Heather’s News – Christmas 2014


Welcome to Heather’s news.


1)    Coming festive season
2)    Simple solutions
3)    Do you have regular chiro/ osteo/ massage appointments?
4)    What Arvigo therapy could do for you
5)    Self Care
6)    Online Resources
7)    What have you achieved this year?
8)    An early treat for dog lovers
7)    Heather’s Movements

Anchor1)        Coming festive season

The end of the year . . a well earned rest for all – please stay safe.
Look after your inner being.
Some helpful thoughts

Anchor2)        Simple solutions


Pure lavendar oil – neat and as soon as whatever happens.
As a very allergic bite reactor, I have found this very elegant oil a life-saver.
(Anyone who has visited the beech forests in NZ can attest to the viscous sand flies

Over indulgence?

Food – the first two moves of the Arvigo/massage session – very slow and gentle though firm clockwise massage along the inside of the bones hat make I the rim of your belly – from under the ribs to the inside of the hips, the pubic bone and up and around the other side. (9 times)

Can’t sleep? – Fractious child/baby?

The same, then taking the flat of the fingers, all together, go in very shallow circles from under the tip of the ribs to the navel – very slow circles (9 times). Slowly as it calms the entire being down – and resolves the digestive turmoil.

Anchor3)        Do you have regular chiro/ osteo/ massage appointments?

– ‘just in case’ – or who know someone who ‘swears’ by going all the time. .

If there is an improvement in seeing someone who adjusts your structure why not come and see me to ensure it stays fixed?
Why might it not?/Why might it ‘go out’ again . . .?

30 years ago when someone had a back problem – they came to an acupuncturist – and we needled and moxa-ed and all troubles dissolved – especially when there was a case of lingering and painful (no non steroidal anti-inflammatories when I started working in 1979) bad arthritis – as this is what original acupuncturists did so very well.

Fast forwards to the new age where there is a pill for everything – instead of undoing the nutritional gaps and looking at releasing all trauma stored away – think the falls /incidents and accidents that you have added up over the decades – they all are carrying a signature and your body has ‘adjusted’ to these.

As someone who was taught acupuncture by a chiropractor, I know that ‘structure determines function’ – and that there is so much more to this story.

– Starting with – The head on the neck properly.

  1. Atlas Axis Prophylaxis(Neil Pont in Queensland)
    Sounds odd – I spent 56 years with mine not properly aligned.
    When Neil did his thing with his nifty wee gadget I tried it out (I always check personally anyone I then refer people to).
    I instantly had to take off the glasses I was wearing as they were now the wrong ones. Eyes very different!!!
    I had to rummage about in the discarded sets for any ones I had had over the past 10 years, to find some I could wear – as the vision in my right eye was instantly improved. Instantly!!
    The previous nerve impingement was gone.
    If this is what you need the result is amazing – often stops all pains and headache on the spot.

For some – not all – if you do not need it – he does not do it – vast majority of us do though.

Now this was after decade of exploring all forms of physical work – and having
(b) Then there is the endemic lack of magnesium – hence I send most people home with magnesium roll-ons and suggestion of Epsom salts foot baths at least.

(c) – Insufficient Vit D – to absorb all minerals (of course getting enough exposure to the sun will help, but we are all very ill as a result of the ‘slip, slop, slap’ campaign (like the eat margarine one) which is not telling the whole truth . . .

(d) – Lack of dietary fat – as all minerals need this to be absorbed
(Basically – forgetting what the grandparents taught the parents of the crop of current parenting parents – all through the time before science and medicine.
Insufficient sunshine and rest and water drunk)

(e) – Moxa
– an amazing way to reduce all pain in back and a soother before sleep.

Discovered through my extensive work in resolving aches and pains in pregnancy, this is brilliant as a boost – just need to cope with the smell, go outside, spend 3 minutes and ‘Hey Presto’!!

(f) – Past injury
. . many people forget that they had a whiplash – and then go onto to have arm/had problems. This can be easily fixed with a combination of treatments I have learned in the past 35 years of working with chronic and severe pain of all types.

The Yunnan Bao Yao Chinese plasters are easily the most well known way in China to resolve all pain (get yours from Wing Hing in the Valley).

When anyone comes in with a joint or a specific pain – this is what I use – and you will have seen me wearing some at odd times – especially lately as the Arvigo work is very demanding in my body and the plasters are healing the extra load .

Organic castor oil as a healing tool – so simple, easy, cheap and effective. .

Anchor4)        What Arvigo therapy could do for you

  • Resolve just about all cobwebs from within.
  • Think all damage from past falls – especially ancient ones.
  • All operation residues
  • All child birth and carrying traumas.
  • Any urinary, prostate and vaginal issues
  • Digestive problems of all descriptions
  • Any structural concerns that are being ‘looked after’ and not totally resolved.

To learn more about the Arvigo therapy please investigate what I have posted on my inspirational, self help site.

I have been amazed at how the ‘broken’ older women’s bodies have positively responded when treating people in the community I see in NZ where large families are the norm.

If you have a body that has seen life, maybe this is also your saviour?

I have been doing some of the moves as part of my usual acupuncture treatments – and will be gradually taking on more of the Arvigo work as I see it is far more life-changing than using my amazing brand of moxa, massage, lymphatic drainage and acupuncture . . .

Anchor5)        Self Care

There are many additional things that you can do at home for yourself under the self-care banner. I am always looking for more ways to help you and share my findings (hence the increasing number of web sites).

Seeing a specialist (me or medical ones) involves a loss of personal responsibility, which results in an insidious disempowerment over time.

My aim is to restore the cultural knowledge that was always a part of all tribal and traditional life where mothers knew what to do.

This has lead to my discovery of the Mayan massage work.
I found it would benefit the women with any reproductive issues, and all women who had any structural/functional concerns including:

  • prolapses,
  • veins in lower body misbehaving,
  • past damage in child bearing/carrying,
  • incontinence,
  • all sexual dysfunction and
  • pelvic pain of unknown and all severe types
  • digestive insufficiencies,

As I went ahead with the training it all just fell into place.
Of course there are also huge benefits for men . .­

The difference I can now make to all and everyone!!
This means – if you have a regular appointment – even monthly – with the chiropractor – you no longer need to.

I have been watching people crippled with problems that I have been gradually managing – now leaping forwards in their lives.
There are also simple home traditional ‘cures’ as part of this – learn more under the self care banner on www.HeatherSays.com

After having a Mayan massage – then comes your part:

  • daily abdominal massage and possibly steaming,
  • castor oil packs and
  • wearing a faja . . .check it out – instant support/relief . .

Why were our parents not telling is us these simple natural solutions?

Was it all seen as ‘old wives tales’?
– they got our great grand parents to where they were able to pass the baton to our parents.  . . maybe there WAS something in the traditional knowledge?

Especially after babies and during pregnancy?
So simple and so relieving ..

Gift for self – $300 spent on seeing me for this ‘day spa’ experience . .
What you get?

  • All the bits you need for your own self care experience at home.
  • An in-depth training into how to help yourself
  • The two hour treatment complete with:
    • front and back corrections/massage,
    • the steaming and
    • whatever acupuncture/moxa add-ons

to complete a transformation of your being.

Anchor6)        Online Resources

I had been wondering why people are not getting the results that were obvious to me even five years ago, so resolved to work out what is getting in the way.
I have spent a huge time researching – and the various sites, eBooks and Apps are the results of this.
There is a wealth of information on my sites for free on just about all aspects of life. This is presented from a functional energy perspective and how it directs your physical to work (or not) and what you can do about it . .
My iOS & Android apps provide a navigation aid through the work I have freely shared – and the opportunity to be your own problem solver.

Anchor7)        What have you achieved this year?

I know it is so easy to find all that you have NOT done
– and yet I suspect if we all sit down with this task in mind and list (on paper or computer) all that has been achieved, you will find that you have been extraordinarily productive this year – and often on the inner planes.

  • Where were you in yourself this time last year?
  • Perhaps an encouragement award for self is needed?
  • What can you do to fill your inner cup up?
  • What makes your heart sing?

Perhaps gift yourself f more of this in the New Year – or even over the holiday period.

Anchor8)        An early treat for dog lovers

I am a Blue Merle Rough Long Haired Scotch Collie boy.
I can go to my dream home when I am 9 weeks old.. Next week.
I am dreaming of my new home.
It would be ideally, with a green hill and a dam, some people to love and be with all day, fresh water and fresh food.
I will fit into your home.
I love playing and have been with my mother and father, other brothers and sister for the past 8 weeks.
We have been everywhere…
to work with my big mum, meeting lots of people and children,
I have played in the grass, dug in the sand and played in the water.
My big Mum gave me a bubble bath and sprinkled me with Lavender, so I have no fleas.
I have soft puppy fur but soon I will get my new big coat.
In Winter time I grow a beautiful thick undercoat and in summer time that coat starts to fall out.
That is the most important time for me as I need my people parents to have a fork and a stripping comb and that fluffy undercoat needs to be stripped out.
The remaining hair protects my skin and acts like insulation for my body in Summer.
I have had C4 needles and have been microchipped.
The vet said I was really good, and my brothers and sister were all really healthy and in top condition.
If I could come and live at your dream home, please talk to my big mother,
Helena on 0414 272 616.

Anchor7)        Heather’s Movements

Brisbane Until 18th Dec
NZ 20th – 31st Dec
Brisbane 2nd Jan 2015

Working up until the 18th – then off to to New Zealand to be in my garden again

Where to next?

Back and forth to my husband and home/research clinic in Greymouth, NZ (and of course my beloved garden) – all through summer.
No more other Heather travel plans till the Arvigo conference in Mexico in April.

See you soon.
Please have a safe, sane and rewarding break.

Best wishes,

Heather Bruce