Heather’s News- August 2013

Here is what is happening at Acupuncture Plus: Heather’s Brisbane clinic.


·      Season changes
·      Vitamin D loading
·      A healthy Continuum:
Perfect health – Easy Periods – Easy Fertility – Easy Birthing – Easy Babies
·      Diabetes tendencies?
·      Precocious puberty
·      Pregnancy App (nearly finished this)
·      Endometriosis & PCOS
·      Safe intimate care
·      Prostate issues
·      Pyroluria
·      Update on New Zealand – the shaky islands
·      Penguin tickling
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The seasons shift again!

Glorious weather.
What with all the changes, it may be a great time to come visit and get a tune up.
Staying well makes far more sense than only coming in when you are not getting better after seeing a GP about seasonal, and chronic health matters as there is usually a simple, natural solution.

Vitamin D loading

There may be not a lot of illness about as we had a sunny winter.
I have been learning a lot about nutritional and toxicological impacts on health – and looking into your Vitamin D – not from sunlight but from the cod liver oil all on the northern climes still take and the food sources – may be a marvelous idea.
Especially if you have pain, constant illness, diabetes or hormonal issues.
Seems we are all struggling with a deficit and it is so easy to fix!!
Temporarily to get you back where optimal (not the blood test limits are) is a matter of taking a lot – I have the capsules here – and simultaneously taking extra food sources  plus of course being in the sun – on your torso – for the brighter times of the day and daily.
Have a look at this very informative information on vitamin D.
Especially if you are pregnant, thinking of being so, or are breast feeding.
In Finland, each baby was given 2,000iu daily to avoid diabetes type 1 – they had the highest rate in the world = and this started on 1965, so they could see the improvement in the health of all when they started this – a simple measure – why not?

A Healthy Continuum:

– Easy Periods – Easy Fertility – Easy Birthing – Easy Babies
A measure of a woman’s health is how easily she goes through the monthly cycle.
If she has any changes in any aspect of herself (except normal periods) this needs investigation as to how to put her back to perfect.
If she is young, especially under 12 and having changes into puberty, a simple way to slow this down is to avoid all foods that create Heat in the Blood.
This means ALL:
·      sugar (including honey etc.)
·      fruit and juices
·      grains/ cereals
Avoiding these may seem excessive, but magically changes the outcome . .
Sugar is stored as fat on the body fat and causes problems.. .
You need to EAT FAT TO LOSE FAT.
Yes – fat, natural fat, not artificial fat as found in margarine and other processed foods.
Not oils – see The Oiling of America (Preview) (2 hrs). The fat that was supposed to be to bad for you – that all traditional diets revere as being the sacred foods to help with fertility, sanity and great health. (Plus taste so good).
See why traditional diets are good for us (Preview) . (To learn more I strongly suggest you invest in the Woman’s Vitality package.)
Hidden Sugar
What is needed?
Vigilance on every thing that goes in the mouth – the sugar is hidden.
Why is there the obesity epidemic? http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-08-19/australian-adults-health-status/4894924
Please look to my earlier newsletters – people come in wanting me to magically pop some needles in, sell them a magic pill/herb – and viola!! – all fixed – but not so.
It is all about stopping what has been causing the problem – and taking out of the body what should not be there.
Babies are now being vaccinated immediately they are born with multiple shots containing toxic preservatives whose harmful effects are denied.
The link to vaccination on the scale it is happening now is another topic all through my sites and my newsletters. So many girls have huge skin/mood/energy/periods disorders simply because of the Gardisal vaccination.
Diabetes tendencies?
Start looking to your ancestors who knew what to eat:
·      fat,
·      protein
·      veggies
·      very little sugar or fruit
·      grains were minimal and not processed – and full of butter – and fatty

This way one does not want to eat much.
If you have No fat in diet, you will be always looking for food.
PLUS the sugar content is NOT food and gets stored (as fat) on the body for later – in case we run out (unlikely these days).

Precocious Puberty

Any precocious puberty needs resolving well before more time goes past.
The medical profession may play with hormones (dangerous) yet the answer is just SO SIMPLE – I have assisted many girls stay as girls (many labeled with ASDS and autism) just through diet and a few supplements – no treatments even.
I have worked with parents of girls who at 6 years old are growing pubic hair and have adult BO.) See also pyroluria below)

Pregnancy App for iPhone & Android

My pregnancy app is being populated with my ongoing research findings and will soon be released.
It is a goldmine of essential information on pregnancy and related topics.
At the same time I am gathering information for a Periods app which will follow soon after.

Endometriosis & PCOS

I have also been studying the causes of endometriosis and PCOS.
Rather than trying to force your body to return to what seems to be ‘normal’ through chemicals and surgery, I have found a safer and gentler approach that is much more effective.
There are answers, and easy ones, to normalise the menstrual cycles and behaviours/lives of all – and the safety of the pads we bleed on is part of the solution.
Girls are getting more womanly sooner and faster in their lives .. . it should be 13/14 years of age, when growing is mostly finished.
There are amazing changes possible in all women – just by changing the type of intimate care they use.

Safe intimate care

I have been trialing these safe intimate care products out and they are SO much better than the ones I originally found.
These new pads absorb 120ml at LEAST and I tried to squeeze it out and it did not budge! See a demonstration.
This means that they not only absorb 4x more than anything else, they do not leak, and never feel wet – and are not bulky – so why would you use an internal system – that at best holds a little, then leaks, or a pad that is horrible?
I have them in the clinic for retail sale – but they are far more cost effective if you buy a box for yourself.
No smells, no need to change often – and best of all – no chemical gradual poisoning of your body through the bleached out chemicals coming back into your intimate parts when wet. Yes that is right – a cause  of significant hormonal disruption right there – the menstrual care products.
I have stopped women from needing a hysterectomy just by getting her to wear the negative ion stripped liner all mot and the relevant bleeding pads – and within two months – a lessened flow, no moodiness and no distressing gyne issues to be dealt with – so simple!!

Prostate Issues

Guys also – prostate issues – what to do – one man listened to his daughter who uses them – and put them in his underpants as he was up at least 3 times nightly to pee – and his prostate settled right into sleeping all night.  Ditching his medications, wearing a pad all day not as a drip catcher, but on my suggestion to trial out the negative ion strip – he is not feeling old and decrepit any longer.
I often get men to wear them in their shoes, as the negative ion strip sends up messages that somehow sort out back pain and especially circulation issues to allow healing , so their toes are not chopped off (think diabetic neuropathy) or when DVT strikes.
See what others have said about them.
Of course if there is a breast &/or prostate and/or uterine problem – the first place to look is getting your Vitamin D levels back to the upper limit on the blood test – look at the Iodine that is available in your body now – as iodine is used by prostate and uterine and especially breast tissue – and as iodine is an immune/metabolism essential, without enough, cancers can happen . . .


I have been alerted to a condition that I suspect is very silent and may affect a lot of people. It may not be you – but look at it anyway as if it is it will make a huge difference to you.Symptoms are:

·      depression
·      panic attacks
·      loneliness
·      wanting to be away from people
·      not remembering their dreams and
·      all sorts of other weird symptoms
If they took the test at the bottom of the page here and then possibly went off to their doctor, did the urine test and then came in to see me for what will sort out the heavy copper and the low zinc and B6 so you can instantly feel on top of the game (you may have never had before) ..
A very easy fix if it is so.
I scored 70% which means highly likely to have it – and in taking zinc and B6 for just one day, I have dreams I remember  and quite frankly I like not – but if this means all else is easier in life – then a small price to pay!!

Some of us seek answers, and are not happy with what the standard answers bring.  Some never seem to find out the magic piece of the puzzle – and some find bits in stray corners – this may be one.
I am well aware that here is no research money available for naturally occurring solutions.

Little money means where is the interest in finding answers?
Yet if it is you – and you read some of the symptoms, and take the test – then a simple solution – not even going to the doctor – why get a urine test when just taking more nutrients and pulling out all the toxins that really have no place in your body –  may make such a difference!!

Update on Chch and NZ – the shaky islands

For those interested in earthquakes (My home town is Christchurch) http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/9057671/Quakes-are-stones-throw-from-big-faultlines  and here is a graphic map of 2 days’ worth of shakes and their spread . .

A bit of levity (penguin being tickled)

See you soon for a tuneup . . .
I will be away between 8 – 15th September as am delivering two papers in an East Asian Medicine conference in Seoul.
No doubt I will come back brimming over with new ideas and enthusiasm.
See you soon

Best wishes,

Heather Bruce