Cancer and other body warnings

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Life changing online courses

Finally – I have a software package that I can use and YOU will see a rash of self help online courses.

It has been a project!
Years . .  . and this format not only looks beautiful – but I can use it.

Is so easy to follow . . .
You can go from knowing nothing – to showing others how to.
In an hour!!!!

Included is  a little questionnaire to take before and after to assist you.

Perineal Steaming

Steaming is something so many cultures still do – and as a women’s secret business – no one really knows. . .


Who can this help?
Can’t think of anyone it would not . .

Gut problems? Irritable bowel/even Crohn’s?
Can ‘t sleep?
Outrageous pelvic pain and troubles?
All will be soothed. . “Seriously – once you start – is so simple to do nightly . .

Steaming   . .
So helpful!!!

Best sleeps ever – and you will become younger – especially in the ‘downstairs’ department – that is where the steaming ‘shines’ – normalising the cycle – periods easier – no pain after a few steams – and endo – along with some extra help I can start you on – FIXED – with the regular self care involved in the steaming . .

SteamingFor me it’s about feeling relaxed & allowing my body a break. The feminine energy bringing in the nurturing side that attracts me also.


The course itself.  . .
Is multi media in that there is me nattering, some to read and downloadable extras. Plus a questionnaire to test yourself.

Each new lesson has  an introductory talk from me  – usually around 2 minutes –  the downloads occasionally, a manual and we go through so any topics. . say sone who watche dit –  “I thought the whole course was relaxed , & nurturing, easily to understand & enticing. I love the butter feel & gentle repetitive learning. You watch movie then read what’s written it moves on to next movie on the next page – so simple!’.


Covers . . .What is steaming? Why and how and what to use, what to sit on – PLUS – what to expect, how you feel, what this simple, gentle process can help with (Everything – it soothes and softens your wounded body and soul – and juices you up – hydrating from the inside – hence less s wrinkles – and vastly less pain . . plus when to use for periods, fertility, miscarriages and in pregnancy and afterwards, for men – and all sorts of extras.


An hour or so   .and then – you have the beginning of a profound life shift. So many others in the world assume all do this – as it is part of their daily life – and they are NOT beset with all the menstrual and digestive complaints we have..
It is $47 US for a few weeks and will be $US 97 then on.
Why not take the plunge?

After my 40 years on this  I have solutions – all simple, natural and home remedy based.. .


Doctors are not being attentive.

We follow nature. .

Here is the link .. .
Instantly yours. Enjoy!!! Perineal Steaming


The next course will be ‘Reset your Metabolism’ – not only how to cup your own navel . . . but – why (retrieve your health)  – and how to cup the navel and why it is so important  who wants the body warnings (low body temperature) to eventually go to cancer?


What does that ‘C’ word bring up?

Likely not relief
. . . it could .

Seems to me that all are so freaked out – waiting for this to happen – they forget about health enhancement . .
Why not invest in sorting yourself out?

Why not fix why it is there . . . ?
Novel thought?
Maybe you just need to understand what cancer is . . .



I am a body and soul mechanic . .
Maybe you know someone who needs to know this?
Yourself even?

Some of my helpers .

BESIDES my hands and what I can magic . . .

  • Aura Soma
  • Rose of Raphael vibrational essences
  • Crystals strategically placed
  • Flowers
  • Unseen assistance – Ever present will to do good. .


We are so much more than our bits. .  .

Little asked question . . .


See more  here . . .


What are you feeding /growing your cancer with?

My Story

– why you have a very innovative body/soul mechanic in clinic . . .
(I always was ‘odd’).



33 years on – it is my daughter Kathryn’s birthday . .

WHY am I working as I do?

I am an ex-vaxxing mother ..
See more here . .
You do need someone who THINKS . .

If you have a ‘hopeless’ diagnosis – and want more than what is on offer

(No doubt why Kathryn chose me as her mum)
Here I am . .

The Clinic

I will be renewing the lease for another 2 years from January.

You can find me here at 10 Kitchener Street, Coorparoo QLD 4151 (Australia)

Book an appointment


My clinic garden

As it was . . .
(originally just a lawn) – no front fence

The year is drawing to a close . .
What a rush – and a change is in the wind . .

My Home Garden

I sometimes go home (NZ) to regroup – here is some of my NZ garden – last week . .

Learning to birth

Are you one of the 30% of women who are significantly fearful about giving birth?

Are you looking to feel better about your body, your relationships, bonding with your baby, and your power to birth?

Wake Your Inner Birth Goddess!

inspirational webinars from global leaders on birth, pregnancy, and the postpartum

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