Heather’s CV

Not written up as CV’s usually are – as I was never the same . .

As a tenderer of gardens babies and people, I can highly recommend going back to nature . .
And see how we can help you love yourself better!


Somewhat differently . .

1970’s – I was married to a ‘hippy’ who took his life into his own hands and healed himself of all sorts of chronic and debilitating life catastrophes – through Ivengar yoga and following Victor ‘s book – ‘Survival Into the 21st Century’.
This led me into naturopathy and thinking very differently – and starting my own study to save my child from what had happened to his dad – beginning with an an acupuncture course with a 6 week old baby in tow – he was transported with me hitch hiking up and done from Mullum and in class (being breastfed) for the first year.

This gave me a solid grounding in personal maternal and life long lived experience as a mum – later to 3 more children, born in 3 different decades and one massively brain injured via maternal vaccine sequelae – to then have me questing unswervingly forever after in the path of fixing what should never have been broken  not just her – but all of my children, myself and the rest of the world  as they come in to see me,

1980’s – Having started my own clinic and left that husband behind, I took off – starting a different acupuncture college.

Co designing and writing then teaching there whilst another child happened – and I started off writing maternal and fertility works as there was long back then before IVF – as we all got pregnant – as I could attest – too soon and too soften!
Adding Western herbal tinctures, vibrational essences, and all sorts of hands on work to my already different acupuncture tools – I fond myself sidelined with a profoundly injured newborn.

1990’s – Back on deck as a teacher of acupuncture students, and writing my own post graduate resources and programmes to teach, whilst discovering more ways to help my daughter.
Added in Reiki, Aura Soma, all forms of energy work that worked for her – all forms of different that again – worked on and for her.

Another baby accidentally conceived (now 23 years old) – and here we are again – thrown back at the maternal university course.
this time – as a single mum from the inception of the project and a C section at the end as well.

A lot

2000’s – Whilst gardening on an acre behind Maleny, working in my clinic 3 days a week in Brisbane allowed me the space to create the patent manuals as books, the posters

and a meditation CD – now a set of MP3 tracks .

Eventually – returned to finished my ‘real’ (uni) teaching degree – and started on the track of totally transforming the world of birthing advocacy – one mum at a time – with the What Dads Can Do work. From there – the online presence began.

2010’s onwards . .

My international teaching from 2006 picked up
Clinic boomed

The Maya work beckoned . .


Heartful hands came into their own.

I reconnected back to what I had been doing originally in clinic as taught to me by my acupuncture lecturer – who back then was the only person (pre IVF ) who helped women conceive naturally . . uterine positioning . .

Self Care teaching followed.
I knew that here as more – somewhere – and found it in the Mercier work.


PLUS . . .

My own style . .

Never an acupuncturist only as I always connected with my heartful hands and inquiring mind


2018 onwards 

A new chapter . . .

On a personal note . .

Aging happens
Times change



Meet Oscar .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . His dad and his mum at the same age he is now.


Gardening beckons me. .

My NZ hideaway . .
And healing sanctuary  where you can come in and stay
Be looked after whilst we uncover how and what to do

Time to smell the

Roses . .


(A smelly selection for every room)

As a tenderer of gardens babies and people, I can highly recommend going back to nature . .
And see how we can help you love yourself better!


Start with breathing in love and breathing out love

Breathing in peace and breathing out peace!



Seeing people for intensives now – as we quickly get to why and how to resolve what has had you circling healing