Heather’s News – April 2014

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Heather in Brisbane clinic this coming week

Instead of returning home to NZ for my usual break from the clinic I am staying in Brisbane this week.

I will be here all this week and the following Monday and have only another few weeks in the Melbourne locum.

I will be away for Easter and then working in Brisbane on Anzac Day, plus the following Saturday and Monday.

The first weekend in May I will be in Melbourne again, this time presenting workshops at the national acupuncture conference – on high risk pregnancies and how to change the course of difficult gestational conditions around – and then back to Brisbane.

In late May I will be at the annual TCM Kongress in Rothenburg (Germany), followed by a week or so in Spain, including a visit with a fertility specialist colleague.

A well immune system

– keeps you on top of things – not ill, or deviating into to a cancer journey

(Change of seasons – everyone talks about flu injections . . . )

Have you thought about strengthening your immune system – so it works optimally?

Perhaps come in for a top up – and collect supplies to protect your good health in the coming flu season.

Ideally you should be as well as possible so you also do not ‘catch’ things . . . that is where preventative and restorative medicine comes in – not rescuing you after the crisis hits.

A well person does not catch illnesses.



Firstly – what to have in the cupboard as a ‘home remedy’ that gets you immediately out of trouble if you do get sick:

  • (AV/AT – remember the three every hour dictate – it works – at the first sign of anything that feels viral or illness related – three every hour – and it is unlikely to hit you . ..
  • The next level is Fluex – and this is more for when someone has specifically coughed on you – or something is traveling about the work space and you may have already succumbed – again – three every hour or so – and of course;
  • heaps of Vitamin D,
  • Vitamin C plus
  • Zinc and
  • rest – the magic ingredient.

What to do if Sickness strikes

When ill – the best thing is to come to the clinic to get treatment the instant it starts to hit – as most of the problems can be lifted off you whilst you are on the couch.

Never mind about passing it on to me – there seems to be a general forgetting that the ground has to be fertile – and it is totally unlikely that my immune system will not work . . . . For decades I have been exposed to everyone’s hardy ‘germs’ – and the AV/AT and Vitamin D I take have protected me well.

What makes us sick?

Look at the residual levels of environmental toxicity – things that we absorb through living in our world.

The foods that most of us eat are heavily laden with chemicals, both natural and artificial.

These are there:

  • to get us to buy their particular product again by enhancing flavour;
  • to improve shelf life; and
  • essentially as marketing, not health aids.

Most of them should never be ingested into our bodies. What we are dealing with daily is environmental toxicity (getting ill).

Prevention of Sickness

I get everyone to smother themselves in magnesium oil (spray or roll-on) as it is best absorbed through the skin that way.

(And yes I know 6 times daily is an ask – but it does sort out a lot of issues that do sideline everyone who comes in to see me for help).

This is an easy solution for almost everything that ails you – self help is the ‘cure’ – and the extra work pays off – as in all endeavours.

If there is a thickening of the mucous – the ABB (Antibiobotanicals) are ready there for you. These will help you avoid the days off work and the horror of being ‘taken out’ of being busy in your life.

This set of helpers will be a boon to keep in the cupboards in case – and usually stops all respiratory problems in their tracks.

Not ‘catching’ things

Being well (and rested) so you do not ‘catch’ what is supposed to be ‘normal’ – as being ill is not what a well immune system is designed for.

Same as the next ‘biggie’ – cancer – when happy and well, the immune system works fine – and as we forever are getting cancerous cells and our body clearing these. It is when they do not (when the system turns off ) that we start growing rogue cells.


Few people seem to know what Iodine does in the body – as they may support the use of fluoride as an unregulated drug/chemical.

Fluoridation of water supplies is destroying our thyroid function (hence digestion, immune systems and metabolism; also the intellect (of all of us) slowly through exposure in the water.

Iodine – When you come in to see me I will paint your belly with iodine (16 minutes) to see how fast it absorbs. Often that is the major problem if you are facing an undiagnosed thyroid condition (and most people who walk in with a varied list of problems do have this).

The medical blood tests do not identify the problem as the reference levels are way too wide.  Deficiency of iodine has been implicated in reproductive problems in women and cancers in the general population.

Please watch: disorders caused by deficiency of iodine

And read: The Great Iodine Debate

Using iodine on the body is an anti-cancer measure which also restores normal hormonal levels and improves the general health process.

If you have, or know anyone with, fibrocystic breast disease, lumpy breasts, PCOS or endometriosis – the first point is – is there enough iodine available??

Unfortunately the fluoride in the tap water takes the iodine put of circulation as it competes for it.

Taking iodised salt is not enough to counteract this, as there are the competing bromides and the chlorides and fluorides that are invading us at every turn. Using iodine topically will counteract some of this.

Where to get iodine?

Find Aqueous Iodine solution from a compounding (not ordinary) chemist. The average chemist may not know what to do with it – as they may be focusing on the retail side of the business.

This is ‘old medicine’ reasserting itself – and ‘old fashioned’, even home remedies got us to here so please listen ..

As the metabolism and the immune system are all geared from the gut – wellness begins with what you put in. Here we circle back to what I often speak of – good gut function.

Iodine Protects Against Fluoride Toxicity

When you take antacids – especially when babies ‘need’ them – it is a huge anti life measure. The acid in our gut keeps invaders away and allows for the processing of proteins to make better ingredients to keep us well.

The chemicals in the water are enough to upset our thyroid function and mess with all aspects of our life.

Never ever use the tap water for mixing formula baby’s bottles!!!

This brings us into the tooth debate . . .

Stop Tooth Decay

Is it really the role of a dentist when there is tooth decay – or should we have been eating a lot better?

Here I send you off to look to any of the work of Dr Weston Price – it has been in my site for about a year – but with so much in there it is hard to catch all I source…

You can remineralise teeth and stop/REVERSE dental decay  in its tracks . .

This involves avoiding all sugar (fruit/juice/cereals and grains all convert back to sugar also) and taking a lot of bone broths, fermented foods (which will recolonise the gut) and masses of Vitamin D.

It is all possible – and has been done by many people – especially when they find their children’s teeth are in a mess. There is so much information on my site in the research that I have been doing over the past several years.

If you use http://simple-natural-solutions.com/ as your new ‘TV” station – you will learn how to keep you and your family really well. I put the best of what I find up there.


Then there is the issue of what about post chemo?

Or in fact to stop getting cancer at all?

Post cancer ‘treatment’ – those side effects and the worry of what next . .

There is heaps that can be done – not waiting in fear – but actively restoring a sense of well being and health that you may have forgotten is possible. .  .

An excellent step: see me about wellness enhancement.

Many of my patients come to me because they have been told that there is ‘nothing else’ to be done.

However your body is very good at following better instructions and there are many products and services I offer to assist in this case.

Current projects

Pregnancy App


The Pregnancy App – for anyone who is attempting pregnancy or is pregnant or wonders what is happening to their baby – it is supported by the www.HeatherSays.com site, which is now colossal and still growing fast.

All the information is categorized and accessible through drop-down menus. You will find links to a multitude of resources including my eBooks.

For example, you could spend a while finding out about stress and how it affects you (Stuck Liver Qi) and the tendency to feel ‘precious’/anxious/not sleep (Blood).

The explanations are linked to the apps which lead you to the solutions to your concerns.

The Period App is finally being worked on – as is the ebook: ‘Endometriosis – A Woman’s Body’s Cry For Help’.

This is part of the Women’s vitality package which offers the information so sorely lacking for almost all teenagers who are fighting off the chemicals that are causing the period woes that their mothers may not have endured.


Teenagers are under such a load with the modern environment but I find it so easy to work with them (male and female) as invariably it is about:

If you feel this is your struggling teenager – and school is adding to the stress – perhaps see what we can do together to enhance parenting – through nutritional support and possibly a few sessions on the treatment couch and/or some herbal capsules.  . . you may be amazed.

Eat More Fat

Butter everything . . . ignore heart ticks – go in the other direction.

  • One third of all women die of heart attacks – more fat would sort this out – and of course magnesium, Vitamin D and iodine. . .

It is the sugar loading (esp the ‘carbs’) that are messing with everyone – and the pretend foods and the brown sugary drinks.

It wasn’t so bad when soft drinks were the occasional treat. But now sugary drinks are the number one source of calories in our diet.

Seriously – if you want to lose weight, feel vibrant, stop being hungry (for fat after all) and get happy/healthy/fertile again – eat more fat.

I keep extolling the virtues of fat as the vitamins essential for life are mostly fat soluble.

If you are on statins and staying out of the sun your Vitamin D absorption will be almost non-existent – so how are you supposed to stay well?

All hormones start with the fat and the Vitamin D . ..

So if you are depressed – butter every thing and go out in the sun often (and in around midday) and see how much better you are.

If you persist in smothering yourself with the aluminium in most sunscreen.

Yes – there is a case for skin cancers – the more I research , the more I see that modern medicine in forgetting our roots – in traditional concepts of survival – the more we stray and get sicker.

You could watch Dr Daphne Miller and traditional eating (90 minutes)

My research has shown me that retail industries whose recent bright ideas have replaced traditional wisdoms are getting us all dependent on their products and making us sick . . .

Good gut health

More than taking probiotics . . . are you perhaps eating fermented foods instead? regularly?


An entertaining and very sobering look at the gut:

  • why we should never take antibiotics. . and
  • communal microbes – for normal brain function and development and
  • why giving pregnant and birthing women antibiotics is not a good idea – but
  • healthy living to prevent problems is.

How bacteria communicate within us http://www.ted.com/talks/bonnie_bassler_on_how_bacteria_communicate

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWT_BLVOASI  – why care?

  • Depression anyone?
  • MS? Also –
  • autism is affecting more and more families – perhaps we need to look to eating and health – not =vaccination and antibiotics?

Am I suggesting the ‘paleo’ diet?

The Paleolithic diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.

There is no mention of organ meats by Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf, the two main spokesmen for the paleo diet. However many others do include them in their interpretation of the ‘paleo’ diet.

Organ meats are the most concentrated source of just about every nutrient, including important vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and essential amino acids.

So whether you want to call it a ‘paleo’ or some other form of ‘traditional’ diet, I recommend the consumption of organ meats and lots of fat for the optimum supply of nutrients.

I support the recommendations of Sally Fallon Morell as published on Weston A. Price Foundation site:


Revolutionalise Birthing

  • Know anyone who is about to have their baby?
  • Would they like to be bonded parents?
  • Avoid C section?
  • Know how to enjoy birthing and parenting?

Send them along on Thursday night 6 – 9 pm (pre booking essential)

What you get:

    •  WDCD manual,
    • 2 DVDs,
    • moxa and
    • physical body coaching on how to revolutionalise the birth

– and have dad be the natural non-invasive epidural – easily, safely and with far less fuss than you could imagine. .

all for only $150.

Please contact me directly on

Do schedule a wellness enhancement session or two, pre the season change – as health care is preventative, not reactive medicine . .

Until next time

Stay well and happy

Best wishes,

Heather Bruce