What is happening in Hecklemann St?

News FLASH!!!!!!
Hecklemann St clinic is open whilst I am away.

1 – Who to see when Heather is Away

Elizabeth will be joining Heather’s Hecklemann Street clinic from April 23rd – May 10th.

Elizabeth graduated from Heather ‘s ‘Healing the Wounded Healer‘ class at the Atarau (NZ) healing sanctuary in January.

Elizabeth says:

As a fellow certified Arvigo Therapy® practitioner and a teacher of Level 1 Self Care Arvigo® training, I also do advanced remedial/corrective massage.

Below is a short bio about me, a list of workshops being offered with several links for those that would like to book in a session with me.

I have been a body worker since 2003 and have been on a health and healing journey since 14 years of age. My passion is to assist others living a more balanced and physically comfortable life.
I’m also passionate about working with pre- and post-pregnant women, with additional training in Doula services, pelvic care and somatic birth exercise classes (EmbodyBirth™ teacher). 
I’m particularly gifted and experienced working with retroverted uteri, PMT/PMS headaches, tail bone pain, lower back pain, abdominal adhesions, and helping to ease most menstrual pain.
I’m also very experienced as a massage therapist working the neck, shoulders, back, and sciatica along with doing other therapeutic massage techniques. 
To find out more about me go to: www.BodyCarePlace.com
Read more about what people are saying here: http://www.bodycareplace.com/testimonials.html
To book a body work session click on the appropriate link for the service you would like:

Arvigo Follow-Up Session

(I will honor Heather’s current Arvigo® patients for follow-up sessions).

Time duration: 1.5 hours
Includes pelvic steam and treatment.

Initial Arvigo Session

Time duration: 2.5 hours
Includes pelvic steam, health history intake, and treatment.
Cost: $250

Therapeutic Corrective Massage

Time duration: 1 hour
Cost: $100

Phone/Skype/Whatsapp consultation

If you aren’t sure which session is right for you and would like to talk with me more,
Here is a link to book a 15-min phone/Skype/Whatsapp consultation. 
Cost: Complementary
For body work sessions please arrive 10 to 15 min earlier than your scheduled session to fill in a health history and the primary reason for the visit.  This is true even if you are a current patient of Heather’s in Arvigo® as I will need to be caught up to date about your health needs.
I thank you in advance for making all payments in cash

Elizabeth’s Events:

Tues. 25th evening talk at 7pm

Introduction to Arvigo (Belly) Therapy®: Healing Belly & Womb.

Event is complementary.
Space is limited, please book early. 
Location: 17 Rode Rd., Wavell Heights QLD 4012.
Cost: Complimentary
To make a reservation go to. 
To find out more details or to share with friends and family on Facebook go to this link:
Please share with friends and family.
Sunday 30th from 2pm-4pm:
A Perineal Steam How to Workshop.
This is a clothed workshop where we go in-depth into the history of vaginal and pelvic steaming, why do a steam and what are the health benefits. The goal of this workshop is to have people comfortable and confident to do a steam in the comfort of their own homes. We’ll go over different styles of steam chairs, safety and dos and don’ts. This will be a clothed only demo but I promise you’ll know how to do a steam by the time you leave.
Location: 46 Hecklemann St, Carina Hts, QLD 4152
Cost: $30 (payment is cash only)
Space is limited, please book early. 
To book a reservation click below:
I look forward to meeting and working with you.
Here’s to your health!

2 – Heather’s schedule

Wednesday 19th April – in clinic till late.

I am back beginning of May for three weeks before I attend the Rothenberg conference – the two fertility days, the Research day and then back again to move clinic and have the Living Ligaments Retreat in Maleny.

After this I will be teaching in a retreat or a week – my new apprentices in the Heartful Hands ways. .

Before we start ‘for real’ in mid June in Coorparoo.

3 – Season shift!!

It had to happen. Weather changed!
Have you got your supply of AV/AT in so you do not get ill?
It is magic – I am only here today.
Our gut is the centre of our being.

Time to stop all cold and raw and start up eating warm and nourishing broths and stews – and start thinking Vitamin D3 needed to ward off all ‘colds’ and flus .

Not the flu vaccination – as you can’t gain health from poisoning yourself. .

Causes of disease?

(Revision even if you have seen this before) – see here.


I have a small series here.

Research yourself – I have been for over 40 years now and fervently wish that I had not believed as we seem to have been schooled to all do to start with – that this process is safe, effective and even needed. Warning – cognitive dissonance only happens when you are willfully blind – see more on this here.


What we need is so much more sun exposure – as usual when told it is ‘bad for us’ – that is middle of the day. Ever wondered why it was winter when all got ill?
(Now everyone believes that sun exposure will kill us – now all seem SOOOO scared of the sun – yet that is where we get our health from – as plants do also.

Wondering about this? Take a look at all I have put up on this site . . . .

http://simple-natural-solutions.com/ as my ‘filing system.

Navigation to this is easier via my natural health problem solving apps – they all have the section ‘raw ingredients’.

For a small investment you can download from the app store or from here and learn the answers to questions none may have been able – or for those you never though to ask.

Why we need Vit D3?– and all sections in my here apps have a problem/’the Why’ and The Solution – and all send you off to where you can learn more – often to my site http://simple-natural-solutions.com/essential-vitamins/vitamin-b/ which could easily be used as a TV station.

There are so many informative clips and whole day or weekend seminars that I found the best of in – usually medical ones on the role of nutrients – and start with Vitamin B12 (need to take all in as a supplement as a complete activated B) – as most of the apparent neurological and emotional/supposedly mental health problems start right here.

Mess with the gut one way or another (so much of what to eat on this site – and why) and what to do to return to your own state of rude good health.

This is a large project and some say I over do it – not if you have nowhere else found answers . .

4 – Clinic move. . beginning of June

The new venue will undergo a transformation similar to the one I gave Riding Road – you can’t have a Heather Healing sanctuary without the beautification.
Ron will again be doing his excellent work – a very effective handyman who prides in his work.

Remember Riding Rd transformation?

Here to                                                                                                          Here


New Coorparoo centre                              

                               Presently                                                                         to:

Downstairs, we will also hold small groups – Reiki, Aura Soma and Self Care of various types being taught. I can use the premises for acupuncture and other advanced trainings.

A dedicated perineal steam room!

(Check out why and how with Elizabeth in her news above)


A grounding for the Heather’s Healing Academy work.
Also with a sometimes P.A as I gear up to be internationally working with most conditions via training up health workers.
Also membership sites for those who wish to help themselves.

In the new place I will sometimes be there

5 – Who will be there when/if you are not?

You know how you say – you need to clone yourself Heather?
Am trying.
More new faces will emerge – some of my apprentices will have days there

Nicola . ..


Nicola started off her current transformation through seeing me as a patient referred by another acupuncturist whilst I was in Melbourne on a locum early 2014. This lead to Nicola taking up all suggestions to here she now finds herself as a fully qualified Maya/Arvigo (R) worker – speciallising in maternity and fertility – and having walked most of the steps through my Heartful Hands process will be working full time at the new centre – when we open after the retreat in mid June.

Always expect more!!

Till we meet again . .

Enjoy this beautiful planet!