Heather here till 12th November


Travel plans postponed.
Can I help you now???

From teaching in Cairns over the last weekend,


Tababuia, Mt Molloy                                                                    Special evening with friends

(and visiting grandchildren) I am back in Brisbane

In clinic till 12th November . . .

The garden is very happy with the return of the sun (from behind the building) and the recent rain.. .
Check out the jade vine on my fence . .


  • I am enjoying the perfect weather
  • Seeing people who wish to change their lives.
  • Completing the stunning array of online courses that anyone can access.


My focus: Fostering simplicity for all

The “Live Well” manual and course is all but finished.

Simple  – not only food

1 – Breathing – are you in good shape there?

2 – Hydration – water – and not from the tap, or chilled – find out more here –

3 – Safety – all levels

4 – Outside – sun and fresh air, exercise and negative ions from the water

5 – Touch – we all need this

6 – A reason for being /what makes your heart sing

7 – Sustenance – on all levels – and food is but one ..

Products rich of potassium and magnesium. Bananas, spinach, nuts, grains, dried fruits, beans and avocado. healthy food

See more of the life recipe here . .

Encouraging people to gain sovereignty over their lives/selves/health

(Hence the intensives and the self help online programmes
World wide acupuncture practitioner excellence.

Next The Natural Pregnancy Coach – so we may HAVE a sustainable future.

Paris, France

I was asked to present at the World Acupuncture day celebrations in Paris.
I will be in France from 12-29th November.

After a rest, I will be teaching a small band assembled in Albi, south of France, I return to begin the new set of Gentling Way practitioners as they go through the 4 courses I will be teaching from return to my leaving on 18th December for a month gardening and teaching in my healing sanctuary in the Greymouth area of NZ.

I have NOT been home since Easter . . .that garden will be happy . .

Back to Brisbane 19th January

In the meantime – whilst I am gone for those two weeks – and in the future . .

We have new faces . . .

Read about Sylwia here



and her husband, (my apprentice) David




In between 18th December and New Year,

Carine – my trainee teacher from L.A will be in clinic for any inspired healing required.

Carine has been following all of my work for the past year online, and in person, and is about to take it back to USA.

Arriving to take more courses in the beginning of December, she will in clinic to help you between when I leave and 1st January. be in NZ for 2-3 weeks and returning back to begin her new life at the end of January.

Brisbane Clinic

Now till 12th Nov Heather, Sylwia & David
13th Nov to 1st Dec Sylwia & David
1st to 17th Dec Heather, Sylwia & David
18th Dec till New Year Carine, Sylwia & David
January Sylwia & David


What can you change to make your life easier?
I offer intensives . ..they are intended to dive deeply into what has held the inherent healing back – and in discovering what may have held.

Can we work together to shift what may have been too hard for SO long?



Endometriosissee more here

And its brother –  prostatitis – similar yet different.
Are you plagued by either condition?

Perhaps it is time to seek a change in ‘management’ – actually undo why it is there?

Soon I will start a campaign in allowing people to access their own changes.

Scars and adhesions . . all levels . . .

Block flows . . Let your life win!!!


Maybe healing is as simple as undoing what has gummed you up?

What can we do together to relieve/transform your body/life?

Possibly much more than you think

Enjoy each moment  . .

                    Life is good

                               Very best wishes



Call now – love to help . .
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