April – Exciting times afoot


When is Heather in clinic?

Opportunities to see me are now very limited.
I am back in Brisbane this week. I am here for 2 weeks – and then gone for 2 months.

I am only working on you in the late afternoon/evening and Saturdays.
I suggest that you come in for a quick pre-winter boost to give yourself a Heather tune-up.

Catch up with your supplies for not needing to worry about flu – be well so it passes you by . .

The flu injection – do you need it?
(How did we ever live without all this fear of life??).

2011 – Dr Sherri Tenpenny – well worth watching.

2018 – Dr Sherri Tenpenny update   .


What to do when I need Heather’s help?

I will have Teri, my teacher-in-training, here whilst I am away.

She has been learning all I do since 2015, on top of her own skills as a great all round acupuncturist/women’s trauma healer in the past decade.

She is someone I would have work on me. Not what I would say of many.
But she is in Kaitaia presently – several hour’s drive north of Auckland.

Teri will also be running short, practical hands-on courses – so you can help yourself.

I am looking into having another acupuncturist – fertility and women’s health focus potentially – who will also here whilst I am away.

What is Heather doing next?

I am about to teach what I have spent the past 40 years researching, developing, honing and perfecting – as a simple self-help way to heal people, one belly/one broken heart at a time. That was my focus last year. I taught 250 hours of face to face experiential hands-on in small groups of possible teacher/Heather clones – me teaching and in retreats with those interested. This was mainly other acupuncturists. Unfortunately none were from Brisbane. All were from all over NZ and Australia.

I will spend the next year on this project.

Across the world



I leave in two weeks.
I will be teaching in Europe and USA so there will be ‘Heather clones’ learning what I know.

Exciting for you – The Self Care Package

You may have a problem. I likely have the solution in this pack.
You have been catered for!! I explain the reasons for unwellness – and how to undo these yourself. (Stop breaking yourself to start with).

I now have the self-help online course that you can instantly download and help yourself. (See below) To be receiving this newsletter you probably have felt at least some of these moves. You can now do a lot yourself.

This is my gift – Educate – Empower – Enlighten …

  • Instead of your being dependent on seeing anyone for health matters.
  • You will find within – preventative and curative.
  • Bodies do heal themselves.
  • I have developed this home-based programme.
  • I am offering you the basics.
  • Everyone at every level has to start here.
  • Self paced – multi media.

Self Care online self-paced home rescue package

All the moves I have as gems in clinic.
Mostly invented through my 40 years of clinical practice as I find out what works to add value to the needling and all else I have been up to.

You can so easily do any or all of them – on yourself and loved ones.
Please invest in my your self care.

The 3 part package of original courses holds within it all you need to know to help yourself and your loved ones.

You will have the tools yourself – at home and forever.

I have created some brilliant diagrams and posters, and me showing you how on real bodies – as well as extra eBooks and articles to download – so this is an entire self help package.

Start immediately for yourself . . . and others.

Who is this for?

Those who are have woken up and are interested/aware that they need to do their own self help.

Who is this not for?

Anyone who has the belief that someone else and ‘of authority’ needs to oversee you /make sure this is safe. It all is. This is about life. Not in the medicos’ scope of practice. It’s in mine – for the past 40 years dispensing holistic multi-modality transformative energy body work.

I began this seeding of doubt and why it is needed in the last newsletter – the Flexner report – it is NOT in their curriculum – not taught and thus not expected that food and life are healers for anyone with medical training. Now unfortunately this also includes all ‘natural’ health care professionals.

You have to live well.
Have you got a life manual?
You have to do the basic work first – the initial course.

If you are desperate and nothing else seems to be working – here is the start. What a gift!


My gems from 40 years being a hands on healer, as well as an energy mover.

The very simple work – beginnings.

Inside the Self Care Package

  • Love Your Body Better
  • The Healing Power of Touch
  • Foundational Moves – again – anyone can

All those nasty feelings/magically-you-are-now-better moves – you can now do them, as they are on this course.

Including how to use a cup on navel and then moxa afterwards – which is what everyone was doing at home in China and still in the Asian countries – well before the biomedical surgery as last/only resort and the pharmaceuticals happened.

This course is the basics of your taking charge. It contains all I do and why I do it. It is the entry point to all my work. From now on you are a student of your own life and can build upon this. No one else seems to have worked this out. It is TOO SIMPLE. And effective – you do not need to be a return customer for anyone, as your body will repair itself. If you look after yourself better, the keys are within.

1- The ‘Love Yourself Better’ course – explains why and what to do, easily step-by-step. Includes soothing belly by your going ‘round and round’ as I teach you in a session. (why all that you have done to date may not have worked’ – your missing pieces are likely within).

2 – The Healing Power of Touch is all the belly moves and how to move your energy so you have it for you to use, and some moves to do on others.

3 – The Foundational Moves component tells you how you can get yourself and loved ones out of pain – move your and their Qi and lymph.

The 3 parts are the beginning of your healing.
Why what you eat may not be nourishing and what to do to help your belly
What to do to help your body – hands on and moving differently
What to do to help yourself and others – and a lot of it you can do for yourself – a tour around the body to amaze you.
Instantly easier breathing: np pain as a result of your work on other than where it currenlty hrst places . .

Please, after completing the basic three courses, ask yourself – for you – what did she not answer?
You may have a specific problem/challenge.
There may be more than one, and they may be not on my initial list.

Do tell me, as I can easily do up another small special challenge edition.

We all have a belly, and those of us with either a uterus or prostate organ – and all of us with scars – will be covered in the work I will get out in the next 2 weeks (as bonuses from being a recipient of the Self Care Package).

It is so easy and effective – all say – “but it can’t be that simple Heather”
Yes it is.

As a bonus you will receive a package as to how to help yourself. Maybe come in and buy a large cup/and the moxa – and most of what ails you is then fixed under your own hands.
Circulation. Metabolism and digestive as well as structural and reproductive.

NOTE: Currently all prices for my online products are in Australian dollars.
As soon as the bank account is sorted out they will change to US dollars – a significant price increase.
If you are thinking of signing up the sooner the better.

You can get the Self Care package here:

Start with the Self Care lymph and Qi moving course.
This will move most of the likely pain triggers yourself.

I will be putting up a scar/adhesion resolution pack in a couple of days .

Anyone who buys the Self Care Course will get it as a gift when it is done



What are adhesions?

Your body essentially gluing itself back together after a shock.

Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that form inside the body as a result of infection, inflammation, trauma, even radiation therapy. Surgery (trauma) is the number one cause of this illness.

Adhesions can cause internal organs to become fused together, which can result in a myriad of symptoms: agonizing pain, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, back pain, constipation, migraines and bowel obstructions.

Adhesions form as the body attempts to repair itself from injury.

Overcompensation often.

Surgery, particularly abdominal surgery, is an injury to the body that causes scar tissue-adhesions-to form. While most people will never know they have adhesions, others will end up with debilitating symptoms as the scar tissue begins to overcompensate from the surgical insult.

Easily released naturally – and you can do it yourself gradually.

Why does no one medical seem to know?
Outside their scope.

This is the extent of an inner tangle from a life-saving operation at 12 months of age on a now over 60 man. Imagine this mess in his gut all of his life – good thing he was not to have periods!!

With these adhesions blocking the circulation – he has never known any different. Maybe this is also you? You can easily work on this at home. I teach you how in video, diagrams, pictures and text. I will be creating a really quick course /eBook as scars and adhesions get in the way of the flows.

No one knows what to do (surgeons cut them out to make more) – acupuncturists are not even taught or shown that this really basic – clear the Qi flow/meridians. This “open the gate” work has to be done.

Scar/adhesions work

This of course means that if you have even a little scar, it may be all that is holding your healing well back, and the special tricks I have learned will fix you.(This is quite often as in his case – decades later).

Please start today – and as a part of your having bought the start of Self Help – for a month I will send you out the extra bonuses – just let me know which you want.

Start with the Self Care (even if you are not trying to make better babies – sperm quality being what it is) and so many men are so damaged b their past ignorance and self neglect – it all comes back to bite them on their bum when over 40/50/60/70 /80 years here.

Not aging – no maintenance – we have it all in this package.
In the Foundational Moves you have all the prostate care work to do already.

  • with the ‘Make Friends’ with your Gut’, then the
  • ‘Making Friends With Your Womb’ and the
  • ‘Men Matter’ – as we all have dads, brothers, sons at least . . .

Do ask me to do up another subject – fibromyalgia and energy/low thyroid I will do soon too.
Signing up for this means you get them as they happen . . as additions.

Scar normalisation

Any loss of flexibility in flows in the body, including the uterus – which if misplaced will set off all the back aches and migraines and sciatica till it is rescued (and no one does the inner work) – can be healed with your own hands.

That is what I will be away teaching, and this is what you can do with your OWN HANDS as the touch therapy parts of the Self Care course.

Improving the blood, lymph and nerve flows . .
No pain.
All fixed – as the wastes go where they should and the good stuff flows in – so NO COLD – getting rid of this is always the first step so then you get the energy moving – you know this as you have felt the shifts when I work with you . .

Every thing that lives – has to move . .

Any loss of flexibility in flows anywhere affects everything – so we have your hands on you and your loved ones’ bodies – you do not have to do everything that is in any of these touch therapies courses – any move will make an instant difference. (Lymph needs to flow)
Think of all that wasted time and resources – finding someone to help you do it yourself!

You will feel – as others all report – on arising from the treatment couch ..
Lightness and lengthening of their spine.
A feeling of spaciousness within
Loss of the pressure and tightness that you may have just become accustomed to.

Maybe you have had an abdominal operation/C section?

  • Have a ‘mummy tummy’?
  • Any cuts, even very minor – think laparoscopies
  • ‘Weight loss’ surgery, or
  • Any abdominal operation – including repairs and removals
  • Bladder/sacral congestion

The Gentling Way 

is your path back to perfection . .
This is why I am concentrating on ‘cloning me’ as much as I can . . .

There is so much so simply done . .
Please invest in being better.”Getting jabbed with poisons is NOT the way to health.

Research. Read all package labels – as you cannot unvaccinate.

Do you get informed consent?

Do you know what causes health?
Looking after yourself – Self Care is the way .

Look after your belly and it will look after you!
(And get out the sun please)

Remember, all prices will soon change to US dollars
– the numbers will stay the same so it will be a significant increase.

If you are thinking of signing up the sooner the better.

Enjoy feeling so much clearer – so easily – under your own hands.!