Heather is back!

Heather is back!

I am here though being low key.


My movements . .

I am in available in the clinic today (Tuesday) and Wednesday.

I am teaching acupuncturists in Brisbane this weekend. 

Next week – i clinic Tuesday through Saturday.

  • Brisbane until 19th Feb.
  • back in Brisbane on 1st March.

Back then for all of March

Off to teach briefly in the USA before being here all through April – middle May.

I am working evenings now as Duncan (my husband) has gone back home to NZ.



Time for a much needed revamp of your flows to get the year started well

Do expect ‘miracles’.
After working with a sense of humour and intending to NOT take “can’t” for an answer – I expect them before you leave me – to at least feel so much lighter and freer! (And your pain free/substantially reduced).

Structural especially – that back no one can fix?
Probably your misplaced uterus – even if she is gone – the ligaments and meridians hold the memories. .
YOUR miracles  are waiting – we just need to set them in motion for you.
Happens all day in my clinic .
Of course I can see you!
Amalgamating all I have been learning in the past few years to improve my skill base – already extensive – means that I am about to embark on a world teaching tour…
Past C section/hysterectomy?
Any scars really as I am having phenomenal success with what people have thought that the just have to put up with

If you have not felt the same since . ..
Come on and see what I can do – way more than needles . .

No matter how old the scar/event was/it is – please look to what I can now offer as a few close together pelvic realignments will make SUCH a difference – stop seeing the chiro/physio and so on – as the actual problem is likely to be adhesions and these are easily deal with in my new way of working.

The lease is up here at the beginning of June

Expect change – there is no limit to what we can do putting our minds to it .

Ring today!


Best wishes,