Flu-less – not clueless




It is finally feeling like mid winter.

As my tech support and husband Duncan is off for 6 weeks in USA and France/UK on his bike – this is the last newsletter till spring. Yes it is big – all day yesterday I spent writing it!!!

It is very possible that if you get to the end of this missive you will have had a few wake ups . . if only I knew then what I know now – that is my gift to you.

Also my job.

When nothing else has worked.
We have strayed so far from our roots – to pay for the fears and the ignorance those tasked with helping are peddling.

Time to get back to Nature. .



How to enjoy the cold – and survive

Life is good when there is warmer air to breathe at night.

Your Yang Qi needs supporting – no cold anythings in your mouth and maybe even pad the loo seat?

I ‘discovered’ this when my 35 year old son was a toddler – and he had a cough. By warming the air in his room before he went to bed, before I went to bed, and in getting up in the wee hours and repeating – it disappeared in 2 days. Seriously . .. see more here.  I had been teaching acupuncture students – and writing the course and finally woke up to myself. .

Acupuncture/elder’s wisdoms work!!

Yang Qiyour metabolism and gut strength as well as keeping all blood in body where it is to be, organs and tissues and even babies in place . . . Whether you even feel like getting up in the morning .. . Get your Qi moving!!!!

What wastes/uses up Yang Qi?

Cold . . .

This is why when you see me I start with liberating your Yang Qi as the cold you have stored in is blocking all healing. Often all I have to do is get through to you that you need to stop drinking cold, eating cold, being cold, grounding on cold floors – nothing insulating your inner most as the cold goes straight up into your uterus/prostate space and your back and your life is then from now on about playing with specialists.


None of whom know what caused the problem, how to undo it and what to do to correct what you have done to yourself. Ask – ‘what caused this doc?’

A lot of people play this game – hand over – see the doctor – even though s/he has no idea what is behind your body all of a sudden not healing itself. You can look after yourself – and not have to do all this formal and life education as I have gone that way first . . Self Help online stepped through courses broken up into little segments – bite sized pieces here.

OR – You could listen to the body warnings (come in and see me 4 times yearly for a tune up to the weather changes and nip in the bud anything that I can see is disturbing balance). Take charge yourself as the medical rationale is basically – bad luck! All oral traditions; all elder wisdoms; all grandmas knew differently. . .
All disparaged to gain traction for those who peddle essentially snake oil now. Look at the rates of intractable pain – look no further than replacing what your body needs.            Not just pregnancy .  . LIFE needs.

You need a paradigm of life – of supporting normal.


This is why I now call myself a holistic body/soul mechanic.

I have always offered more and very differently from anyone else with a similar title. When originally training as an acupuncturist I also took on Western herbs, naturopathy, iridology, all massage and vibrational tools I could find as well as a brand of caring – touch that seemed so absent in all the formal education I was signed up for. This has enriched all I have done – plus I think and work best when confronted with ‘hopeless’ as it is the head space that makes it so . . This was needed when I was confronted with my own dramas – especially relating to a massively brain injured, then vaccine damaged child of my own to rescue – and still. It does sharpen thinking further when it is in your own life!!!

Having seen the world so very differently, I am not part of the acupuncturist scene in Australia. For decades now I have been trying to work out what to say I do – the elevator speech thing – in 1-2 sentences. Kowtowing to the medical (‘we don’t know, but bully all through fear’) is not my way. The ‘alternative’ modalities have all gone under. Lost their focus. Midwives have had their’s stripped from them – and we are not better off for this.

We could all be helping reduce suffering and enhancing wellness. Now we live in a version of the sci fi novels I was reading as a teenager.  And still read. Dystopic novels – but it seems to me that the authors were coming from the future to warn us. I also read a lot of detective novels – and I am the Discovery process. For the Defense – the body.  And you. Not the bright shiny ‘let’s -rip-more-money-off-you-freaking-you-out’ version.

The calm, tending one instead – let nature and your body work their magic – Gently.


I am sorry to upset your maybe wilful blindness – but the doctors do not know what is happening.
I wanted also to ‘believe’ – after all I am the daughter of a nurse – and she knew her place!!!

Let alone what to do to ‘fix’ the retail industry that has become their ‘calling’.

This is why I say I see ‘medical refugees’ as we all tend to BELIEVE that they have the answers -till it is patently obvious that they don’t – then what is left? What we could have done first. At least when I was told my much loved newborn daughter was to die that they could not throw all their arsenal of poisons at her.

I fixed her myself.

That is my gift – thinking differently.

Paying attention – asking for help – and the body will – if we let it.

Hence when all hope is (apparently) gone – and you are in so much pain – whatever level of life – maybe see me.


We need to be using what works – and here and now.

When the medical refugees keep pouring in – and clogging up the system – Who Are You Going To Call?

Flu as an example . . . who owns the media? Where is investigative journalism – as jabs do not make well people weller and they may kill the sick ones (most over 85 years old – who have been c-vaccinated are dying of ‘flu’). Who is looking at the mechanism?
Here we have cognitive dissonance – if Heather is right – Oh Dear! What else may not be?
Please do not shoot the messenger.

Maybe also look here – why this is my stance.
I have lived in vaccine damage all mu y life – and if you wake up – you will see that you also have and still do.. . .

In the Asia way – the body has not been able to stave off an attack. The Yang Qi (Wei Qi) is weakened by life and the major factors can be seen here. When SARS And Bird Flu hit – China did the sensible thing  and came out with what works. Enhance the immune response. The products that help the body fight its own battles – not to be micro managed. 

We have AV/AT as a result – see later.

What I Do . .

Given that I see a lot of folks who are very unwell.I am ‘exposed’ constantly.

You do see the Atmosphere air filter and negative ioniser in the rooms – they work.

Get the sunlight vitamin and make sure the winter woes aren’t.

Most however play Russian Roulette. They wait – to see if it will improve by limping through life.

It might.

When nothing ‘works’ people may eventually think to come to see me. Often months after their work/life/lungs and all else have been hit so had – a stitch in time they used to say!! Every year I say to get AV/AT and to use 2 x 2 preventatively all through winter If you do start feeling unwell – three at a time is the usual dose – and take these hourly and GO TO BED. That sorts out most problems.

As well – a hot bath – Epsom salts one night – Himalayan the next – get also MSM from here and add in 1-2 tsp a bath – will be the making of you – as the detox and the comfort (read a book) is amazing – plus of course you will sleep better. .

A few months ago, we bought a $50 oil filled column heater, which has made all the difference.

Winter – First Aid

The Mega Defense from here

These are brilliant when NOTHING else has worked – esp when with cancer – then take also with the drops you see on this page.


Drops take out all that is wrecking your hormones/energy and if you have been visited by  cancer – that also is a product of your body needing these. Ongoing- a life long guarantee  as with no Alzhiemer’s – how do you get that? Good old aluminium again – especially as directed  – keep taking flu injections – see below.


From Panaxeaphone 1300 133 9807 – and say you are my patient and order a bunch as that way they will be happy to serve you and you will have what you need – so anything that you know worked from Panaxea – this is your chance . . This is instead and way better than poisoning your immune system in demand (to ‘help others’ – sacrifice yourself).

Take responsibility – how much rest/good food and life recipe are they following next door?

Plus the sugar – ban it .

1 – ‘Resist’ to take 1 x 2 daily and that way along with the 2 x2 AV/AT it is unlikely – if your Vit C and Vit D3 and hand washing and rest is right you will get ill at all – the ones who follow this regieme do not. 1 bottle will get you through the worst of the weather – 1 person.

2 – ‘AV/AT’ is a joy – and have that 1 x 2 preventatively – this is instead of that dangerous and likely ineffective flu jab. You can order yourself (I do not always have as I have runs of n these and may not be here to restock or even get them to you). Get at least 3 of these – as they are forever your first line of defense[

3 –Fluex’ – to take if the flu gets you as well – or if this is the issue 0 and you have them on hand – to stop it in its tracks. immediately – take all of these 3 at a time – and more the sicker you are – start hard and back off to maybe 3 x 3 a day for a week or so. (1 bottle should do it) Is an intermediary.

They all work – but not to soldier on – but to take the message and rest up – in the sun and with warm everything. (And real chicken broth/soup) and Vit D3 and C .

4 – ‘Antibio botanical’ – when it is coloured mucous and all forms of ‘it is infection. Means you have gone on to antibiotics feel you need to – or as well as and they are needing a hand – all of the above will assist you fighting the good fight. Get at least 2 of these. . .


Oil of Thieves

I do have in stock. You remember the up nose and down throat process – every night and morning and hourly if poorly’. Or traveling on a plane.  You can email the very helpful knowledgable bindi.liam@gmail.com as she will set you on a path of working on /with your family – and this way – signing up (you do not have a minimum spend past starter kit) – will allow you to get way more products cheaper.

Vit C all day a little often – more when really ill – and D3 levels up and maintained.

Water drunk, Life Recipe in order.

And of course- the Geri Amena Super Boost – a tsp at night and all ills – including cancer – likely dispensed with – why? Immune system strengthened – not under attack by all aspects of living here now.


Perineal steaming  a soothing and effective way to sort out all that ails you – seriously – please come in and as part of  a session – try it out  you, as everyone else- will be amazed!  (What have you got to lose??) Pain, esp reproductive, structural and gut for starters – then sleep better and lose your wrinkles – and if you are over 50 and have a dryish desert ‘down there’ – will fix this also . .


Wondering why all this hype about flu and deaths and so on?
Lack of what runs a body well – including rest. We are not robots.

Please look at the Life Recipe

The free Life Rescue online course I have here


and the Self Care three pack . .

This contains all you ever need to know about healing yourself and why what you are doing – esp taking pills and so on from naturopaths and from what splinter pieces of useful info you have learned from blogs online – may not be ’working ‘ us how to heal your own gut and how to magic away structural and life pain with your hands, your use of the cup and moxa and your informed good intentions.


Buy yourself a bottle of 25,000 or at least 10,000 iu VitD 3 from internet as these are freely available in health food shops in USA. Why? It is an essential component of life.

See more here https://detox.heatherbrucehealing.com/hormones/

 Unlike this nanny state where having more than 1,000 iu in a capsule or a spray is seen as alarming (it is – is half the dosage you would give a Norwegian baby . .) so much illness, especially chronic is due to lack of this as we all hide away from the sun – and get more cancer – the more sunscreen we use).

See more here. https://solutions.heatherbrucehealing.com/essential-vitamins/vit-d/

and here https://easybreasts.heatherbrucehealing.com/ingredient-5-sunlightvitamin-d3/


Best way to help your body?

Allow yourself to heal – however that looks – usually STOP before your body takes you out of the game one way or another to pause. Get onto Glutathione accelerator – will sort out almost everything – take 6 in the morning with food – and the energy will shoot up – as will your mercury load decrease.

Ask – ‘Why do we get ill?’

(I forgot to add in bugs when I did this 4 years ago when thinking I was to help those who cant easily conceive – hence the title is Natural Fertility Coach!).
If you know anyone who needs this – please send them to here – I only see couples as the sperm is in a non sustainable pattern – down to nothing useful – but $$ made all ove rteh place – and no remembrance that that is what sex is for! https://easybabies.heatherbrucehealing.com/sex-makes-babies/

Take out what is blocking healing – that is the shock, the cold and the heavy and light metals and all the toxins – water, drunk at least 3 litres daily – with a filter and no fluoride added in to mess with your thyroid (yang Qi expression again).  

Invest in the 3 month’s pack from here https://solutions.heatherbrucehealing.com/glutathione/ including the green and white and the blue and white product as that trilogy were designed to be all to needed to take – Vit D 3 and magnesium and iodine on skin extra would be the Heather addition . . .

Avoid all attacks however small: of cold invasion and clear out what is already in you – so your Yang Qi can flow again. If not you can look forwards to all or some of this . . https://heathersays.heatherbrucehealing.com/common-imbalances/yang-xu/spleen-yang-xu-all-falls-down-and-is-not-nourished-well/


Ban all sugar – inflammation follows when you eat it – yes – is addictive – and is fond in all you want to eat almost – as the FAT and SALT that you do need supposedly are dangerous = the sugar industry has spent a lot to get that idea embedded in all – especially as with the then tobacco companies and now the other ones. .



Or – follow the ‘we-don’t-know-brigade’

and tremble in your boots – blame everyone else for your not looking after yourself better – fertile ground for anything. Revisit my causes of dis ease. .

Orthodox version of ‘flu’

I listened in the radio yesterday – the ABC was repeating the hopeless message by talking with the deputy head of WHO and the flu specialist – telling is all to get the antiviral medication. Tamafu https://www.drugs.com/tamiflu.html

Nothing to do, but stay away from the ‘ones who have it’ and basically – hope for the best – no apparent understanding of how we get sick – by not being well to start with. Or the role of hand washing – not mentioned – or Vit D and Vit C . . etc

This medication has (as they all do – though usually not disclosed to us the potential user) a list of who should not use it. Can cause hallucinations and self harm and vomiting in some – of course they do. Unlike the herbal and natural ways – that are gentle and actually work better. .



Dr Barr was saying:

1 – get your flu vaccine (even when you are ill – as of your body has any chance then!!!)

2 – that you can’t get flu from the vaccine – shame so many do!!

3 – if you do get sick after vaccination (???!!!) It will be lessened and shorter time off work (!!!??).

4 – Avoid those with the flu.

5 – Hope for the best – and see your doctor to get the vaccine and the Tamaflu.

Why would you not do what the ‘old wives’ (midwives who were the tenders of the sick, birthing , dying and all in between) said – at least all were harmless – and they worked in some way – all are around avoiding COLD – is why we say we have ‘a cold’! Never mind the most dying are over 75 and mostly will have been recently also jabbed for shingles. Why – when they will have all had the chicken pox as kids and still be immune?

Vaccination – trouble ahead. .

A mother’s tale . . . .
Remember the now 35 year old from the top who was getting ear infections and stray coughs that I could not nail? Except when I stopped the cold penetration in the evening chill? (He as all my kids was dairy and sugar free – so this was also what I knew from being a naturopath since 1979 – I did not know then that the ear infections and so on that he was getting are directly related to my vaccinating him. The two sons I did not till 5 ½ years old and 12 ½ years old (when they became neurologically and immunologically distressed – another story).

See later . .


Firstly in your belief system – I am an ex-vaxxing parent. Got all done for something – and all were so worse off from the on. Who wins? My daughter sure did not – http://my-mothers-heart.com/

I was compliant – till I woke up – none of us should have to fight off/what we do now. Is not natural. . . see more here. https://heatherbrucehealing.com/vaccination-myths/

Also see this (May 2017).



We conveniently forget some major illogical challenges. .

Why are adjuvants there? To freak out the immune system – and unfortunately – often forever after.

The Aluminium https://solutions.heatherbrucehealing.com/aluminium/ (making it ‘stronger’ – is a very dangerous neurotoxin – never tested for safety. No vaccine has either as benign placebos are not used. Perhaps ask – the ‘saline’ is aluminium salts. All is not well in orthodox medical thinking – they have forgotten science. The injection of a vaccine made on aborted human fetal tissue is not ideal – and their own immune system will now start attacking itself – a perfect storm to go out by).

Adding the hopefully right ‘ flu’ variant antigen and a body may be easily overwhelmed. Lack of Vit C to detoxify is one way. It was killing babies in the 1960’s when Dr Kalokerinos found this out – to great chagrin of his peers – the truth is such a nuisance! Gets in the way of a good business – as the doctors found in the 1700-1900’s – no hand washing until they could see what they were sharing to all – the childbed fever was totally a medical invention – and over 1/3 of all women seen ‘to bed’ (have a baby) with a doctor died horrendously since they were not paying attention to hand washing. How to stop most illnesses? Same. Flu no difference. Assuming there is enough Vit C to help the body detoxify the adjuvants in the jab. He was not alone in m-being a pariah . .


What allows the body to mount an attack?

Vit C – see more here – especially interesting is the notion ‘no research’ Do these apparently bright (highly educated) people not think at all? Swine flu and a dying man recovers – after Vit C given


http://www.whale.to/vaccine/every_second_child.html as their Vit D 3 in institutions will be 1,000iu a day with Calcium to block the magnesium – hence on a slew of pain meds and so on – also heart – as heart needs magnesium to run it

Look at what your body needs you to do

Look after it a lot better – owner’s manual needed. That was all your mum did for you – and told you to do . .

https://heatherbrucehealing.com/self-massage1/ the Self Care course flows on from here.



Why would you?
You wish to Live Well – there is so much to learn – so many demos of how your hands can do so much – demos of what in 2-3 minutes can profoundly shift what no one else has been able to – seriously – is all the info you need at home – including how to cup the belly (elder’s medicine from Asia) plus there are 12 eBooks for you to work through what else you can do.

Who is this for?
Those who are serious about living well. Longer and happier and thus healthier. Wellbeing comes from balance – and NOT using props but in living your dream.

Kids (or you) getting always ill . .
They (you) are not designed to.

Go back to what to do above – plus take out all that is blocking normal nutrient pathways – https://detox.heatherbrucehealing.com/ see more here as this messes with all of life – especially all hormones .. https://detox.heatherbrucehealing.com/hormones/

They are supposed to – in the natural course of events – to be in mum’s sphere and arms and be nurtured by her – until the biological need to be enhanced (immunologically especially stem cells keep being produced as long as mum is lactating – and even if when child is 5 – 8 years old – the milk made – regardless of mum’s age – will still contain this – plus all antigens needed to support the child’s immune system to wake up and be aware enough. That is how we all got to here. Now outsourced for profit on every level and the indoctrination seems nearly complete – what with all the coercion – especially financial hardship if NOT corrupting normal.

Then the kids get sick – and you do as an adult also .

Multiple Scelorosis

MS – I have ‘cured’ – as in – take out what is not supposed to be there and replace with what is – having repaired what happened – as the body heals itself. Awkward fact – M.S. is one of the side effects listed on vaccine packages. No informed consent – and that apparently innocuous Hep B injection is all you need . .

Back to major rescues – the Glutathone accelerator above and the liquid activated zeolites – and a lot of Vit D3 as it is a latitude dependent problem – once you clear out the mercury and aluminium.

Would you have gotten Hep B? You need to decide – but that is within my scope of practice – not medical – to allow the body to mount its own attack – and recover itself – from all including the cancer everyone seems so scared of.

We need to ask 3 questions.

Whether it is cancer, depression or great pain . .
Are you ready?
Why Me?
Why There ? (location)
Why now? (not before, after – whenever else)

 Asking a medically minded – or trained as (naturopaths/acupuncturists and so on have at least 1/3 if not more of their training in western models of ‘health’ meaning disease recognition – thus they will also sell you the idea /lie that your body needs to be ‘fixed’. And tell you if you are not smoking r drinking and are within ‘normal’ weight range – that you are ‘just unlucky.’  Seems to me that the ignorance is breathtaking.
No – it is your head space – and beliefs .

The interface (head space) I get to play with. Hence I am working deeply with those (usually they fly in and stay locally) who are serious about a life change and the intensive packages work as I put as much in as usual – and YOU get to take charge – as the investment is greater. Please look at my version of R.I.C.E. – boundaries and what I can and can not do . .


What else is happening?


I am here all winter.

Writing courses and books.
Teaching around Australia and NZ but mostly here in Brisbane.
Sydney this coming weekend – and after this – likely in Brisbane until Duncan is back in the beginning of September – when I will go to watch my garden in NZ.

I am very happy to see those who need direction and are willing to put the effort in – it is your life .  .


My special gift is when ‘hopeless’ happens



The garden . .

Here at The Life Alignment Centre 2 years now. .


We begin to the right

The palette



(Showing off my gardening/trending/visionary skills a wee bit here . . )







This was ‘a lawn’.

East side

   The healing garden at the Life Alignment Centre.          


Recently . . .the fence went and the replacement was repainted and now the garden down the side is happening.

City (west) side . . .




And my darling smelly red rose is throwing out yet another bud – and the rose I bought as a dry stem is also . .



They end up as steaming roses.     


The new site


Yes – I have a few . .
A lot to say- all different themes. . .

This one is for easy birthing and easy parenting.

For anyone who need childbirth or fertility or enjoying sex or pelvic painlessness .

Is all the same – liberate your pelvis. http://openingthebabygate.com/ 

Men and women . .

  Your hands  . .

Can do so much – see here . .

Here are the resources packs – if you know anyone (or yourself) who need childbirth education – release what is stuck in the pelvis FIRST and get the couple to be in love and lust all over again – especially if IVF has been resorted to – out of sequence – need to open the baby gate!

General anyone – all so simple!      


It is all so simple – we just need to have all the right ingredients on board.


The uterus and the organs supported well – the structure happy – and all just flows.



Know anyone who is pregnant?
Gift them a happy life . . . not medical – natural – as Nature intended.



Do enjoy the cooler weather – time for snuggling!

Maybe see you for a tune up – or a second opinion – as your body is very capable of healing itself.

Love your life