Easy Babies

Do you want to:

  • become and stay pregnant,
  • have another baby, and/or.
  • experience more joy and hope in baby making and rearing?

If you believe that it has to be easier than it seems . . . .

If you have decided you are ready to start making babies, Heather’s  EasyBabies site  has all the information you need.

Heather’s Gentling Ways   . .  .

As the Natural Fertility Coach/Detective .  . .

The first of seven quick thoughts on making better babies . .

If you are serious – contact me as I have had decades (and before IVF happened) of assisting couples become families.

IF you put the work in – it is about you as a couple and your journey . .
I use Dr Jennifer Mercier’s work in addition to all my 40+ years clinical experience provides.



If YOU have a ‘hopeless’ issue – perhaps ask someone who cares and who seeks to find?

Using  .  . . . .

Natural wise womanly ways.
In combination with a lifetime of questing as I uncovered what works in our context in this life and with simple natural solutions.

Me 32 years ago – a new mum – of a very damaged infant.


In Brisbane Children’s Hospital for a month.
My skill set includes rescuing massive autism with profound brain injury – all iatrogenic – medically caused. ‘We don’t know’ is code for lack of inquisitiveness. Medicocrity even.

If you have a burning issue that no one seems to have a clue about.
Or you have ‘done everything’ perhaps see me. We will start where no one else did.
Ask pertinent questions .. Find answers – not just throw darts about in the dark.

Using a life time of collating naturopathy, Western herbs, vibrational essences and wise womanly ways, alchemy, Reiki, Sekem, lymphatic and soft tissue massage, Maya and Mercier therapies, classical meridian based acupuncture and all that entails, Chinese herbs and world medicine along with the wise womanly traditions many cultures took for granted – supporting life.

These include the perineal steaming (men and women) and ancient ways as using castor oil packs and herbal teas ..

My informative pages are brimming with answers of questions you may not have even thought of asking . .  . all instantly linked to inspiring information all around my wealth of sites and those of others equally passionate about making a better life and better babies.

Sometimes it does not work out as you planned – and no one seems to know what happened.
Nature does – ask her – we deviated from the script.

See the natural health problem solver


I am in Brisbane – in blocks of a week at a time for intensives –

Let’s make a difference!

Seek the self help online home based courses so you can create life and living energy again in your world

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Can be yours . . . .