Heather’s News – Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year!!!

I sincerely hope you are moving in a forwards direction in your own life and are embracing change as this seems to be the way of health – adapting to whatever, whenever…


  • New clinic care in 2014
  • Clinic hours in Brisbane
  • Clinic hours in Melbourne
  • Support when I’m not around
  • Thyroid health
  • Iodine/iodide
  • Vaccination

New Clinic Care in 2014

The move from the old to the new location went very well; I am gradually getting a sense of clinical order about the new establishment and the beginning of a new venture – me in several places – is about to happen.

Appointments at Carina Heights

If you are in need of a tune-up, have done your back in or otherwise could do with a general lift – my last day for appointments in Brisbane is Monday 30 December. I will be back on 17 January with some spaces still available on Saturday 18. I will then be available on Fridays and Saturdays and the occasional Monday.

To make an appointment please call 3899 2274.

Appointments in Melbourne

From mid-January until Easter I’ll be working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays at Discover TCM in Melbourne.

I’ll be treating patients but also engaging more fully again in training practitioners – in Melbourne and internationally.

If you know of someone who would benefit from seeing me, please refer them to DiscoverTCM. Or, to book an appointment, please call 03 9013 1777.

The clinic is located at 3/193a Lennox St, Richmond.

Needing help when I am not in Brisbane

Practitioners can get in touch via email – heather@heatherbruce.com.au

I’m pleased to be offering this training to Melbourne-based practitioners, as this is where the interest has been. As part of the training program, I will be working with two assistants, plus the other practitioners and affiliates associated with the clinic. Unfortunately Brisbane will miss out on this round of teaching, but I will be open to doing this in Brisbane in the future if the interest is there.

For Patients…

At this point in time I cannot recommend other locally-based practitioners who employ the same approach to treatment.

If you are unable to make an appointment in time to see me, I will be available for Skype consults – this has worked really well for patients in NZ and overseas.

The clinic will be open for supplies if you ring Tracy. After 31st December – the clinic 07 3899 2274 and 77 numbers will be answered by her.

Tracy will help with supplies, appointments and will also be organising follow up appointments to ensure all turn up instead of getting a cancellation fee – as there is already a waiting list to see me and this is without all being back from holiday. Please note, appointment times are limited.

What this means for you is self-help time.

As in NZ, when I set up and left the West Coast practice to return here and commute from NZ in mid 2006, (all still got better, or pregnant or avoided miscarriages with me being hardly ever there – but herbs and supplies dispensed under my supervision).

In Christchurch in 2011 – when the earthquake wrecked my amazing clinic there – again – all got better, or pregnant and stayed that way – regardless of how little they saw me as they learned to do what I had suggested .. natural health care works.

Here again – we are revisiting my leaving in 2004. Except, this time I will maintain a presence in Brisbane – probably more frequently over winter, less frequently in Melbourne and NZ.

After Easter, I will be traveling in Europe for two months to include the Rothenburg conference in late May and to facilitate training seminars in various locations (more on this to come).

Thyroid health

Most are aware that I put iodine on them when they walk in and I ask for the BBT (vaginal or rectal temperature) to be taken at least a few times – it’s not just a fertility issue – it’s a metabolism one. I have been battling what to do about my low metabolism for the past 30 years and really all my life.

Most who arrive in clinic for any condition also have at the very least, an iodine deficiency.

It may have a lot to do with not having sufficient zinc and selenium in the soils in Australia and in New Zealand – and we need these for life.

Thus I keep looking into it. Can’t use iodine/iodide (need both) without selenium and the whole alphabet (Vitamins) and peridioc table (minerals) on hand – hence the good food and fermented foods dictates I give all and have on the self help research site Simple Natural Solutions.

If you are on T4 – oroxine/thyroxine…listen up.

T4 is the inactive thyroid hormone – you still have to convert it to T3 to use it.

Perhaps go to Simple Natural Solutions and read about what life needs from you. Hence why I have established Simple Natural Detox.

If you go to Hormones you will see how I have started ‘cherry picking’ what you may need to take – and still the results I used to see are not so.

I have thus started suggesting to some that they invest in their health via the activated liquid zeolites mentioned on that site – as they pull out what may well be blocking your absorption of what may be ingested and not used in the body. We all need all sorts of things to help along the way – no heavy metals in our body (oh dear – all those fillings – and all those flu injections, and really just breathing in will do it to us these days) and our body still has to convert it to use it. We need Selenium for this. And protein and heaps of fat and sunshine – Vitamin D replaced to rebuild what is not there.

Also various other micro and macro minerals – which is why the very sweet drink I send most away with – whilst saying no sugar/sweet taste – as that particular one is excellent – esp when losing milk supply or hair – to recover oneself.

The iodine is missing for various reasons and in the salt no longer cuts it – please watch . .

The T4 is made of tyrosine and iodine – 4 atoms of this. This means that the various thyroid experiments I have done with myself and had all on are helping – but what is stopping it work really?

We could look to the fluoride in the water, the bromides in the wheat products, and soft drinks…and fungicides on strawberries etc, fire retardants (we breathe the gasses in) and so on. All in all we are NOT getting better as we used to.

Regardless of how many supplements you start taking, early nights/better fats in your diet, I watch and I am appalled that in the past what used to work now no longer seems to.


As a self help measure – perhaps use my newsletters and sites as a free degree – at least an alternative to holiday TV. I work out what is the best for all I watch and post it there. Is usually from medical conferences and often only 100’s have watched it – so the doctors etc you seek are not aware – and education via which drug to take and saying diet is not a part of it is not so sensible when the opposite is true.

Anyone who has large breasts/painful/flooding periods, PCOS / endometriosis or a history of these – iodine is blocked by estrogen – and hence the weight gain, the loss of confidence ans the brain fog descends, the breast cancers (and actually all cancers) – and why is this not common knowledge? Cheap and effective and totally safe though it is?

No idea.

You can educate yourself – use the site Simple Natural Detox

Perhaps start with this video from Dr Sherry Tenpenny – it’s a great eye opening experience – and get the Lugol’s /Aqueous iodine solution from a compounding chemist the Selenium drops from a health food shop and start eating seaweed three times daily, make seaweed a part of all meals and add bone broths into all cooking.

If you have some time ‘spare’ perhaps investigate some of what I have been discovering may assist you in the New Year.

Metabolism or anything related to women’s business of all kinds (cancer/making brighter children) – or any at all…Iodine is the start.



This Debate is revealing (obviously done before the connection Aluminuim – brain damage replaced mercury in vaccines – was even more neurotoxic)

Watch what the CDC documents and the science reveals and Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s Heroes or villans?, a historical perspective.

This is a bit heavy and needed if / when you want me to help you as we have to play Sherlock Holmes when you come in for me to ‘fix’ whatever it is you are not happy about. I usually have to unbreak you.

Generally it’s easier if you are older – those over 40 are well made.

Those under 40, not so, as modern medicine has gotten their info in through fear – and the old ways are literally dying off – the great grandmothers knew how to use what was about to save their children. Not pop down to the pharmacy and the GP for more chemicals.  .. and people are no longer following what has us all here – the wisdom of the mothers now all dead. The science of the changing fads and retail opportunities are more suspicious and I urge all to do their own research – as we need to be sustainable in the future and be living in this planet a guardians for our grand children.

Leaving them at least the legacy of healthy foundation within as their bodies is a great start.

If you want to know more about living in your adult body – it is a good move to invest in one of the mens‘ or womens packages.

How to live peaceably with change and how to give more happy years in your own body – by simple adjustments.

Travel safely, and Happy New Year to all

Best wishes,

Heather Bruce