Caron Spurway

caronI am a mother of nine beautiful children born at home and breastfeed until 1-3 years old.

Also a grandmother of five gorgeous grandchildren, I supported my daughters and their partners at each of their baby’s births and I have another grandchild on the way.

A Chinese Barefoot Doctor – with Geoffrey Wilson

A Childbirth Educator – with Marie Burrows

A Birth Art and Birth Story Mentor – with Pam England

An Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy Teacher – with Janet Balaskas & Jane Campbell-Kaye

A Registered Midwife with extra training in Breastfeeding – with Bridget Roache

An Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Massage Practitioner and Pregnancy Practitioner – with Rosita Arvigo

I am currently studying Naturopathy, Herbalism and Natural Fertility – with Stacey Roberts

I am also studying and working with Heather Bruce who has been a dear friend, practitioner and mentor to me for over 20 years.

I met Heather at Queensland Homebirth group meetings. She then became my practitioner and helped me through my health issues.

Over the years I have attended many of Heather’s courses and more recently I have assisted her at three Arvigo® Self-Care courses.

I have also assisted Heather at Gloriavale (NZ) where I was amazed at how much her work has changed their community’s health. In applying Heather’s teachings of Chinese home remedies to myself, my family and in my own practice I have had wonderful success. For example, using Gua Sha to reduce coughs, navel cupping for menstruation and digestion.

I am thrilled that she has ‘finally’ consented to teach me from her wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience.

My business is called Woman Centred Healing because I am committed to educating and assisting women in their healing and birthing journeys in order to empower themselves to be well and enjoy motherhood. My passion is to empower others to live naturally, allowing nature to work and our bodies to do the healing with some assistance when necessary.

I would ove to help you work with what presently you are finding challenging

Ph 0439 424 044