The REAL question

How much does it cost to stay so stuck?

If it were easy to change – (heal) – you would have already.
What do you need to let go?
That is the nub of it.

When you feel as though there is nowhere to go

and nothing has worked – is when most find me.
I have been the ‘too hard’ basket for others for decades.


Perhaps think ahead – where is YOUR inner line the sand?
What must you let go to move on in your life?

When that is not scary but imperative then the “What Does It Cost?” question sits as not an excuse

but a cry from your depths.


Seriously . .

Thinking about this??

How long has your workmate, your sister, your neighbour been suggesting that you come in and see me?

As a combination multi modality worker who has stood for 4 decades dispensing loving kindness in all forms –

I probably can help whatever it is and in ways that no one else has come up with.

Having lived my own life of interesting adventures – I am still standing!
You will too.


The cost is in the letting go . . .


When you can not afford to stay stuck is the best time as then all those excuses leave.  .

It will mean you are not the same

Maybe this is a good thing.
To assist you in your commitment to self – you need to ask yourself

What am I willing to let go?
This transformative energy body worker has been through her own cycles of transition and offers many answers.


I spend a lot of time with you.
Education is the key.
Also undoing what no one usually can even find – and we can only go at eh speed that is psso=oo