Gifting YOURself health and vitality in 2020

Life evaluation

That time of year again . .

In this issue:

  • Clinic Hours
  • Life Recipe
  • Life Rescue
  • Total Health 2020
  • A Gift for you

My ‘holiday’ hours ..  .

Clinic is  shut for 6 days from Christmas Day.

(I can see you up to and including the 24th) and back on 31st December.

BRISBANE – Until Christmas Day and after 2nd Jan –

I will be in Brisbane for those who

  1.  – wish to for a ‘health retune/top up’
  2. – Who want a complete overhaul – maybe on a break from IVF
  3. –  Want to undo what the oncology has dome to you = or wish to be off the pain medication and/or the anti life medications that you thought would help . .
  4. – Want to rescue their lives from medicocrity and despair.
  5. – Want more health and less pain/anguish/suffering

Life Recipe

What is important?

Maybe look to the Life Recipe.
(See where you may be lacking)

                1.  – Breathing
                2. – Hydration
                3. – Safety
                4. – Outside
                5. – Touch
                6. – Reason for being
                7. – Nourishment – Soul
                8. – Nourishment – Heart
                9. – Nourishment – BodyFood for Life

Love being here . . .

After 5 months of my NOT at home

I have been back for a week two months running – so will do so again in December . .

Here I am at Lake Kaniere a few short weeks ago.

(Cold and wet .  .. green everywhere)



So many people want  me to tell them what to eat . .

I counter with – what can your body do with it?

What is going in your mouth is not as destructive as what is going in your eyes and ears, (and recently your nose as we are inhaling goodness knows what).

  • Love Your Body Better
  • Self Care
  • Self Soothing – Belly Moves
    coming early next week – in a package.
  • Gentling Trauma Relief . .

Maybe your bits need re-organising?

Womb realignment sorts of out the migraines. the lower back, the varicose veins and legs not happy – and sets the gut to work as it was supposed to . .
Never mind what you are fueling yourself with – that will shift when you have the top 6 on my lost ticked off . .

We are about to launch courses here over January – for anyone. those who wish to do my work and anything in between – think pelvic opening for easy periods, easy fertility, easy sexual expression, easy baby making, easy baby birthing  and anything vaguely attuned to life enjoyment!

Life Rescue

Always your choice – happiness in every breath an option...


PAIN – anywhere . .
Comes from an unquiet spirit  .

(Mediation/sleep/tension aid gifted below)
Major cause of dis-sease in Traditional East Asian Medicine?
External – climates (imagine not having shelter or electricity) – and accidents . .
Internal – the emotions not flowing in balance

Miscellaneous (link)- 15 or so – only 1 is ‘epidemics’ – the rest would be covered under living well.

NOT needing chemicals.
We need less toxic influences and to all go back to living as the design would have us do.

I have been finding more like myself to train into what I have discovered works . .
(As you all know – I can’t go on forever in this role . .).

As an elder – handing over. . .

2017/18 I was traveling around the globe discovering those who wished to be more productive in a new therapy I have created.

2019  – I have been in NZ and Australia also creating more practitioners who wish to work as I do . .
2020Total Health 2020

For those who want a fresh start

I will be sending out the Great New Plan in a few days.

For all of us . .
Sneak Peak . . .

Next week

Please stay tuned . .

Silly season . . do stay safe

Maybe this year you will  . .
Be free?

Of what?

  • Worry.
  • Fears and
  • Grief stored. .
  • trauma . ..

Why plug into more?
Why not start undoing what is stuck?

That which has you variously off  to doctors, getting ever more tests and seeing specialists – who eventually tell you some story about aging and ‘to be expected’.

Why not . .
Start taking charge?

I have been gradually changing my practice (as I surely after 41 years in business in Brisbane am NOT practicing)
Into one where YOUR empowerment is likely.

Totally different, I know.
Many seem to run away when I suggest that.
YES – you have created what you have.
The good news is thus you can UNcreate it

So many ways  to do this.

Seeing me and handing over is one.
I am excellent at problem solving.

Seeing things from a different light.


seeking answers where others are blind.
And refuse to join dots .. THUS
I can sound mad to some – has been thrown at me.

Not part of the dominant paradigm possibly

Now I work as a body and soul aligner . .

Why not an ‘acupuncturist’?
I have ALWAYS been a body worker.
Always using all vibrational means and ALWAYS doing it my way . .

Leaving that label . . I am unique . .I offer . .
Holistic multi modality transformative energy and body and soul aligning at The Life Alignment Centre.

Using all sorts of extra that I have been drawn to – latterly the Mercier work – which added in to the Mayan abdominal and the back work – I am now confident of sorting out almost all structural issues that have you going back indefinitely to your Bowen, chiro. PT, osteo or myo therapist – why not get your womb in the right spot – and what is holding her hostage undone?

Stunning stuff
I offer . . .

As you have been all year thrown all sorts of curve balls . .
May I suggest if you are having issues unwinding – and sleeping, calming down, dealing with ever more.
Reach for the Reunion meditation audios – first launched in 1999.

A gift to you from me. . . . .

as a


Meditation audio
comes FREE with this reset your stress levels course:

Life Rescue

Shall we look to the next email for
your Total Health 2020 Challenge?