Corona – What next?


Corona in my NZ autumn garden


As always – real healing involves change

This may help you . .

I have been saying for years now – I will not always be here.
Not sure what is next – and no one is . .
This is  along email – and please – look at the footage is ‘The Best Of’.
I have immersed myself – and I have no mention of the obvious – for those who are not sure what I am speaking of – look outside . . up. The new embellishments in all high points. Those towers.
Instant downloading of distractions . .

Such time for change.

Maybe write a list of all that you never have time for.
People you meant to thank/return things – clean up generally – socially and within your self.

Maybe turn off all news and social media and reach out to others – get on your bike, get walking, get relating in the online – and
perhaps do this free online course I have developed – to assist when change is all around . .


There is no nice way to put this.

We are watching the unfolding of a MEDICAL FAIL

Cognitive dissonance warning

If you have a’ belief’ that the experts know what they are doing – this newsletter – as with all my writings and contacts usually – will upset your previous state of balance. I remind you that you likely sought me out as what was known/what you had done before. .  was not working.

Living in fear?

All you need is information. . . There is plenty of that here and in the past few newsletters . .

You can reach out (I am always online it seems).. ONLINE CONSULT???
We can organise this and maybe direct you to what is sill in stock in the Brisbane clinic and also what we can do together in this pause/hibernation. Itself  a grand way to get you started on a new path.

As the drama and stories change, you may also get a sense of out of control.
Not really. What is being shown – is how far life has altered from normal.

All cultures knew that they must follow nature and her rules.
Hence I have sought out many lineages, healing traditions =and modalities to offer you.

A pause is what we have here in NZ – to reconsider everything. All locked down/up/in.

What can I offer you?


As always – a different perspective and likely one that supports life and Nature and your way out of where you feel stuck.


A voice of reason.
Common sense and hope. . .

Online courses – you can take to find what you can do yourself

Online consults to get you started back to being in charge of why your body warnings are happening and what you can do to return to the blueprint that would have you bounding out of bed, happy to start the day and in resilient robustness.


In these times here to me is seems the body has been forgotten (it heals itself).

The process (fever is needed to heat up the invader and to clear all toxic residues it leaves) and the way Nature culls – the survival of the fittest was lost when chemicals masking bodily problems started up over 150 years ago.
We ALL have to work within the parameters Nature sets.

What would your great grandmothers have done?

Lived within their means to start with. Always grew their own food.

We may need to go have back the ways that worked. To the plant medicine and the understanding of living within nature’s guidelines – in  the past this may has been disparaged bu those who have another agenda. To help ourselves – we need to declutter. A lot of what we ‘believed’ – as it is not and never was life reality.
Now – we need to go back to what worked – and got us (as the survivors) to here.

Me .  .

Living in a way that is so much slower – and in tune. In amidst cow paddocks in the country – over looking a small creek – it tinkles – and native birds about. Plus I am in my garden.  In the house we wrote ‘What Dads Can Do’ in, in 2005.

NOT in any daily routine I have had since then

What about you?
Uncertainty – possibly start medicating?
Can you?

Again – see the free online course

Nature rules and we live well when we adhere

I ask seemingly odd questions when confronted with a challenge.

Always – what should be happening
Why can’t it?
How can we return to the blueprint?

Whilst I am not in Australia

I have been gardening, painting bridges, doing jigsaws, a lot of cooking (and eating), traveling (prior to the shut down)

I have been teaching my students online and have spent all my not-gardening time delving into the best way to help you . .

I alert you to – helping yourself.


Emergency breathing help . .

PLUS . . .


This is so avoidable . .
See all I have on this page PLUS all that is available in my clinic – and from Melissa (naturopath) and apprentice Heather’s Gentling Way touch therapist. At present she is still in full time employment as a health food store manager. If you organise – on a Sunday – or possibly another day – I can get for a care package to be left out for you – and you pay by bank transfer – I have most products as I stocked up prior to leaving – I thought for 2 weeks on 12th March . .

We can go remote . . . consulting me online. .

Your own fingers – and what you learn easily in the foundational moves course 

A case of  a resistant to antibiotics – all early pre dawn coughing for weeks – what to do?
see more here . .

Here is what one hospital critical care patient said of watching someone die. Alone. No one could help. (We need a holistic/systems approach (as acupuncture and all I do is), not a ‘bit’ approach – which I could give – but for not being ‘allowed’ to touch – the next best thing – is that I talk you though what to do – see online sessions – and you get also extras – courses and so on – as a component of this new care arrangement –  YOU CAN make your own difference.

No one else cares as much as you do.

“When I got to hospital, I thought I was safe. But I still felt like I couldn’t breathe, and when I realised that was still the case when the oxygen was on maximum full pelt, that was a scary moment. The feeling of claustrophobia and panic that sets in is frightening – even a few days later, when I was feeling better and due to be discharged, I still had a nagging doubt I might not make it. When you wake up in the night out of breath, panicking and trying your best to draw in more air, you don’t understand why the nurses can’t do any more to help you. They can only nurse you out the back door.”

All you need is health!!

Research first . .
What is health?
What is an immune system’s job?

Resilience  . .

We will all get the chance to do it differently

When we HAVE to:

Why not make this now on your own terms..
Why wait for that stroke,

That cancer diagnosis.

That maybe event that takes you out – for a while. . ?

Is what is happening needed?

(12 experts questioning) or .  .
Can we think it through?

To the point – blunt – honest (at one with) and real.

He sounds like me . . . . truth is . .

Look back at when you were seeing me in clinic:


You always had the stored cold taken out,.

In times past I have regaled all with moxa in various guises (now I am so highly allergic to it).

I warned all – do not waste your Yang Qi.

It is your protective agent/ally.


My Life Recipe applies . .

1 – Breathing is first . .

2 – Then hydration
3 – Then safety. (Who wins with you in fear??)

4 – Be outside

5 – Be touched . . . .

6 – Have a reason for being here/live your purpose

7 – Nurture/nourish your soul, your heart and your body.

Celebrate and do everything differently

Explore what I have discovered as we all need to start thinking

Going back to fundamentals – how does a body work?

Much like any recipe – you need ingredients and flows.

Added to all that I have said in the past email..
PLEASE sit and watch – yes he can get irritated and mention maybe a few times about the ‘other side’ – and he is actually right.
Fake Science and the world shut down because of what I am calling MEDICAL FAIL.

We need the ingredients to run a body.

Well – so the defense system is uncorrupted and can do what it has for ever – support life.

The power of nutrients – Vitamin A, C, and D . .

A systems approach (as you are used to with me).
OR the bit approach . . as with orthodox medical.

This is so important – he gives a great account of what seems missing in anything you see in the media. – to catch you up to how a body works. . . (Start at 30 minutes if you want to the chase’.)

Here is a recipe of supplements and so on
Not that much different from what I have been suggesting all through these recent email newsletters.

Vitamin D?

I have a lot more (the best of series) here


Not ‘alternative’ – that is the place of those who do not correct body imbalances . .

Not ‘complementary’ – except through the lens of the pharmacological industry who ignore the ingredients needed for life – or the body warnings to alert us to change. .  (drugs are additives that are unnecessary when you ensure that the body has what it needs. .

Vitamin A also . . .(and D3)

See more I have researched laid out on this page. .

Vitamin C?

This is not an unusual step. Others also are doing this.

Watch and wonder – why is there such wilful blindness?
What is being ignored – I wonder why? It works.  .and no side effects. . .
But better health – and losing leukemia along the way ..

You may ask . . .

Why is the obvious ignored?

Flexnor report – the foundation of orthodox medicine/’what we know’.

What you can do . .
Pay attention and get well.

I never ever would have thought that I would have listened to this man. He is making sense . . .

Look over all I have – written this year (and last, if you still have them)

Dr Shiva – reality may need you to Wake Up!

His recommendations follow mine

Though I take vastly more Vit C – pref liposomal daily.
And be well.
NO fear (basis of the medical model) – enjoy the changes as there will be more.
To heal needs change – go for it!!!

We are waiting for a vaccine . .

In the meantime – we are NOT being human – not touching and in fact are distancing from all contact . .

Acute despair and loneliness?
All right for seagulls maybe. .

There is no evidence a vaccine has ever helped – you need to own this.

PLUS – viruses mutate.

There will never be one for the common cold (another coronavirus) or AIDS . .

Or this Covid19.

Vaccination is an embedded falsehood. I understand your maybe reticence – I have spent the last 44 years researching this – and still vaccinated and lived to massively regret it – if there is ONE thing I would do differently – it is NEVER EVER vaccinate any of my children – or myself.

Maybe – start with the graphs of the incidence of all disease disappearance – then reemergence with vaccination campaigns.

What DID work- then and now – what you are being told to do . .

Better sanitation (WASH your hands and well)

And lack of crowding (think Dicksonian tenements) as in ‘Social distancing’.

(Are we better off being scared of everything?

Let us be clear – I too vaccinated.

Till it was evident that was the case of all I had been busily trying to resolve for myself and all my children.

I have a page on vaccination here I have spent the past 44 years researching this as members of my family have died, become anaphylactic (to egg white – vaccinations contained that as they weer grown on chick embryos or egg medium initially) and massively damaged (my daughter and to a lesser extent all my children) upon vaccinating – thus as an ex vaccinating aware parent I have sensible concerns.

As always asking different questions – starting with – where are the facts –  became more informed than most decades ago. As I had to stem the tide of horror that my parenting became about. Not normal. Could not be . . . 33 years old – in 124/7 care, in nappies, and NOT happy – not what we have children to do – wreck them – on the behest of ‘the greater good’  Please be warned

Flu vaccine – will this help?

No – and studies are showing that having been vaxxed with this – you are not only more exposed, but need to essentially be quarantined so you are not a danger to others – same as with all vaccines that shed. (Viruses do – that is their special power /reproductive capacity).

IS covid 19 REALLY a pandemic?

As always – pays to see what is being fed to us . .

What can we achieve together?

Reach out .  .

What can I offer?
As a breath of fresh air.
Common sense
Decades of dealing with ‘when nothing works’.

How come?

Is who I am and have always been.
Always different – and an ‘outlier’.

How come I know so much?

I never stopped learning and questioning.

When AIDS happened – in the early ’80’s

I was one of the first tested in Australia. At the birth of my second son,  I had had a blood transfusion in early ’84, and in the same week that 6 babies in Brisbane received blood and subsequently died of AIDS. I was not afflicted – but this brush with difference (I was still the 3rd year teacher in the acupuncture college that I had co designed and co written 3 years before) meant I kept a really active interest in apparently hopeless – and when back in clinic in the early 90’s I had at least 1/3 of my patients with frank AIDS – and recovering . .

Mid 80’s a hiatus in my post graduate teaching and clinical practice as I had my own full-time patient at home to care for and recover – she was massively brain damaged – through the invasion of an in utero infection. Weakened through acute amalgam exposure in her pregnancy and the vaccination I had had prior to her pregnancy, my body was unable to protect her – to work well – and she received a mortal dose of an invader – and we have live with this and the resultant further damage through my unwittingly giving her more to contend with – ever more vaccinations – from them on.

This means I can see through the process playing out and have ways you can recover – from anything that ails you – as after these decades – and no assisting other healers to see options – I can work with you to find your own new normal.

I have always been at odds with orthodox – when you find yourself at a loss – reach out.

I had always worked with terminal prognoses – and had been involved in many who recovered from cancers – usually when they were told to go home and get heir affairs in order – which was where so many were when I started in practice in the late 70’s.

Used to challenges – my own with my massively damaged baby daughter (expected to die and now 33 years old) and well aware of the ways a body and a life unfold – I am well placed to help you – if you wish to reach out.

Is this you?

Or someone you could send this on to?

You want to live well
You are ready to change
You know what I have shown you in the past has worked

You are over being ‘fed up’ with the panic and fear being engendered

You want to be the Light others reach out for.  .

Especially if now you look at the possibilities of destroying your own immune system in oncology.
If you have done so in the past – and now need to repair urgently

If you were to have surgery – and it is cancelled
If you HAVE had surgery – at any time – and it has not given you what you intended.
If you were to be on IVF and now can’t.
If you were to have a medicalised pregnancy management ending in a non home birth and now you are open to mother and baby friendly options (relactating also).
If you know that you were thinking of seeing me at some time – I am online and have courses that I can guide you through.

Or anything else

Maybe ongoing support as I carry your story/health history.

You know that I tend to think around corners and allow life to unfold – gently.

Where even in NZ where what I do is considered as an essential service – as yet am not able to work directly with you.


When I can, it will be my pleasure.

I miss the beauty and simplicity of what I can offer.

Touch . . .

An essential to life. . .
See my Life recipe for more.
When did you last have  good refreshing ‘go over’?

Can’t yet – but you can learn

You can take charge . .

Online consults and courses – instantly downloadable

(Whose life is it anyway??)

Prostate solutions and endo solutions – have taken a back step – they are still awaiting my undivided attention. (My garden and bridge painting came first – plus being an at-home-wife . .)


Courses – see more here . .

Something for everyone – to calm down?
Self Soothing – all the belly moves, and why

Peristeaming – again – not only calming but curative – get your flows flowing gently and deliciously!
Reset Your Metabolism – how to get the stored cold out and how to use topical iodine and moxa – and to cup your own belly – to take out all reasons why your body cannot mount its own attack – and by the way – undo why there is fat, fluid and phlegm where it is not be . .

Or – take the Foundational Moves course – includes the basics on taking out cold – or – why not the Self Care package?

This is an entire walk through helping yourself – and for a ‘one off’ price –  less  than a ‘hands-on’ session with me – you get ..


Love Your Body Better

(Learn why and how you can instantly start self repair)

The Healing Power of Touch

(Your own hands to liberate your own life force/Qi)



Foundational Moves

Working with another – magically shift the blockages to healing


Self soothing ..
In these times of trouble . .

Live well and happy!!!!

Remember – you can ‘see me’ and see what I can say . .
There are bound to be options that you will not have thought of . .