End of year 2017 celebrations


We all made it to here. What a torrid time this year has been for so many of us. is it just me – or has time sped up for you too?

In this issue:

Do you need a pre holiday stock up/tune-up?
I am here in clinic until Saturday 30th.
Back again Tuesday 16th January
Arvigo Self Care weekend course – Australia Day weekend

The year in review

How did it all go so fast?
(Again) – But then – maybe look back and see what you did.
I did – and I am very grateful – reflection is a great thing.
I found myself a bit flummoxed at the end of this year with what I had not done.

An easier way of seeing life – change perspective!
I turned that on its head and wrote down all that happened instead. WOW!
I imagine that you are the same – do take the time right now to jot down the months and did in what in some of the ‘doings’. (Busy, busy, busy)

Whilst it is a . . .
Very busy time of year

Please take a wee moment to see what is on offer in this newsletter.

I am offering a new way of being.

Taking courses to empower yourself – and to then take charge of yourself.


Perhaps sign up for a massive gift – undo all that is blocking your health as my intensive programme?

They move what has been blocking your own repair.

Why you need to see anyone – once and for all.


Was there any time out for ‘beings’ also?
(I wondered off to Cairns last weekend after my 7 day teaching sprint and had some nature moments in amongst the grandma ones.

Sitting down somewhere quietly – come to terms with just how much you accomplished.
It is so easy to see what did not happen . .
In the way of that – what did?

How do you feel after achieving all of this?

The Future

As you know – I have new direction – and have signed up on the new clinic for a 2 year lease.

I am here at least till then – I am coming and going.
When am I going (home) next?

Clinic Times

I will be here to help you until Saturday 30th December
Here through the next week, leaving to go home to NZ on Sunday 31st


I will travel back and forth as I do love being in my garden . .
And hiding away from Brisbane summer, as summer in NZ is very pleasant.

Back in Brisbane – 16th January

Late April/May/June – I will be in Europe teaching acupuncturists, and being a tourist with Duncan as we take a much needed break from computers and working.

In clinic whilst I am not there  . .
Hopefully one of the many apprentices I have will be ‘holding the fort’ at least some of the word gets out there that the Gentling Ways of undoing a life are available – it will be awkward not having someone here to do the work!

Arvigo Self Care – Australia Day weekend


There are only 8 spaces available. It will fill fast.

It may take a few days to show up one the official site.

Those who did attend the last one were radiant on leaving. My assistant is wonderful, the venue (here worked amazingly) is easy – and we all grew in depth – would love to see you, as it really does allow the sacred space for an inner undoing – to bring forth much more of who you are – and how you can help yourself so simply – as we were all designed to.

Gently, safely and fun!!


What you can do at home to Improve your own life/health

A lot.
My answer is – Love Your Body Better.

This Love Your Body Better course will soon be available online as the foundation to all I do.

It covers the question  “what do I eat?” It is the strength and harmony of your gut that is the more crucial question.

Love Your Self Better Poster green copy

This very enlightening poster is $20 from me –  designed it in 2001 to go with the first book I published (now out of print ).

The expanded eBook set is available here – and at  a really easy price.
Includes Woman Tides – an explanatory look at why and how we got to be ourselves – the early life within mum and in her arms shaped who we now are.

Such wisdom – and a how to heal yourself before you get the new multi media option above – as it is a course on self help – granted you need to download and read – but WOW ! as to content ..

My teaching what I have discovered over the past 4 decades


The ‘Healing Power of Touch’ will be up soon.

This will be the introduction to the weekend courses (France and Germany) where I have been asked to present in early May next year.

Then, internationally, the hands–on approach I have always taken as an acupuncturist will be ‘out there’. To assist with this – to hopefully give me a succession plan – and what do I do if I need help – I teach others. This past year has been a return to my attempts to get what I do into mainstream – but to date  I have only managed after in NZ to take this forwards. Heartful hands and practical wise womanly words.

I have been training up a few students – who themselves are healers. They will spread the Gentling Ways  approach.

How did I get to be the multi-modality transformative energy body worker that I am?

Outlined in this post if you are interested.


We together have come up with What Lies Beneath.

This is present in the common sense that we seem to have lost . . mothers and wise women just knew.

All forms of oral medical traditions had a holistic view of the body/life.
As I do.

Both the ‘Love Your Body Better’ and the ‘Healing Power of Touch’ programmes (to come) form the beginnings of what I will send out to those new people who come in for intensives.

I am now (After almost 40 years delivering health care services in and around Brisbane) at a point where I choose to work as I feel is are needed for the best results.
We live in interesting times – no one knows even what to eat – so many ‘experts’

I have answered this with changing how I work
Not as on demand – but as will actually move you off your stuck spot.

Initially (in the late 70’s) I may have seen people 3 times weekly – then when I had Chinese herbs, I cut it down – as the herbs made such a difference – and anyone who HAS taken powdered herbs from me can attest – they are brilliant – yet ‘tasty’!
I am going back to what worked better – intensives.
Often daily if possible.

Yes – an intensive!!

Volunteers called for from last newsletter

Sorry if I could not get back to you.

I had students pull out at the last minute and did not have warning – often a little messy – but those who were here felt amazed at the results. I am repeating the course for one participant – Boxing Day and the Wednesday.

If you are about, and feel that you would like to put your hat in the ring – please ring me or email.

1 – I had a couple who had been in a serious car accident.
7 weeks later still had the bruises/broken ribs to deal with.
Not only did the ministrations of my lovely helpers work – but so did the holistic approach – and cleared so much, that one recipient said that he had not felt that good for years.

Yet another felt more free, nimble and happier as she had so much more flexibility in her belly and this her back – and BY THE WAY – where is all that pain and constriction that was her lot after the operations for her shoulder left her in deep trouble?
An acute back was dispensed with – ‘just’ with my belly and ligament from the front of body work . .what is going on out there? Besides retail opportunities and no permanent solutions? No one seems to be standing back and evaluating.

2 – A new mum was aghast (in a delighted way) that she had found so much more space ‘down there’ – after 2 C sections. Left us with so much more energy and clarity, and a very happy set of smiling eyes.




Often life creates adhesions.

These block flows. Nutrients are not as bio available as they are to be (and were prior to the modern farming methods and the processing at all levels of what – even water – goes through our bodies.

Picture shows what I am undoing in everyone I work on.

The inner scarring holding you bound within.

It may have happened from surgery, but more likely when you had a fall – and then – being managed through medications and constant visits – to even me with needles – is the slow (and not likely to fix it) route.
Easier is to undo what happened.


Do I release these? Gently.


I am clearing long held, troublesome adhesions – as well as the lymph congestion and the fascial distress.
Such a freedom! Energy unshackled.
Maybe all you need is my intensive course of treatments and then no need to have more surgery?

Or the ongoing management of all sorts of professional ‘health care’ attention.

OR – you can continually go to people as myself in the past – ‘helpers’/health care providers.

For as long as you choose to –  and get managed – or do an intensive and actually be healed – as long as you follow up with your own work.

Then there is the


Queen HeatherThere is a whole room dedicated to this in the Life Alignment Centre
Picture is me in Korea as few years ago in the women’s national costume on a real Chai-Yok piece of equipment – divine!

So many cultures have this as a nightly way of life – we all can only benefit.
So may young girls now – and older women- are handicapped as their women’s bits are mangled in surgeries as the medical teams seem to go in at any excuse – rather than gentling the body better.

Learn about steaming here

Why steam?
Men and women?

Delicious – relaxing/soothing and it works!
Allows your body to regroup and sort itself out


How I work


I expect when I put my hands on people – results.
And permanent.

Much as when you go to get your car fixed.

What are you fueling it with?
Can your food factory actually process what you eat?

When we are messed about with in birthing and in life, the back and pelvic issues just mount up and well-meaning and often very earnest practitioners may do their best with them.
This may temporarily assuage our pain but may not ever really get to the cause and releasing these:

  • Shock

  • Cold

  • Scars on all levels . .

What should I eat?

So many as me this question.

What you can do to gift yourself a new life

Please pay attention to your body’s warnings and love your self better.

When can I see you?

I am in clinic till 30th December
Having signed the lease for two years, I will be ‘here and there’ a lot more.
(But also using Brisbane as a base as I will be teaching internationally).

What I did with people even 5 years ago is not working
I am always redeveloping what is need
Yes it is an investment.

I do not know about you, but I have no wish to sit in Gods’ waiting room – ever and retirement at nearly 63 is not happening – I am just getting into my stride!

There is NO NEED to have regular ‘tune ups’ – I am starting a non co dependency clinic – where you take charge and you do your self care work at home and I will see you sometimes – after the intensives – so all the adhesions and the ligament tension and lymph mess is drained away – and you have a clear picture on how to live well in this modern life we are all in.

I have had to radically change how I practice, over the decades.
Recently I have undergone a complete shift to deal with the lessening of results I see as I do what DID work – even as little as 5 years ago – and find things are just not where they were.

That means I intend to get things fixed – not play with them constantly
The investment for you pays off.
Your investment in yourself changes every aspect of your life

Being ‘out of control’/trying to force things to be as you want them on all levels is lessened as everything then just flows.

Gently. See more here.

Fix it

The idea is that you get FIXED.

The Life Alignment Centre suggests you get some sun.No supplements and continual return visits. .

A top up a few times annually – much like the teeth.

Maybe take away what is needed should the seasonal changes hit.

We should be doing this automatically.

The definition of health I worked out decades ago to use whilst teaching acupuncturists:

Health: the Ability to adapt to change

That then means my coming and going impacts hardly at all.

  • No more co dependency . .
  • Your taking charge .
  • Being less reactive and not having a ‘health care’ system/group of practitioners who micro manage.

Your part in this is acceptance that your body has been warning you and we need to get to why the warnings are there – and why you have up until now been choosing to ignore them.

It is all a matter of goals – mine for you are independence and great health.
Often people have believed the story the ‘we don’t know’ brigade tell – and thus expect it is all about a body aging/ running down/out of steam.

Not so . .

I suggest close together and intensives as this is what is making the difference for everyone.
What I used to do is not.

Not from my lack of experience/inability to work it out
But – we addressing the fact that now we are all so much more broken on so many other levels than in the past . . .

Men who may wish to be dads?

Know anyone?

I have spent the past year working in a Male Fertility Enhancement programme.
If you feel that the time is now – please let me know.

Amazing changes can happen – not just in fertility but in any issues ‘down there’.  Any age – anything.

Likely there is a simple, natural solution!

Have a safe, calm and happy time with family.

Or if you choose – yourself actively shaping the new you!

Thank you for investing in the time to read this, and also in seeing me about your health and wellbeing challenges in the past.

I look forwards to being here for you as needed in the next few years.

Do have a safe time at home, or away,

Best wishes,