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Life Alignment Centre – with the new Moxa Shed.

The beautiful new Coorparoo clinic is up and running.
I’ve planted out the garden and it flourishes daily.
Exciting times…

Moxa for heating and healing.

Applying warming moxa heat in the Moxa Shed.

The healing garden at the Life Alignment Centre.

Step up the garden path and through the arch to the Moxa Shed.

The new Moxa Shed (complete with solar powered moxa extraction fan /cooling influence – along with the insulation on all walls/roof), now has its own ‘privacy screen’ from the street …

It also adds a lovely arched entrance to my new garden. The Moxa Shed is the new site for moxa tuition (does not have to be pretty – I am going for functional presently as there is only one of me doing all of this).

Picture an 80+ man on the saw horse, his bride on a chair and another person on the steps – as I explain how to apply moxa to ST 36 for good gut health – and then sitting in the sun on the steps myself whilst I demonstrate to all …

A life well lived!

Well-ventilated moxa shed.

The Moxa Shed seats two, a comfortable, well-ventilated space for patient and care-giver.

Dedicated Moxa Shed

Deep heat moxa treatment in a dedicated space.









Clinic Hours this week.

This week: I am away running practitioner training from 6 – 12 September. The good news is, I will be bringing trained new workers back to the clinic. Come in on Tuesday, before I leave, and stock up on moxa sticks and AV/AT.

Call for an appointment  (07) 3899 2274


Special on all my Self-Care Courses – this week only!!.

Whilst I am away training others, I am offering three “nurturing yourself and your loved ones” home care courses for the special price of only $110.

Learn about everything I do in clinic that is home based – elders’ medicines from elsewhere:

•Women’s Home Massage Course – removing stored cold, heart chakra opening, moving Stuck Liver Qi, point percussion, pelvic opening, your belly, ligaments, uterus, and more.

•Men’s Home Massage Course – demonstrations are on a man’s body showing the extra tricks involved – especially to engage the prostate and to ensure your man is not one of those with prostate woes, including cancer – and indeed can also be used with this. Additionally, unblocking life’s flows, loosening lymph congestion, upper body, sacral chakra, point percussion, moxa use.

•Reset Your Metabolism Course – the basis of everything I do – and being the only one in the world who knows this – as I designed the entire protocol – please avail yourself, as regardless of what anyone else is doing – will it hold? As you may have noticed, possibly not.

Here are your permanent answers – reset yourself back to normal. Your template is messed with – from not listening to elders and all the oral traditions as we would have in the past.

How to undo all of this yourself?

Easy… Reset Your Metabolism – Cupping out cold, moxa use, perineal steaming, topical iodine use, holistic self-help and more.

You get all three courses for the one price, with great information on how to help yourself and each other.

Extra – if you can pop in on Tuesday I will still be here and have a few of the tools that you can use – or you can pay me online or on the EFTPOS machine, and we can leave them somewhere safe for your to pick up. I’m doing a special offer on moxa (standard crude, the fluffy one, without the jar) and a beautiful Tui balm for only $27.50, to pick up here in Coorparoo.


Moxa and Tui balm

A special offer this week on moxa and Tui massage balm, $27.50.


Spring First Aid – stock up on moxa and AV/AT.

Come in on Tuesday and stock up on moxa sticks and AV/AT before I go away for 6 days. I’m doing a special offer on crude moxa and a beautiful Tui balm, my preferred massage balm, see above.


Help Yourself with these Remedies…

What’s causing your illness? Inability to adapt to changes?

Come in, calm down and get aligned.

•AV/AT – get some today!! You then have some so if/when you get sniffles, you have the tools to undo this. (Take 3 every hour. Until better.)
•Hot Epsom salts bath. Relaxing and nourishing.
•Lemon and water, climb into bed with a hot water bottle and sleep.
•Vitamin D3 –  I
explain it here. Online – from iherb.com – get the Thorne brand – at 25,000 iu a day – at least – more if you are at all ill – short term – as this is not a drug – it is what fuels your wellness and immune responses. It’s what you make all hormones with.

We are made from what we eat – fat – and salt to make the minerals available -the electrolytes and the gut acid to digest protein to even make your metabolism hormones.

•You can help yourself with moxa stick and cupping, just like I do in the clinic.

Declutter, Reset, Restore



Don’t forget, I am away from 6 – 12 September. Otherwise, I am here in the new Coorparoo clinic on:

  • occasional evenings as needed and
  • every Saturday plus
  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • and other times by special appointment. 

Call for an appointment  (07) 3899 2274

Best wishes,


Heather Bruce

Transformative Energy Body Worker
Founder of Heather’s Gentling Way

Accredited Mercier therapist
® /Maya Self Care teacher,
Certificated and Pregnancy Arvigo
® worker


10 Kitchener St, Coorparoo, 4151, (Brisbane) AU