Cancer Solutions


You have maybe just had (or suspect you will have)

A wake up call . .

Have you been ‘diagnosed’ with cancer?

Are you suspicious?

Whatever is happening – it is unlikely to have appeared overnight. You do have plenty of time to undo the processes that are now showing up. Start with the Life Recipe please. Maybe then move onto the Life Rescue – and take the courses I suggest as I have written them for those who wish to take responsibility.

Why not play the game of life differently?

Wake up?

Take Charge . . .

Not hand over . .

Why play the panic and freak out and be grateful – why not LIVE in your own life? Maybe look at what I have here?

About me . . .

Always at a cutting edge of something.

When I chose to assist those with AIDS in the early 90’s I had to come up with a strategy. Why was I interested? As I like to be challenged with thinking things through  -and as I do get bored easily, I go out of my way to look for what next on the ‘too hard’ scale – cancer is not it. . that is easy . .

As you will see.
Undo the reasons

Why ME

Why NOW?

Backing up . .. why am I like this?
Always was . . PLUS

I had had a blood transfusion (early 1984) the week the 6 babies died in Brisbane who also had had a transfusion – so I was one if the first to be tested for AIDS and thus had an interest – plus was writing and teaching third year acupuncturists in Brisbane.  In writing the course concurrently as being a new mum, I was motivated.

I discovered as with cancer – the characteristics of those who survive terminal prognosis –

(we do all die of course eventually).
Not maybe as fast as we were lead to believe . .

1 – Believe the prognosis – not the diagnosis (and stop catastrophising)

2 – Be emotionally real

3 – Have a reason for living – not fear of dying

4 – Be the solution – do not hand it over.

What is your choice?

To play helpless in hopeful panic?

or to ungrow this ‘problem’ and see it as a gift.

Happiness is a choice

As is life and love
And health.

It is a matter of QUALITY of your life.

Not whether you will live or not (we will all die).

To then be in fear and have little sovereignty you want to live with.

Eventually body has had enough and the little warnings are now screaming at you.

has been there a long time – and you have an opportunity to chose life – or fear.

Look to the past:

We all have cancer at many times in our lives.

Maybe we need to ask what is CANCER?
It is the body not clearing rogue cells.
Why not?
Good question not asked – and if it were the entire oncology industry would fold. Anyone mentioned breathing and oxygen needs?

We have the immune system turned off – why?
Another good question

Fear will do it well – please look at the Life Recipe again . .

Reason/Passion for being
Nurturing Self – Soul
– Heart
– Body –

Is NOT about your ‘diet; as this encompasses all that is presented for you to ‘buy’ into – including the terror of the word and what supposedly will happen should you not ‘be good’ and do all that the retail industry called ‘medicine’ is awaiting with – and do you get ind0frmed choice?
Do you really know what is happening?

Perhaps it is time to ask those who have live well after cancer to tell you.

These people sometimes set the stage for others to follow – maybe look to

Petrea King

Ian Galor

The issue is – why is the body not dealing with it as it usually does?
At this time?

Body needs less not more stress.
Less – not more chemicals.

Less – not more radiation.
Less – not more inattention to quality life issues.

Ask yourself- what have you beenfueling your body and your mind with.

Cancer avoidance . . all cells need iodine to allow aptoptosis – programmed cell death . .

Iodine Treats Breast Cancer, Overwhelming Evidence

Do you realise that cancer is a symptom of something else?

Unless you get to that you regardless of what therapy choices you make – will return. .

Many have and instead of reacting with fear and being lead into medical manipulation, they have pondered how it happened and what they could do to alter their life course. Many publish this – see here for one such story.

A cancer diagnosis can be frightening.

It is YOUR body, your journey and no one else is in your story – see what is written here about you being the expert.

Anxiety and stress will only add ill health to your already weakening body systems.

What you need is to stay positive and find out what you can do to begin your journey to health.

There is so much out here that will help you – if you can get out of the fear based/profit sickness industry.
if you want to help yourself – perhaps start here The first video clip is no longer available – the next two to date are still there and very easy to understand. You are not alone. Gawler Foundation – 7 major aspects of what YOU need to do (CLICK)

What is Cancer?

The first disease is fear – second is the body having forgotten how to work well ..

Cancer is a word that really covers over 100 different diseases.

In essence, the body has lost its way and is not in control.

What might be needed to get your health back?

Here I have started an info site that may help you should you be diagnosed, a loved one close to you may be and you wonder what else to do, or you may have been living apparently cancer free.

What to do

Stand back and review what is life and how you have been living it.
You DO have time.
If you go into the attack mode and do not have informed choice – ‘is this palliative doctor?’ – is not often asked.

Watch one woman’s solution to having had ovarian cancer

Diet and changed her life.

Vitamin C?
So many have . .


32 years ago I was  consulted by a dad whose baby daughter was born to die of leukemia. I started working with her twice daily, thinking I was to be making her more comfortable as she died.  There was no treatment or options offered by western medicine.

As I started working with her, I also found a person who would, by distance and on site, use Reiki on her.

I sourced various additives to help with her nutrition, and I spent around three hours daily with her, and her dad, over 8 weeks till she was well on her way to remission.

I learnt that life is about each minute being the foundation of the next.

That limitation is not the way to get results, and that anything is possible if we deal with what is happening – not our responses to it. You can read Simone’s story here.

Cancer can be Reversed

What Can You Do?

There are so many stories as this.

So much more is possible than accepting the work of the paid employees in the ‘health’ profession.

He went to find answers and created a new future for his son and for others’ children.

One dad’s answers to neuroblastoma

Not just for children – what he did is appropriate for all:

More information:

If you have a child (or yourself) with cancer and wonder why – past the usual ‘research’ on genes – perhaps think of epigenetics – what allowed/stopped genes from expressing? A more useful model as you can do something about this – starting with pulling out what was never meant to be in there.  .

Also maybe wonder – about modern life – what is causing this apparent epidemic?
Not just kids who are anaphylactic &/or ASD but kids/babies with cancer?
Perhaps start here – chemicals in – what next?

The Body Burden and Our Stolen Future may point you in directions modern medicine is ignoring.

You may also want to safely, effectively and very easily want to pull out what is not helping you – and what may be stopping nutrients from the foods you choose to eat being assimilated. See more here.

If you want to talk with me about what you can do, to either improve your health and well being, or to assist a friend /loved one, please email me, or phone +61 7 3899 2274.  Available on Skype heatherjb2

Take Magnesium to Escape Cancer

Dr Mark Sircus says:

A report from Dr. Robert H. Craig from circa 1930 entitled The Value of Magnesium Chloride as an Aid in the Treatment of Cancer. It confirms everything I have ever written about magnesium and cancer and sustains my continued insistence that it remain the number one medicinal in every cancer protocol.

Read the full article: Take Magnesium to Escape Cancer

Also how will topical magnesium can assist in cancer?

Cancer & Fungus

The Mayo Clinic has confirmed that cancer is a fungus, can be caused by a fungus, or is accompanied by late-stage fungal infections.

Many experts, even from the official world of orthodox oncology, recognize the similarities of cancer and fungal infections, and the way they lead to a slow and agonizing death.

Read more about Cancer & Fungus

Heather 2012 for a paper in research on CAM

Here I have replicated a research uni assignment.

We were to look in one week from the eye’s of a cancer patient, the next as an oncologist and the third week as the funder of the treatments.

Through the lens of research .  . .


We were given a paper to read, about cancer patients in a regional NZ hospital (in 2003) and how they used CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine).

Below is the process, as a blog,  I went through researching (as a practitioner, granted, so I had a different focus than maybe others may – I had a head start . . as I have for decades been part of many people’s journey through cancer and dying and rebirth.

In the posts that follow you will see these acronyms used often:

  • CAM – Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • WOM – Western Orthodox Medicine

These posts are written from a number of perspectives:

  • The Patient
  • The Oncologist
  • The Oncology Funder

Please read the posts below to follow Heather’s research.
More recent posts can be seen in reverse (start at the highest number and work backwards – the latest ones are clinic newsletters). chronological order under the Blog tab

Choose life . .

Look to self healing and the online home based courses that will allow you to take charge

Regardless of what else you choose to do




Maybe reach out – what have you got to lose?
Fear for one thing