Heather’s News – April 2013

I hope that you had a very safe Easter . .

I spent mine gardening in my hideaway in the back blocks of the South Island on the West Coast.

After the last large newsletter offering –
I am sending out a very small one again this month –

Should you find yourself ever wanting a pick up – perhaps go back to the March newsletter – that large one with heaps of links – and start anywhere – they were all amazing clips – usually from medical researchers and all highly entertaining and informative – instead of the TV or whatever – try a health channel – Heather’s last edition of the clinic newsletter!!!


Whilst I was away (now back) in NZ as I was in the midst of moving a uni student son to a student accommodation village – FREE at last (me!!!).

This means Chch is a thing of the past and we (my husband and I) can spend all the time we are in NZ back where I have a retreat where I garden and write and recharge myself.

On Anzac Day, we will be off for three weeks.

Firstly to a well earned break in Iceland



then to an acupuncture convention in Rothenburg, Germany.

I will come back brimming over with good cheer, rest and new ideas!!

After two weeks back, I will be in NZ in the beginning of June. to rejuvenate in the garden, and then on to Melbourne for another Kiiko seminar – 4 days of more amazing information . .(Not that I don’t do a good job without, but it is great to have some other input).

It is an exciting year as when that dust has settled (mid June), I will get back to my Independent Research Project – for my Masters of Health Sciences at Canterbury University – Christchurch – ‘Saving Babies’.

The ease of natural medicine in assisting great outcomes in maternity and thus for the rest of the person’s life is missed in all the modern obstetric focus on ‘safe’ birthing . . and ‘safe pregnancy gets missed.

Look out as soon I will have phone Apps done along with the completion of the first bunch of eBooks to go live. The Pregnancy ones and Fertility will be first.

The Rescue Yourself – Live Well package has been about for a while and will get a new name..  .

The Women’s Vitality (all menstrual solutions) and the Men’s Vitality ones will follow.

I have spent the past few months rewriting the Body Map –  a 120 page eBook that explains how a well body works.
It will from the basis of the packages that I have been speaking of for years . .

I am on the home run finally with this project.

If you would like to see the draft copy and make any suggestions before it goes live, please let me know. ..

It will help answer myriad questions.
I have done a great job cross linking info within it and also finding a lot of nutritional background information that is now embedded in it.

I learnt a lot, and am a better typist on account thereof . . .


As I am going away for three weeks, in three weeks and will be in Brisbane all that time, please come in and stock up.
Change of season time for a tonic?
Restock the cupboard, so viruses and seasonal colds and flus miss your place?

Best wishes,

Heather Bruce - Common Sense Health Consultant
Heather Bruce – Common Sense Health Consultant

Heather Bruce