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A coronavirus is one of a number of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, the viruses cause respiratory infections, including the common cold.

Apparently we are at risk from the latest strain from Wuhan.
I have spent the past few days working out what to do as I am (was?) to be in France teaching at Easter . . and it has been a very trying time – what with the strikes that are still happening with general unrest in France – and now this.

Fear and ignorance drive so much prejudice
The current medical system is one that – like the RACQ – is a breakdown one.
No owner’s manual . .
they have not a  wellness scope of practice. .
That is me and all others labeled ‘alternative’ and ‘complementary’.
Helping your body do what it is designed to do – live well.

I always ask different questions – the obvious usually is not enough . . .

I went looking at the ‘Spanish flu’ – and I have a link here.
100 years on – it seems to me we are being as a species as silly as they were – a whole century’s eyes on – we can only wonder how and why they were (from here now) so incredibly stupid.

Whilst actual ‘facts’ can be moved around – my interpretation is that we are actually all needing to wake up.
Treat the person – not the virus – as these mutate -and as with ‘no cure for the common cold’ – or AIDS  after 40 years of trying – we can only do what Louis Pasteur said on his death bed – look to the garden  not the seed – the ‘germ’.
Hence  the helpers I have always in the clinic – the plants that people (and animals) always have gone to.

This is somewhat confronting – what if all I have always said and done in clinic is actually as it is?
(See the winter newsletter some of this came from – as it is below – Flu less not clueless – the very same actions to be taken.

This current virus is air borne.
Wash hands, and be more well – and get that sunshine up to you.
It has been shown to afford massive immunological help.

That the vaccination (‘they’ will find a cure) is actually a fairy tale?

(It takes years to safely make a vaccine (and there are NO real safe ones – they are unavoidably unsafe – as the USA CDC says – hence they compensate from the scheme designed to pay out). No accountability – if it is no safe or effective – but one but the injected pay – with their lives – see below and also – a great way t confuse and to correct the immune system – thus your very health forever after.

Mum knew best – the ‘old wives’s tales were what gt s to here..
– the Gulf War anthrax vaccine and all the damage done is a case in point.
And the coverups – like the squalene that was injected into unsuspecting military people – and as now – through fear.

We must get real.
Our bodies work really well- when we let them.
And let them rest.
To do this.

You may be in need of a new paradigm . .

Maybe some facts?
Bodies are designed to heal themselves.
Immune systems work best when allowed to work


Q – Can we help ourselves?
A – YES – see more below ..

Always with love

As always. . . happiness – and how we perceive each minute – is a choice.

The Choice – please see what else is online about this remarkable woman.
And how she lived a full life – through understanding herself fully. We all could.


We always have choice = please follow what she has done and become kinder – to yourself first.

Life Well . .


Always wash hands

‘Germs’ like seeds are only as good as the garden . .

Why not strengthen your Lung energy? (Called Wei Qi)

 Vitamin C – what does it do?
Supports normal  including coating viruses.

When nothing else has worked.
We have strayed so far from our roots – to pay for the fears and the ignorance those tasked with helping are peddling.

You may need a new paradigm of life.

Otherwise called ‘alternative’ And also ‘complementary’ – to what?
CHEMICALS?? (Pharmaceuticals)

Time to get back to Nature. .

Supporting normal.


What to Do . .

Strengthen yourself

You do see the Atmosphere air filter and negative ioniser in the rooms – they work.

Get the sunlight vitamin and make sure the flu/viruses do not get you .. .

Most however play Russian Roulette. They wait – to see if it will improve by limping through life.

It might.

When nothing ‘works’ people may eventually think to come to see me. Often months after their work/life/lungs and all else have been hit so had – a stitch in time they used to say!! Every year I say to get AV/AT and to use 2 x 2 preventatively all through winter If you do start feeling unwell – three at a time is the usual dose – and take these hourly and GO TO BED. That sorts out most problems.

As well – a hot bath – Epsom salts one night – Himalayan the next – get also MSM from here and add in 1-2 tsp a bath – will be the making of you – as the detox and the comfort (read a book) is amazing – plus of course you will sleep better. .


Health is having a well supported immune system – what it does – how does it work?
Not the way that you have been lead to believe – please spend the hour+ and watch this.

Please look at the Life Recipe

The free Life Rescue online course I have here

and the Self Care three pack . .

This contains all you ever need to know about healing yourself and why what you are doing – esp taking pills and so on from naturopaths and from what splinter pieces of useful info you have learned from blogs online – may not be ’working ‘ us how to heal your own gut and how to magic away structural and life pain with your hands, your use of the cup and moxa and your informed good intentions.

What am I talking about?

What is happening – and we can pretend . .

Cat is out of the bag . . .

This is the most sensible immunological talk I have ever seen.

Or be aware – not alarmed. .
The process of mass panic is about to start I suspect . .

Look at what all relate to – to panic you further.

Spanish flu – and see what happened with coronavirus – it got let out
Intentional – or a mishap in bio weaponry?
Inserted SARS and the coronovirus – there has been a man made attempt to ???
Either way – (not eating bats or pangolins) it is something to ponder and to be prepared.

Question rarely asked – what caused wellness?




Being too busy to pay attention . .


If you are time poor
(This is your life)
look in at 30 and 44 minutes

ESPECIALLY 56 minutes and the bag of rice . .


First Aid

Vitamin C – liposomal stored in my clinic fridgeThe Mega Defense from here
YOU MUST ORDER IN – I do not have . .

These are brilliant when NOTHING else has worked – esp when with cancer – then take also with the drops you see on this page.


Drops take out all that is wrecking your hormones/energy and if you have been visited by cancer – that also is a product of your body needing these. Ongoing- a life long guarantee as with no Alzhiemer’s – how do you get that?

Good old aluminium again – especially as directed – keep taking flu injections – see below.

Any ‘advanced’/enhanced vaccination has MORE aluminium or other immune wrecker in it – must watch this as above.
19060o’s ‘tale’ on something that does NOT work the way postulated in vaccine theory – and obvious as the epidemic in chronically ill, not that bright and forever damaged children and adults mounts.
(Who even had heard of autism or ‘spectrum’ disorder 40 years ago?)

When we were not yet destroying the future through profit and fear – not facts?
You may think I am being alarmist.
Maybe look at what I sent out as a newsletter in winter.

That was your wake up call.
I have replicated some of that – here is the rest . .


Flu-less – not clueless

Do we need a vaccine?
Against coronavirus – was apparently patented in 205. In USA – nothing like making money with no accountability . .

How does this upset the body? ADJUVANTS – what they are supposed to do .

A question – rarely even asked. Are vaccines safe?

Ask any teacher.

Any nurse who has been on the job for more than 10 years.
Me, after 41 years is past horrified at the lack of thinking – as the medical and ? takes over common sense.

Thus this newsletter.
Vaccines as an adult?
Never safe.  .we do not know where our trigger point is.
What is happening?

Improve your own body functioning.
As all those ‘hippy’ types who try to live as their grandparents had to.

Growing own food?

Looking after children at home themselves? Living off the land?
Sustainable.  .

Yes – I am gone from Thursday back to NZ to teach at home for 2 weeks – back 26th Feb.
In the meantime – there will be a very different word I return to.

YOU must take charge now.


Supplements from Panaxea


I have been using these products for decades as I have found them so much more useful than anything else I have investigated. After many years of absorbing the costs es from the USA – Aussie $$ the company without warming radically increased the pricing –  so these now reflect not only their worth but also – their true-cost.

These are products that I use in clinic because they have been very effective over many years.

This is also so much better than poisoning your immune system with unproven products.

Take responsibility – how much rest/good food and life recipe is everyone following?

Plus the common life enhancer – coffee – and sugar in all foods – ban them .

Panaxea do not usually sell to the public but if you mention my name and say you are my patient you can order a bunch of the products below .

That way they will be happy to serve you and you will have what you need – so anything that you know worked from Panaxea – this is your chance . .

phone Panaxea 1300 133 807


(from Panaxea above – and do it now before they sell out – do tell them you are my patient as they do not usually sell to the public)

1 – ‘Resist’ to take 1 x 2 daily and that way along with the 2 x2 AV/AT it is unlikely – if your Vit C and Vit D3 and hand washing and rest is right you will get ill at all – the ones who follow this regime do not. 1 bottle will get you through the worst of the weather – 1 person.

2 – ‘AV/AT’ is a joy – and have that 1 x 2 preventitively – this is instead of that dangerous and likely ineffective flu jab. You can order yourself (I do not always have as I have runs of n these and may not be here to restock or even get them to you). Get at least 3 of these – as they are forever your first line of defense[

3 –Fluex’ – to take if the flu gets you as well – or if this is the issue 0 and you have them on hand – to stop it in its tracks. immediately – take all of these 3 at a time – and more the sicker you are – start hard and back off to maybe 3 x 3 a day for a week or so. (1 bottle should do it) Is an intermediary.

They all work – but not to soldier on – but to take the message and rest up – in the sun and with warm everything. (And real chicken broth/soup) and Vit D3 and C .

4 – ‘Antibio botanical’ – when it is coloured mucous and all forms of ‘it is infection. Means you have gone on to antibiotics feel you need to – or as well as and they are needing a hand – all of the above will assist you fighting the good fight. Get at least 2 of these. . .


Protect yourself from viruses!

This is now the moment when there are a lot of infection – that never used to be when people lived better – why did people get sick in/through end of  winter? Their Vit D3 levels (from being in the sun in summer) ran out . ..

Flu viruses and cold are just a few examples.

The fear of the ‘super virus’ (weaponised??) is now present and I am often asked how you can protect yourself.
The answer is not spectacular, it is simple.
If your body has a good immune system, it is less sensitive to apparent disease agents.

WHY DO WE GET ILL – watch what I sent through in 2015 . .



Essential oils are a great way to strengthen your own immune system.
Always been used – in the Bible get a mention – the mainstay of all healing modalities in the past . .

But you have to know how and with what.

Oil of Thieves

I do have in stock. If you have been to see me you will you remember the up nose and down throat process – every night and morning and hourly if poorly’. Or traveling on a plane. You can email the very helpful knowledgable as she will set you on a path of working on /with your family – and this way – signing up (you do not have a minimum spend past starter kit) – will allow you to get way more products cheaper.

Vit C all day a little often – more when really ill – and D3 levels up and maintained.

I have liposomal that is so much easier on the gut and works better – in the clinic now.
(Gone on Thursday for 2 weeks though.
NEVER FEAR – I have Deb taking over the place (and looking after garden) in this time – see more here ..

Water drunk very often, Life Recipe in order.

And of course – the Geri Amena Super Boost – a tsp at night and all ills – including cancer – likely dispensed with – why? Immune system strengthened – not under attack by all aspects of living here now.


Wondering why all this hype about flu and deaths and so on?
Lack of what runs a body well – including rest. We are not robots.

Get into the sun!!
10 minutes front and back no clothes – minimal – at noon.
Serious .

Buy yourself a bottle of 25,000 or at least 10,000 iu VitD 3 from internet as these are freely available in health food shops in USA. Why? It is an essential component of life.

See more here

Unlike this nanny state where having more than 1,000 iu in a capsule or a spray is seen as alarming (it is – is half the dosage you would give a Norwegian baby . .) so much illness, especially chronic is due to lack of this as we all hide away from the sun – and get more cancer – the more sunscreen we use).

See more here.

and here

Best way to help your body?

Allow yourself to heal – however that looks – usually STOP before your body takes you out of the game one way or another to pause. Get onto Glutathione accelerator – will sort out almost everything – take 6 in the morning with food – and the energy will shoot up – as will your mercury load decrease.

Ask – ‘Why do we get ill?’

(I forgot to add in bugs when I did this 4 years ago when thinking I was to help those who cant easily conceive – hence the title is Natural Fertility Coach!).
If you know anyone who needs this – please send them to here – I only see couples as the sperm is in a non sustainable pattern – down to nothing useful – but $$ made all ove rteh place – and no remembrance that that is what sex is for!

Take out what is blocking healing – that is the shock, the cold and the heavy and light metals and all the toxins – water, drunk at least 3 litres daily – with a filter and no fluoride added in to mess with your thyroid (yang Qi expression again).

Invest in the 3 month’s pack from here including the green and white and the blue and white product as that trilogy were designed to be all to needed to take – Vit D 3 and magnesium and iodine on skin extra would be the Heather addition . . .

Avoid all attacks however small: of cold invasion and clear out what is already in you – so your Yang Qi can flow again. If not you can look forwards to all or some of this . .


Ban all sugar inflammation follows when you eat it – yes – is addictive – and is fond in all you want to eat almost – as the FAT and SALT that you do need supposedly are dangerous = the sugar industry has spent a lot to get that idea embedded in all – especially as with the then tobacco companies and now the other ones. .

Or – follow the ‘we-don’t-know-brigade’(medicos)

They always say – ‘more research needed’
No it is not – follow what always works . .and is cheap – life – change how you live it.

– OR  tremble in your boots – blame everyone/everything else for your not looking after yourself better. When not vibrantly well – you are fertile ground for anything.

Revisit my causes of dis ease. .


Orthodox version of ‘flu’/viruses
You are a weakling – and only a flu or other vaccine can help .
There is NO magic pill/process.
Is a fairy story – when you look into it – AT BEST the jab is supposed to give you a milder form.
IF the immune system works as the 1960’s postulation – but that theory is so outdated.

(Flu jab – at best 48% effective – often 2% – and always weakens you – often kills).

Watch how the workers fall about after being jabbed – especially miscarriages – as happened a few years ago with many of my patients who all worked in ICU in a major Bne hospitals.

What a body needs?
A strong immune system that is not already inundated with inflammation and lack of sleep.
A body needs ingredients – use this newsletter as a newsfeed and watch this – get ready to take notes about an hour in .


Food – the best there is is what you future needs.


What allows the body to mount an attack?


A healthy body:

What does it need . .?

Vitamin C

see more here – especially interesting is the notion ‘no research’ Do these apparently bright (highly educated) people not think at all? Swine flu and a dying man recovers – after Vit C given as their Vit D 3 in institutions will be 1,000 iu a day with Calcium to block the magnesium – hence on a slew of pain medications and so on – also heart – as heart needs magnesium to run it

Help yourself?

Yes – this is what I have been doing – for you and everyone.

Filming me, after spending all time not researching.

Developing self help online courses s0 that you can learn what is behind wellness.

YOU are in charge of your future



On a very different note

A wondrous women’s healer/midwife . .

Available at The Life Alignment Centre in the next few months.
And whilst I am away – 13- 26 th Feb.

She will be providing ongoing care after this with some evening get togethers.


Deb MacGillvray


‘After experiencing the benefits of continuity of care with a known midwife I knew that this was what I wanted to offer all women, and so my journey into midwifery began. I have been midwifing women on their journeys into motherhood for 15 years with 10 of those years supporting women to birth at home. This amazing journey and my observation on the link between birth and sexuality has then led me into Yoni Mapping Therapy and Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training. I feel that my growth and understanding of women and birth is a forever expanding journey into the unknown and I look forward to journeying with you’.

More on Deb and yoni mapping here

Deb’s Courses

Who is Deb?


Bachelor of Nursing 2003

Postgraduate Diploma of Midwifery 2004

Postgraduate Certificate of Midwifery (Pharmacology) 2011

Yoni Mapping Therapy Training – Bliss Method 2016

Shamanic School of Womancraft – 2018

Ecstatic Birth Practitioner (in training)

Other courses

Art for Birth

Myofacial Release for Midwives

Osteopathy for Midwives

Gentling Way work with Heather (2019- 20)

My story

‘I started my journey into midwifery after experiencing a powerful and transformative birth with my fourth (and last) child.  I birth babies well and with great pleasure however felt disconnected from my first three as they were taken away for routine weighing, bathing, dressing and wrapping before having a chance to hold them skin to skin.  With my last baby had a continuity of care model where I birthed how I chose to birth, I had skin to skin following a totally physiological and ecstatic birth.  This experience led me down the path of midwifery – I wanted every woman to experience an empowering birth.

Many years later after attending many, many births within various settings I felt something was missing and I undertook a Yoni Mapping Therapy training, and everything started to fall into place.  Not only my own journey into my pleasure but the connection between birth, sexuality and pleasure.  A wild ride that has led me into the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner training.

So how does this link in with the work and training that I have chosen to undertake with Heather?  Well unlike other practitioners who have had treatments with Heather and have experienced firsthand how amazing her work is, I have seen many clients who have amazing outcomes with her work.  I send people to see her on a regular basis for treatments, so why not do the training myself?

I am excited by this work and feel that The Gentling Way and soon to be completed Living Ligaments are the final piece in the multifaceted layers of my training to offer families a truly holistic care package from preconception and beyond’.

What I will be offering

Ante-natal Knowledge Circles (weekly, one evening)

Held weekly involving craft, story telling and addressing different issues.  A taster for weekend workshops around childbirth.

  • Birth Art
  • Labyrynth making/understanding
  • Drum journey
  • Guided meditations

Weekend Antenatal Workshops (monthly)

Incorporating midwifery knowledge, ecstatic birth, herbalism, aromatherapy, sounding, breath, movement/dance.

Yoni Mapping Sessions

Occasional Yonique Wisdom sessions for sexuality, childbirth, post birth trauma.

Look after yourself

Your hands . . can do so much . .

Me and why I do this?

Look at what I have been doing here – get charged up . .

40+ years of me working


Now teaching

At 65 next week 

I am handing over ..

You included!!


See my online courses here