Has the bottom fallen out of your world?


Strange title?
I doubt that you have been unaffected.

2 ways . . .

  1. Christchurch
  2. Your body/tissues/organs falling down

My world fell away on 15th March as my home town copped it again.


This is a core issue.

Regardless of whether you were directly affected or not, we are all now altered in some fundamental way.  There is a ripple effect from every life event.


The world of TV violence visited sleepy little Chch.
This changes all that we know.


As much as what is now called 9/11. That immediate death toll there was around 3,000

For a city of 375,000 in a country of 4.8 million the equivalent death in ONE episode would have had to have been 3344.  No wonder kiwis are so shattered.


Christchurch/New Zealand/whites everywhere lost their (pretend) innocence.

Used to watching the world as ‘entertainment’ – Christchurch got its own day/week/year in the spotlight.

We do have a nation of special people there.
If you also are an ‘ex pat’ (me since the end of 1975 – mostly here in Brisbane) many such as myself feel totally drawn to drop everything and just go home – back to help.
Random weepiness. .
A kiwi hongi.

An opening – not a shutting down in hate – of our collective hearts.

Resulting in a coming together of solidarity that the world used to do expect of us.

50 people that day – a city of less than 400,000.
That is 3344 – almost the equivalent – as in The Twin Towers – for USA.

No wonder we kiwis are not the happiest presently.
Specifically as it WAS a back water. Specially chosen . .
Along the way I hear that there was no gun restrictions as in 1996 the shooters lobbies stopped it.


What is achievable when ONE person has an idea. Students have a Love In.

Student haka

What to do to recalibrate?

I am offering you a way out.

Of what?

Not being able to sleep – or shut your brain off – or away to undo stress/tension.
It is a guided affair with my voice with a harp in the background.

The Physical ‘letting go’ 1st track – a bunch of weather and bird sounds.

The second – emotional release

Use your breath and imagery to free yourself.

These meditation tracks I released in 1999


Reunion – Healing Breath
The cover is shown on the right.

Perhaps you are also integrating from the trauma of what this travesty means.
Or one of your own. .
Often from long ago.

We all hold that has happened forever in our energy an aura and structure. It stays till you dissolve the charge.

As you know from being in my presence and having my hands upon you – this is likely to affect me deeply.

How can we help ourselves?

  • Take the time out to do my free Life Rescue course online
  • Possibly go on to the Self Discovery course as well.
  • Undoing Your Story – how you go to be the one you are and what may shift when you undo some of the collection that is stores within.
  • Tools (to help yourself and others)  and
    Ethics 2016 – “Playing the Fix It Game”
    Essentially you taking charge and living your own reality


Heather’s Gentling Way

At the Life Alignment Centre our approach is one of hands on gentleness and whole body wellness.

The body records a history of everything that has happened or that it’s gone through.

The Gentling Way is phenomenal at removing any blocks that may have occurred so one can move forward, not remain stuck in what has been.

Here we are – to help . .

  • Elizabeth – Monday Wednesday Friday
  • Heather Tuesday Thursday Saturday

Heather will be here till 15th April returning 1st May

Elizabeth is at the centre to deal with BELLIES and BACKS and all in between

Perineal Steaming

Is your world unstable/falling apart?
  • Adhesions/ from the unmentionable
  • piles
  • anal fissures and dread
  • gut issues through
  • variscosities and
  • varicose veins to
  • prolapses and even those
  • drippy moments when continence is not assured.

What is not spoken of is where we are today. .

Open House and Perineal Steam Introduction

Find out more at an Open House and Perineal Steam Introduction  April 10th at 6:30pm.
Here you’ll get to meet our newest on site clinician from the United States, Elizabeth Stein. 
Elizabeth is one of the Gentling Way Practitioners and brings her other body therapy practices with her such as pelvic floor care.
Elizabeth has been teaching about perineal steaming since late 2014, has an eBook on the topic, and just recently presented on pelvic floor health at the Seven Sisters Festival near Melbourne.
If you’d like to read more about what she has to say on the topic of prolapse here is an article she wrote on the topic.

Women’s Proper Pelvic Floor Care Tips Presentation

April 14th, Sunday @ 6:30pm, there will be another open house
 This workshop will address key areas for really taking care of the pelvic floor so hopefully if you already have varicosities and haemorrhoids, they won’t be getting worse.
Also if your uterus is falling down or you’d like to make sure your uterus stays up throughout life, we’ll be going over that topic too.
Feel free to bring your daughters. All women invited.
Good news is some issues can be corrected, if present, but the key is catching things as early as possible.
This presentation is also wonderful for those that are healthy and whom want to stay healthy in that area.
Elizabeth has over 15 years hands on experience and has studied and worked with Heather Bruce since 2015.
She has a background in energy medicine, pelvic floor care (uterine prolapse), adhesion release, remedial massage, and many abdominal and back therapies.
She is excited to call Brisbane her new home and looks forward to meeting people in person here at The Life Alignment Centre.  You can read more about Elizabeth and her trainings here: http://www.bodycareplace.com/about.html
Light snacks and teas will be provided for both evening events.
The address, in case you haven’t been to our current location, is
10 Kitchener Street, Coorparoo (Brisbane).
P.S. two presentations on two different topics and a meet and greet Elizabeth at the Life Alignment Centre
1 – April 10 (Wed) @ 6.30pm – 8:00pm
Open House and Perineal Steam Introduction
The steaming room is  a special place – a day spa experience – for your lower half.
What happens here? 
Traditonal ways . .
Come see our perineal steaming throne and learn why perineal steaming is so good for everyone!
2 – April 14th (Sun) @ 6:30pm – 8pm
Open House and Proper Pelvic Floor Care
Learn about proper pelvic floor care and what can be done if you already have some things going on down there. This workshop is excellent for learning how to really take care of your pelvic floor and gives helpful tips whether you have issues going on down there or just want to stay healthy. A really terrifying statistic is about 50% of the adult population, alone, by the age of 50 will have haemorrhoids or two.
Don’t be apart of that statistic! Come find out what you can to to take care of your pelvic space and have awesome pelvic health throughout life!
Much peace to all . .