Heather is back and stepping up!

Welcome to my new nearly end of year clinic newsletter – brief -more coming soon!

Changes afoot!

I feel that it is about time to unveil what my vocation has been.
Helping all to shed more Light onto their own path.

 lighting-each-others-lightsHealing requires change – on your part.
Having stood and watched those make decisions based on fear for quite long enough – I am now standing in my own truth.

To see me, as a very senior consultant natural health care worker who uses multiple modalities to come to an individualised healing path for you – commitment to your own healing has to happen.

There will be a larger email newsletter on my return today.
This is just a brief ‘hello’ to let you know I am back.

Back in Clinic

The next few days: Friday – Tuesday this week (25th & 26th Nov) and

I will be in clinic and then teaching acupuncturists in Adelaide for two days and back at work Friday/Saturday next week (2nd & 3rd Dec).

I am offering healing packages for your concerted efforts.
I will reveal this in a few days.

We can move mountains within you – when you sign up or the changes that may be long overdue in your life.

Life is transient

Choices made are instant and often reflect where we are stuck in our habits/ thinking which in turn create the dis-ease. Our physical bodies are a read-out of what we have thought and this is done. The physical has its own needs and generally the ‘old wives’ tales’ of long ago – and the elder’s wisdoms were the ways to live well – and we are all to over educated and busy to remember.

Here I remind you that the ‘cause’ of your dis-ease/distress is within and what has held it dear to you is why your body eventually gives you warnings that are too difficult to ignore.

I do everything I can to alleviate these stuck sites.
It is your job to maintain the changes.
The Mercier work in combination with everything else that I do is being remarkable at fixing permanently all lower back and structural misalignments.
Forget seeing others on and on – including me – come in and lets FIX the issues underlying.
People leave me not quite able to vocalise the changes – but they leave uplifted and lighter – on all levels. Don’t wait for a  ‘diagnosis ‘ – why not just come in and fix whatever is ailing you enough to be showing in tor physical vehicle.
its pains are warnings of future disasters . .

It takes a commitment in me and in your to create this and at least 3 hours of your time. All I have seen as I integrate this work are amazed at their changes.

Seeing me with appointments close together is life changing.
Decades go I saw people 3 times weekly and within a few weeks – all was fixed.

As Christmas (And me not being in Brisbane for 3 weeks) is fast approaching  why not gift yourself a new start – and see me so we can actually FIX what has been bothering you?

No need for expensive testing that just worry you further  whatever it is – it is highly likely after my 40 years of research and actual fixing things when all else fails that you are as easy to me as the others.
If you wish to know more – ring me for a time to chat further.

We can create massive shifts in you and your future –  much like the earth moving in NZ – and permanent – as you find your new balance!

From my garden . .

1 – Last night standing on the bridge to my healing sanctuary.
2 – Looking out to the clouds from my bedroom window – past my other wee bridge over the fish pond. Roses (red) nearly out.

2016-11-24-18-29-56       2016-11-22-18-35-49

Blessings on your day