Heather’s News – December 2013

In this issue:
·      Heather’s Clinic has a home!
·      Garage and Garden Sale
·      Melbourne Clinic
·      Greymouth Clinic
·      Clinic Hours
·      Christmas Hours
·      HeatherSays Pregnancy App
·      Updated eBooks
·      Safe intimate care
.       Liquid Activated Zeolites

Heather’s Clinic has a home!

After a few false starts – we got there.

Brisbane Clinic

A calm, peace filled, tranquil location backing into a forest reserve . . and a little trek away from the madding crowd. We’ll be setting up the new clinic over the Christmas period and will be ready to start treatments Friday 27th to Monday 30th December before we go to NZ for a break.

You can reach us on the same number, (07) 3899 2274, and find us at:
46 Hecklemann Street, Carina Heights, Brisbane.

The new Brisbane clinic will run at a very reduced capacity.
Friday afternoon/evening and all day Saturday and some Mondays

Garage and Garden Sale

We’re having a Garage and Garden Sale on Saturday 21 December – all welcome!
If you have been admiring Heather’s garden at Balmoral, this is your chance to take home part of it.
Bring your own spade and pots!

Melbourne Clinic

I will working as the locum for two women who will be on maternity leave in the early part of next year.  This will be at least for the first half of 2014 starting mid January. Three out of four weeks I will be in Richmond http://www.discovertcm.com.au/ Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. If you know anyone in that area of Melbourne who has always hankered after seeing me – or if you wish to come down for a wee trip and see me there.

I will also run a mentoring programme there for younger acupuncturists to learn from a senior clinician, and will concentrate my efforts from now on, on getting my textbooks written once all the women’s health Apps and eBooks are finished off.

Greymouth Clinic

The fourth week I will go back home to Greymouth NZ where my patients there have been seeing me once every month or two.  .  . Yes, this sounds busy.

Reduced Hours

This means that to see me you have to be motivated to change. I will only be seeing one or two at a time, and on highly restricted timetable. This means intention and commitment on your part.  Not just come in for top-ups when it suits.

I know how much effort is needed to really change, and clinic has changed so much since I was first helping people in 1979 in Brisbane central – and since I have seen the results of the plastic rush we all now call ‘life’.

Hence I have put so much effort into the eBook packages, the free info on all these sites and in my giving out homework. Plus my attempts to get all to see that pulling out what was never intended – or better still – focusing on health, not disease management. This is actually about building a more conscious and sustainable future for you and your children.

Christmas Hours

Appointments will be running at Balmoral up until 21st December, with a few emergency appointments taking place during the Christmas week.

If you’d like to book, please give me a call on 3899 2274 so that I can arrange the best time for you.
At the end of December I’m planning to return home to my garden in New Zealand where I will be resting and writing, until I start the Melbourne-Brisbane adventure.

HeatherSays Pregnancy App

In addition to feverishly trying to find a home for the clinic, I have been finishing off the HeatherSays Pregnancy App and the it’s corresponding website that allows inspiration and nature to win through – http://heathersays.com
The App and the website allow you to trawl through some of the old-style baby centred / common sense that was normal decades ago.

Subscriber Offer

We are offering the first 50 subscribers a chance to trial the App for free. In return, we’d greatly appreciate any feedback or comments you may have, and would particularly love a review on the App Store & Google Play!

There is more to do to complete the content so please tell us what is missing.

The HeatherSays Preganancy app will be FREE for the first 50 to download it.

Periods app

I will be starting on the Periods app next week. If you have any thing that you wish to know about periods in general or yours specifically please drop me a line and I will make sure that it is included in my comprehensive list of problem solving handy hints.

Updated eBooks

The following ebooks have been carefully rewritten and are now ready for action in your lives:
·      Supercharge your sperm
·      Research into Improving Male Fertility

It’s surprising how all seem to have forgotten that farmers find the best studs they can. We seem to have regressed to the time of King Henry the VIII – it is all about her . . he could keep changing wives as they were ‘no good’.

Now it’s IVF in all cases – as though she were the problem suspect. If you know anyone who is not making babies the old fashioned way – and getting far too many often – possibly they could do with a prompt.


I have just put the finishing touches to the Endometriosis – a Woman’s Body’s Cry For Help eBook.
It comes with an instructive package on how to get the most out of being a woman – and is available here.


Free Yourself

The Free Yourself package is a welcome addition – how to undo all that stuff that is stored within and really needs releasing – you know – the self talk; the bitterness that seeps through sometimes, or of course, the rage that you swallow.

All of these past experiences do have residual life of their own within and often are all that is stopping healing.

Get your Free Yourself package here.


Women’s Vitality Pack

The Women’s Vitality Pack holds all pertaining to women’s bodies. The Human Matrix is a primer that starts the conversations for all interested in a different model of how and why a body works the way it does.

It is a tremendous guide to understanding how you became who you are and why you have the experiences that you wish me to help you with. The massage components allow you to work on yourself and others brilliantly as homework. Get your Women’s Vitality Pack here.

Special Fertility & Pregnancy eBook Offer

All Heather’s fertility and pregnancy ebooks are available for a short time only as a special bundled package.
If you know anyone who is having a debate or panic over any aspect of pregnancy – birth and fertility – this is the info pack to answer all questions.

Safe intimate care

What you will see online is a set of demonstrations I did to assist all who wish to not be stirring up more of a chemically induced menstrual and health storm through using the regular menstrual aids.

For those who wear a panty liner or continence aid every day – this also applies to you. The supermarket varieties all leak chemicals back into our bodies as their products are moistened – we absorb chemicals through our skin, especially the intimate areas – and these often are part of the illness triggers that swamp you.

To avoid contamination – and often as a major component of healing – ask me about the cheaper and more absorbent options I have at the clinic or buy them online.

Liquid Activated Zeolites

You may have heard me mention a way to short cut illness by pulling out what should not be in our bodies. I have been using these for over 8 years. They work. Often when nothing else seems to be doing what it should or used to – it is time to look deeper.

Unfortunately for all of us the world is a toxic soup and getting more so by the minute. Whilst vaccination is an emotively hot emotive topic, all can not dispute that the invasion of the body of all poisonous chemicals, heavy metals and carcinogenic substances in addition to what is supposed to help bodies be stronger has not been met with scientific rigor.

This also means that the residues left behind often have lives of their own and weaken the unfortunate recipient if they are not able to peacefully co exist with them – for the rest of their lives. Often when you want me to rescue a health problem you have had no success with, I will want to start there.

Because without the Gardasil or MMR injection or whatever – your body was working really well – and if you go back to when things started to go awry – it was after then.
Or after you were vaccinated a long time ago and the gradual accumulation of all things toxic is now eroding your life force. The assorted collection may not appear to be messing with you – and yet when you take these liquid activated zeolites – gradually the world may appear again in colour, instead of black and white.  This is what happened to me.  This is what happened to my daughter.

Aluminium – why do I mention this? It is now endemic in our bodies and should never have been there – Perhaps watch this 51 minute production – why? Because SOMETHING is messing with all so they are no longer vital and easy to help get back on their feet . . .and all the degenerative and auto immune diseases – to say nothing of cancer – why now?

Babies now start life prepolluted. What you can do safely, easily and consciously is take the residues of life out before you breastfeed – whilst you are pregnant – and preferably before you conceive (to actually help this happen easily) – as the sperm generating cells are hardly pristine now – and the older a man is the worse mess his sperm making cells are in – hence the increase in problems a baby has when born of an older man – unless he has undone his rubbish collection that has gradually piled up within himself.  No one is immune – it is all subtle and often blocking not just new life but assimilation of nutrients.

This is why I am sending people home with far less products, and far more prods to eat and live simpler. Part of the simplicity is taking out what was never intended to be there.


Why am I painting everyone with Iodine when they come in?

Because what with modern life, fluoride in the water and the bromides in our food and furniture so we breathe it all in.  It starts with this amazing 16 minute session we are out of iodine – and almost all who see me have thyroid imbalances.  .  please read on . . .(Yes I know your doctor possibly says your thyroid blood tests are ‘fine’ – fact is  you are not.

What do we need it for?       

Perhaps start looking at all I have on this site – 

Where to get Iodine

See your Compounding Chemist for Activated Iodine Solution.
Put it on your body in a strip at least 10cm long using a cotton bud or similar.

More information

I am always researching so I keep on adding to the informative sites I have up free for you.
Then you will see that if you are coming in for me to help you with just about anything – just because the GP or specialist is not looking there – does not mean it is not step one. .
·      Diabetes?
·      Miscarriages?
·      Weight reduction?
Can’t think?
·      and just about anything in between . .

What to do about all the heavy metals and pesticide residue, chemicals that do not break down, those that are messing with nutrient absorption?
Perhaps do what I did over 7 years ago – start taking liquid activated zeolites. 

I have spoken with several people about this – it really is where we may need to me looking as what used to work in clinic 35 years ago is not so effective now.

So I ask the question – ‘what is blocking healing?’

Often it is the cold – and you are very used to having me with cups – either on your belly or on your back
There is another level – held within and stuck there – keeping fluid in your body and not allowing natural cleansing – till you get rid of what is not supposed to be in your body – safely. This treatment is totally appropriate in all stages of life – especially if cancer is a worry/ or actually currently in your face presently – for whatever reason and wherever – start safely removing what is blocking your healing.
Perhaps ring me and ask me how this simple investment may help you or one of your loved ones.

Using the liquid activated zeolites has transformed my daughter and myself.

Have a festive and happy Christmas and holiday season.

Best wishes,

Heather Bruce