Hello winter!

  Contents   Heather dropping in to say hello – I am still avalable- onlne consults and zooms if yu want me to record and add in apage so you can refer to – I also add in lks and thngs to do. And of course – ore herbs totally available – then I send …

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Being Well 2020

In this Issue: Coronavirus What to Do . . First Aid Supplements from Panaxea Be strong against any viruses! Best way to help your body Vitamin C A wondrous women’s healer/midwife . . Debs Courses Look after yourself Online courses Welcome Coronavirus A coronavirus is one of a number of viruses that cause diseases in …

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Total Health 2020

Welcome Total Health 2020 The beginning of the rest of your life   Merry Christmas T’is the season to be jolly. (Not only alcohol and those empty calories). Sugar . . Please try to minimise – as it tends to start you off on a fling  . Summer opening hours NZ – 25 – 30th …

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