long changes.
It is NOT about what I do as such – yes the ‘massage’ is important – but have to undo why things are slipped/not where they were.
What holds the not head space in place for you ?
Why are things not in order?
Aging has little to do with it.
What goes in your mouth is just one aspect – what your body does with it – is capable of – is massive.
Getting to why things fall down and what we can do about it is not only a mechanical issue.
Life changes needed.

How I choose to help you – get the best results by giving you back responsibility.
Your life, your journey . . .

The Gentling Method


I have been training up apprentices all year:

  • 2016 – Nine Arvigo® Self Care classes
  • 2017 – Heather’s gentling ways.
  • 2018 – All I have researched and developed over my decades of providing health care in Brisbane is to be written/presented internationally.

This year is about my textbooks being written,
text books and international training as the new therapy – pelvic healing – is uncovered.

What does this mean to you?
Exciting times as you get to work out what you need and commit to healing yourself – not being dependent on me or anyone else – as life was back when we (and the word we live in) were younger . .


Online Courses

I have been developing a number of Online Courses for individuals and practitioners.

New programmes – a taster here.
(Free to see if we are a good fit).

  • Self Massage
  • How to Love Your Body Better


Soe=m ecan say – I do not have  alazy $3,300 yikng around.
I getit  the payment plan is not the cheaperst way – but is theer for you – and I epect the same as weer you to ivest in your apparent health thorugh cancer treatment – or IVF in the hopeful pretens=ce that Nature oe snot know what she is doing presently saying ‘NO!” to your being apparent . ..

:et;s investigate and spend tdh etem togtehr BEFORE you go off spending much more resources – especialy hope- and stil not addressing whay the body is not able to repair.heal tself.


I offer  afew places only (huge investment fo me) to those who actually see the point – that ongoing online support n the frm of courses an dwhat to do when’s is mor eusefl that=n being dependent – plus I will eb here and there all the next few years – and mainly NOT here – but off teahcng or at home gardening dn v-0creating more.
Myriad things to do in my ‘semi reiremnet’.

Contacting Heather

Sometimes presently it takes me a while to respond.
I am at home in NZ – for two weeks.
My ‘Christmas’ break ends Monday 15th when I drive over the Alps to come back to Brisbane.
For a month then gone again 2 weeks at least . .

I have two houses here – in NZ  and one is not on internet access – on purpose – I hide out to write manuals for my international teaching  . . I am ‘on holiday’ which actually means I am at home – gardening, writing courses and getting the next year in order as I live in two countries and am sorting out what next for me.