2017 – Heather is back!

Happy New Year!
Hopefully you are back in a happy rested mode from having some time off ..
I know I am . .
I have been blissfully in my garden – in the cool – avoiding summer!
In usually TWO layers of merino clothes.

Often three – plus
going to bed in flannelette sheets with an electric blanket on to warm it up.
Sometimes having the fire going.
On the West Coast, where we live in NZ –
I saw three clear days of sun.
And one starry night . .

Spent time coming and going over the Alps

(I was teaching this the last weekend in my healing sanctuary).
     We had such a precious time .. .
Me religning women healers.  .

Their bodies,

Their intentions

Their abilities .  . .   
Participants on my bridge . . . on a break . .

My availability

Early morning 17th January


Life realigning  . .

Yours . . as you know I have been traveling about in the past few years 

Learning more to dd to the decades of experience I always bring to clinic ..

Mine – I am preparing to get back to being an international teacher of healers.


Bodies Heal when You Let Them

Let me help your work better ..

See you soon

Let’s all have a wondrous year!