Heather on Endometriosis

Even if you have not been officially ‘diagnosed’ – there is a very clear warning from within . . .

In life, structure determines function.

In any ‘women’s issues, without a perfect array of abundant quality ingredients, life cannot be easy – or blossom into more.

When expecting to make babies..  same . .what quality do you want to have as grandchildren – and beyond?

It all rests with you.
If your ‘baby factory’ is broken in any way – it is unlikely that you will find the path easy.

Maybe the best thing that could have happened to you was to get an ‘endometriosis’ diagnosis.
Eventually you may realise that YOU are in need of repair – not your bits only.

Reading through here you will discover that there is so much more than ‘just’ endometriosis’ bothering you.

Let me explain why you may need me to offer some help

Who is ‘right’?

(Maybe trust you body to heal itself?)

Regardless of ‘diagnosis 

Your hormones/messengers are not happy

Apparently you have  . .  .endometriosis caused ‘infertility’
(What about the other half of the baby??)

(Is endometriosis a good enough reason to not be a mum?

This is a large can of worms.
Please be warned – here I get to the nub of it.
Fear of what will not happen unless you follow the orthodox medical model – may not have worked – so Lets Go Back to Nature. Get well and then let Nature happen.

Your choice.

You may need to investigate why endo is happening, fix it and then (if you have a fertile partner – he needs to look at my Male Fertility Enhancement Programme

Are you also depressed?

Simple steps to help – not overnight – but it will help . .
Including hair will get more as it should be.

Clarity of mind and body – then we can undo what happened to get you to here  ..

Could it also be your low thyroid function

(that is being ignored) at the root of it all?

Almost any ‘women’s challenge

Slow metabolism/’glandular’/adrenal fatigue /exhaustion – BUT as your blood results say ..
Maybe not . . if thyroid not working well – it reflects in your wpmen’s life
Hormones are messengers – not enough . .water/good food/exercise/happiness – a health report card

Period problems.. .weight/hair falling out – as well as the periods and belly pain – we need to do something.
Change this – Iodine is the start – use topically.

Iodine and my easybreasts site here . .

Low thyroid function – is why you have the endo . .simple as this – and all fixable – follow the eBook info and all will be well.

Hormonal help? What do we make hormones with? Find out in the eBook package . .


Life – any gyne problem – and PCOS – needs better ingredients

and the circulation (flows) to flow unimpeded.. .

Any women’s issue

The process of undoing back to perfect is all the same . .

Inner rage – how to undo – look to the cause – not punish it when it tries to warn you.

Maybe – let us make sure you do not have ectopic pregnancy in the future – or at least sort out your ovarian pain . .
The circulation around your insides needs to work better.

This is just your beginning into Loving your Body Better . . .

It is not only your uterus in trouble – she is warning you.
Want an easy life as a woman?
Want to feel happy in your body?

Want to make babies?

Where is HEALTH?

All explained. .

Simply, easily and step by step.

Listen up!!!

What can you do If you have been told you have endometriosis?


 Answers to these questions and more:

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  • Clinical (Physically Obvious) Signs
  • What can you Do about your Endometriosis?
  • Safe Intimate Care and Inner Toxins

Help is at hand!

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