Heather’s News – Feb 2018

Today is my 63rd birthday.

I have seen three cycles of 21 years, and it marks a great transition in my life and practice, and a gift and a challenge to you.


No longer will I be seeing you as patients.

I am your signpost to health and life, it is time for you to take charge.

This is the beginning of recreating my world so that you are a student of life, and I will train you to heal yourself. My intention is to teach the world to heal itself, one back, belly or broken heart at a time. I encourage you to take on this new approach with me and be well.

There was a time when all anyone needed was a few acupuncture needles and “all was fixed”. But healing is no longer so simple.


My healer’s journey has taken me far, and I have so much to share with you.

It is time for us all to realise that one person CAN and does make a difference, the effects of their actions rippling out to others.

As a gift to you for embarking on this journey with me, I am attaching my new poster, to remind you of all the basics you need for optimum wellness.


AND, here are my latest videos, too!


I am back in Brisbane on Saturday 24th February, after a wonderfully successful training retreat in New Zealand.

Email me to book in and start your healing journey.

And tragically, my server has been hacked, and all my websites are currently down.

I will have this fixed as fast as I can.

If you need to buy my resources right now, including my comprehensive manual, “What Dads Can Do“, and my eBook, “Hyperemesis Solutions” (treatments for severe pregnancy sickness), email me now.

Make a commitment by buying a package with me 
– it is the most economical solution as well.

My next newsletter will include links to all the working websites again.

Warm wishes

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