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On my quest for my, my family’s and the resolution of difficult cases for others, I have traveled into many modalities, bringing to it all together now in a form of body reshaping that delves deeply into how to assist when all else may have not

At home in NZ, creating more online services and courses

The body heals itself. (When we stop causing problems and let it)
Nature has the ways . .

AND . . ..
All that is anti life – anti biotics/anti depressants/ anti psychotics – anti pain – is NOT helpful to this process.
All body warnings previously ignored –
YOU need to strengthen yourself.
Fear is the best way to make conformity and through ignorance – control.

Anything – may also be ANTI your life.
Including any version of jabbing foreign materials into your body.
Here is the Australian TGA warning.

If you turn this about a bit  is like reading a Steven King novel – dystopia here we are.

, mainly using my passion for moving Qi,
and being aligned with life flows, thus as an acupuncturist –

Acupuncture always my first love – 40+ years ago I was the first woman acupuncturist in Brisbane city –  then the only one to turn to with all women’s troubles. Especially around pregnancy and making better babies naturally. Always moving lymph and moving pain – so it become a distant memory.

Also ready with handy hints – and helpful herbals – as a naturopath and now a Gentling Way and a Maya/ Arvigo (and in the past an Arvigo Self Care teacher) and Mercier therapist – there is little I can’t do to realign you back to balance – and back to enjoying being you.

I will use whatever tools (always also my hands) to assist you be the best you you can be.

Let us together delve into your past to see how this is holding you hostage and how through gently letting go you and release (in love) all that has blocked your being clearer and happier.

What you likely want . .


To live and to age well.
Have an easier life.
Lose your pain.   

Prepared to move off your stuck spot?
Happy to change as needed to have this happen?

I ask this as I work very differently.

Usually in intensive blocks.


It took you ages to get to here. I undo what is stuck. The body is used to being out of balance.

It has often taken all of your life to get in the present tangle.
Whatever the issue  – whether there even is one – you may just want wellness.

You may also want 


Once your ‘trouble’ has abated (So it stays away)

I am actively assisting others to live and look forwards to fruitful happy futures.

Living and aging well

Adhesions. scars and life incidents, surgeries, accidents all take their toll – your flows may not be flowing.

Qi/Blood/Lymph/life flows when the body and life are aligned

It is your journey, your life. Thus your responsibility

Living well is outside the scope of practice of those taught to deter death.
hence – this IS NOT MEDICAL INFORMATION – but a return to what all did know

Please download the brochure below
MayaHealing-Gentling Brochure-HB2
You want to . . . .

Live Well