Goodbye 2020

What happened to this year?

For all of us . . .

Time to go inside.
Wonder – what are we here for?

In this issue:

  • Many Thanks to all of you
  • My year in a nutshell
  • Reminders . .
  • Self healing

Many Thanks to all of you

Without you I could not have grown and learned all I have over the decades . .
I hope I have enhanced your life.

It is looking ever more unlikely that I will be back in Australia as the world is playing children’s books: 

  • Chicken Little
  • The Emperor With No Clothes
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf . . .
  • and so on.


Not Really

I am the one people have been consulting when nothing else has worked since the late 70’s in Brisbane (Australia)

– I still teach internationally – following nature and going back to her and what always worked – and will continue to do so .  . .

Some may have discovered me only online – If so, Welcome.

Some may have been receiving the ‘clinic newsletter’ since they stumbled upon me – up to 42 years ago . . in clinic serving all who wandered in – often dazed, usually branded ‘hopeless’ according to their specialists and in common knowledge.

All leaving lighter, happier, and hopefully inspired.

Today as always I have a gift for you.

Every day we are here is.
Shall we reframe ‘life’?

Who is “I”? – I ask my students to ponder – maybe you also would like to.
What can YOU do – not be so receptive/passive/hopeful
Be the change you wish in others.

Model presence.

Actually also be a mover and a shaker.
Time to – maybe – WAKE UP??

Today’s pickings – as the sun briefly shone

My year in a nutshell.

Intentions . . . WERE

A teaching at home year – after years of international traveling: teaching and learning. Condensing my exploits across Tasman – the NZ contingent – (and me visiting Duncan and my two gorgeous houses/healing intensive retreats and gardens) to the Life Alignment Centre, its beautiful garden and mysteries within.

Men’s matters were to be the focus, in addition to printing out the manuals (students and teacher’s guides), as my graduate students got ready for teaching the basics. 

Them – anxious to begin on their deeper healing paths –  (self mastery and to simplify and gain clinical excellent results – The Gentling Way . .  

me – to hand over my life’s work.

What transpired

. . .on schedule briefly (to early March) – then the wheels fell off

I sincerely hope the end of this year finds you in a changed and calmer spot also.

January – home to rest and garden in anticipation. Thank fully a friend from 1974/5 came over – and Heather-Ann now stuck in Brisbane must be so grateful this happened before we all were sent into this current spin.

February – Teaching in NZ and amassing the students to begin a March onwards intensive year in both countries.

March – I came back home – where I had left fourteen and a half years ago to rescue my sons in Australia.

The shifting of how the ‘world’ is perceived has  allowed me to rescue me –  back to my heartful healing retreat.

Seeing what was likely in store, I canceled classes, and came home to Duncan in NZ and .  . stayed put.

The classes that were to be in the clinic were now on Zoom – me teaching experiential practical courses online.
Students were in my clinic without me (and one never having met me – in her house in Victoria).

April – the world goes about its business as NZ is locked in home – except to go shopping – or to medical (not natural healing) care.

Shocked by the lack of apparent common sense – it is JUST VIRUS FOLKS (you got the newsletters – and can reread them – ask me to send if not).

(Viruses always mutate. In the early 90’s a third of my patient population had frank AIDS and was seen as dying – they did not – as we retrieved them – lifestyle – easy – as is the bodies that lose their way – (cancer?) – we help them return to healing themselves – as they all can – see later).

I start Stephanie Dale’s writer’s challenge – and undo my deep wound – being Skye’s mum – see more here – as her vaccine injury took over my consciousness as I saw that healing and enhancing life was not the agenda – but creating destruction/ destitution and helpless/hopelessness/compliance seemed to be/was.

May – Locked down, Duncan and I attacked the two gardens (40 km apart)

Started cleaning out the large house on the hill – to sell as although plans to return to Australia seemed were hopeful, and yet all return plans died.

June – Clinic is dismantled by two staunch friends – Stephanie and Jana undid my life.

Some of you have bits of it – and paintings, plants, furniture and special bits and pieces.  .I hope all is going well for the recipients. I miss all of this and you.

Disbelief as I plan courses and return for Aug/Sept – and see it all crumble.

July – Online weekly teachings. Often more like mentoring chats with my students as we all held ourselves together in a womanly fashion.

Teaching various projects – our own pregnancy /maternal woundings that lead us to being in the Living Ligament Tribe – 

  • the Pregnancy Project,
  • the Sleep Project – as all found that they were disordered (me especially) , 
  • the Pain Project – as so many are not sleeping as their STUCK hurts, and then – 
  • Move Your Qi Challenge – back to teaching as a class once in NZ and Australia – some could.

Me house and fence painting – organising gardening and cleaning out garden/old buildings with (it felt like) – mobs of men . . .

August – actively working on home renovations: we sold the house privately before we were ready to move back into the wee cottage.

Because we could, we traveled up to the North Island – me to an acupuncture conference, then seeing patients at their home – our small ‘let out of jail’ time.

Returned to relieve ourselves of a large house full of memories.

September – Moved into the 15 years ago first NZ purchase together – and began renovations in earnest.

Wettest spring for ages. We did not fit and eventually ‘down sized’ by adding on a rented cabin – for all my acupuncture teachings/books/life’s debris.

October – all through the intensely rainy spring – me painting a house, as it was reclad, and the walls and roof of the brand newly rebuilt bit-by-bit laundry.

Bike factory/shed and office (Duncan), storage in the rebuilt garage.

November – Gardening. Getting students ready to go forwards.

3 day intensive practical was held in 9 Zoom locations (in addition to the 4 students in person) – across the world.

December – Continuing online teaching all through this – so many Zooms individually and as a group.

Finally understanding that my library in Brisbane and all my manuals/boxes of paper and belongings may be stuck without me – as what IS ahead?

Let it go … as I always espouse and now – is all we can do . .

Here we are . . 

Nearly 2021
My garden paradise as it briefly stopped raining – my now life

Garden to be done
Out the gate
Looking from the road bridge back to our house

Reminders. .

Simple natural solutions

(WHO is surprised?)

Then we have – all I have ever suggested that you do – live well.
And in the sun

Life provides.

Self Healing

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You CAN take charge of your health

Going deeper

Want to know more on selfing?
(The art of looking after YOU first)

There are self help courses.

In pain (physical you think?)

Simple belly moves

Actual self healing – your turn

You can reach out – I am available for online consults (who knows your story and history – and what has happened to now?)
Could be a new take on all that ‘ails’ you – and is as simple as emailing me.
All my old phones are dead.
+64 27 777 37373

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About Heather

I am constantly collating my life’s work.

Heather: tending gardens, roses, broken bodies and wounded souls

Here is today’s page – redone – this is me teaching post graduate acupuncturists in early 1994.
Whether you have had a stroke, or a car accident, or a wasting neurological disease – or vaxx damage (as my baby daughter – hence the topic and my knowing so very much – pass it on . .).

Neurological complications


Endo solutions – and even – adenomyosis – I can be a colossal helper – and in the New year organise what I would have prescribed for you to get to you so we can be working on what so far has been ‘too hard’.

Prostate woes – and all ‘men’s business’ – simple as they also have a womb – and it gets as upset as us does.

Making better babies – still my absolute expertise – and ‘high risk’ pregnancy – and YES I can help from here . .

Maybe send this to a friend/colleague/relation who is struggling?
Where there is breath there is life.

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Do enjoy each moment – THIS IS YOUR LIFE

Love being you and love your special people.
Please be safe – as this is a great time to get too distracted.

Gift everyone – YOUR SELF.
And give to you first.