Christmas approaches . .


When is Heather in clinic?

Need to see me/sort out a few life challenges?

I am in Brisbane until 18th December.

Maybe need a tune up?
Sick and do not want to be?
In pain and wondering what to do next?

I will be available in clinic:

  • after teaching finishes 5.30ish T – W – Th this and next week.
  • There are also a few spots free tonight (Monday 3rd Dec)
  • Friday afternoon/evening
  • Saturday 8th lunch time on
  • Saturday 15th – morning . .

Uterine positioning

the key to a healthy happy life as a woman

Men too have a uterus!

Heather’s travels – where/what happened.

World Acupuncture Day  as an invited speaker . .


Simple solutions to complex problems
– the Cancer/Auto Immune and Weird Diseases I now see – relative to 40 years ago . . .

Line up in my session . .


Kiwi contingent at WADO UNESCO Paris 2018

Netherlands . .burial mounds (boulders dropped by –  glaciers and a whole pre historic village

What I brought back


Accident Recall. .

The new Gentling Way (help nature help you) therapy that I have developed and have been teaching is Triage
– what is stopping your body heal itself?
And once this blockage is moved
– does your body still need help?
Usually not – if you are supporting your own life . .
the Self Care course and the précis here will assist in this.

What else to do?
We start taking out the impact of life – the residue of being here and no being in full command of your body.

Nourish Life.

See the Life recipe here

The shock/ the stored cod and the impact of accidents – in the sine and as sacs – then we nourish life – the life recipe – and then we look to how to do to rescue where you are.

Maybe after this a ‘diagnosis’ – and from which system?
Not medical as this leads to ‘we don’t know’ when asked how it happened – be it cancer, or a headache ..

Volunteers please

– again – I am running the Living Ligaments II workshop
– next Tuesday – Thursday – we need a few patients.

Anyone with a ’hard ‘ case of

  • post-accident or who have had
  • a lower belly operation (C section is perfect)

who are happy for me to be working on and teaching my students (from USA/NZ/Melbourne and local) to allow them to be work on you under supervision – and to take this back to where they will be using in their own practices.

Please email me if interested – Tues -Th next week  . .

What if I need a session whilst you are gone?

Up to and after Christmas my teacher trainee (who I am tasking with taking this work back to the northern hemisphere) will be here after we take a short break to St George to visit a midwife friend and take stock of how I can take this – into the out back’.

You have a perfect opportunity to have the two of us working in your seemingly too hard case – especially as Carine, like me, is really experienced in spiritual upsets and hard cases – and has a large interest in maternal care .

Read more about Carine here . .

Carine will be in the Life Alignment Centre for the period up to New Years Day