I’m Heather, the creator of the Gentling Way and director of Heather’s Healing Academy.

I have been working as a natural health care provider, mainly using my passion for moving Qi,
and being aligned with life flows, thus as an acupuncturist – since 1979.

Seemingly hard cases are my passion.

On my quest for my, my family’s and the resolution of difficult cases for others, I have traveled into many modalities, bringing to it all together now in a form of body reshaping that delves deeply into how to assist when all else may have not.


I am presently at home in NZ, creating more online services and courses


A message from me . . June 2020


Who can I help?

Those who are on a quest and want to get more informed – and thus enlightened . .
Shall we get ready for the new future?

I usually run intensives as I have a healing retreat centre there.

Whilst the world is panicking – and hopefully reassessing what is health and why it has let the ‘we don’t know’ brigade take over – orthodox medicine – perhaps read all I have in the newsletters on the rightas so many answers are there awaiting you.


WARNING – nothing is allowed to be spelt out – you have to start thinking yourself.
Who benefits from your getting well?
Who does not?
What always has worked?

Living a life lived well.
YOU taking responsibility – and making sure your unit (body) is being tended well.

Use this as a rider:

The body heals itself. (When we stop causing problems and let it)
Nature has the ways . .

AND . . ..
All that is anti life – anti biotics/anti depressants/ anti psychotics – anti pain – is NOT helpful to this process.
All body warnings previously ignored –
YOU need to strengthen yourself.
Fear is the best way to make conformity and through ignorance – control.

Anything – may also be ANTI your life.
Including any version of jabbing foreign materials into your body.
Here is the Australian TGA warning.

If you turn this about a bit  is like reading a Steven King novel – dystopia here we are.

Cutting to the chaseARE YOU IN PAIN?

(and level – maybe now heartache/break)

Maybe stop and watch this – you can grab the 2 online courses – and get started  – where ever you are.

I have also spent the last many decades mentoring and discovering what else we all can use to be more practical in sustaining our own and other’s wellness. This has lead me into many amazing adventures . .

Expect me to use my skills as an acupuncture consultant, naturopath, Western herbalist, Chinese herbalist, Maya and a Mercier practitioner bringing all into – The Gentling Way. We work together on discovering why your body is stuck – and what has gotten you to where your body needs help to reset itself back to self healing.

About you . .

Looking for answers?
In pain? Suffering? Misery? Trauma ongoing . . .?
All and every level of pain is likely to be the solution to something that is hidden.
It may be that you are told something you do not agree with – to be searching still.
Whether it is you are to be the way you are forever onwards – that you must ‘learn to live with it’: be it in pain and take medications, can’t sleep and the same, depressed – likewise,  infertile, even . .  about to die or anything in between.
Maybe it has all just worn you down . . severe and long standing pain will do that.
Possibly you are on a slew of medications  . . . ..
Feel like you have been everywhere and tried everything?
STILL got what started you down the path of searching? And here you are . .
Let us go down a different path . . . Find out what your body telling you.
When we find that answer – it is likely the ever louder warnings – especially pain – will diminish.


Need some inner help?

We all are congested in the pelvis. We store life residue there – incidents, operations, and falls – all work to reduce the natural flows that allow periods, babies, and Qi (life force) to flow as designed . .

Let us work to undo this to restore your passions .

Mercier? – Dr Jennifer Mercier was stuck in Stage 4 endo and considered ‘infertile’. She developed how to undo this work to naturally conceive her two children. Both C sections – she then undid the inner adhesions and scarring that results.

Want to know more? visit my site: you may enter an entirely new world of structural integrity.
A gyno visceral manipulative therapy that I have added into the womb aligning and structural perfection techniques I have perfected after these decades of assisting people when NOTHING ELSE has  .

I have taken this so much further and offer you . .
Heather’s Gentling Way.

As a gyno visceral manipulative therapy that I have added into the womb aligning and structural perfection techniques I have perfected after these decades of assisting people when NOTHING ELSE has. I have taken this so much further and offer you . . Heather’s Gentling Way.


Multi modality?

What you may need – all together  . . .

Acupuncture always my first love – 40+ years ago I was the first woman acupuncturist in Brisbane city –  then the only one to turn to with all women’s troubles. Especially around pregnancy and making better babies naturally. Always moving lymph and moving pain – so it become a distant memory.

Also ready with handy hints – and helpful herbals – as a naturopath and now a Gentling Way and a Maya/ Arvigo (and in the past an Arvigo Self Care teacher) and Mercier therapist – there is little I can’t do to realign you back to balance – and back to enjoying being you.

I will use whatever tools (always also my hands) to assist you be the best you you can be.

Let us together delve into your past to see how this is holding you hostage and how through gently letting go you and release (in love) all that has blocked your being clearer and happier.

What you likely want . .


To live and to age well.
Have an easier life.
Lose your pain.   

Prepared to move off your stuck spot?
Happy to change as needed to have this happen?

I ask this as I work very differently.

Usually in intensive blocks.


It took you ages to get to here. I undo what is stuck. The body is used to being out of balance.

It has often taken all of your life to get in the present tangle.
Whatever the issue  – whether there even is one – you may just want wellness.

You may also want 


Once your ‘trouble’ has abated (So it stays away)

I am actively assisting others to live and look forwards to fruitful happy futures.

Living and aging well

Adhesions. scars and life incidents, surgeries, accidents all take their toll – your flows may not be flowing.

Qi/Blood/Lymph/life flows when the body and life are aligned

It is your journey, your life. Thus your responsibility

Living well is outside the scope of practice of those taught to deter death.
hence – this IS NOT MEDICAL INFORMATION – but a return to what all did know

Please download the brochure below
MayaHealing-Gentling Brochure-HB2
You want to . . . .

Live Well

A question .  . .

Can we put you back in alignment?

Structure – determines function

Regardless of what you come in with .. .EVERYTHING – Your belly/ back /pelvis being ‘out’ – may be a simple case of your womb/space that she held/(prostate area if you are a man) – has troubles. The centre of your being – the front of your back – the area the leg circulation travels through – the part that sitting all day congests – where all sexual troubles end – uterine malposition. This makes life tricky.

Periods /fertility/sexuality a bit difficult.

Until this is fixed – a twisted pelvis will haunt you.
Circulation to your legs and lower body can’t be perfect when your uterus is not in her correct spot.
More on this to be explored – here (Maya healing) and here (Heather’s Genting Ways).


How I work .  ./what to expect

Sessions typically last at least 2 usually 3 hours. Anything less and I would be only playing. Yes – I can give a short session and as a pain specialist from decades ago – that is simple – but setting you up to NOT have pain return may be a longer process – and where I choose to work..
Hence the intensives.
Close together and with a minimum of tome between session ideally – no more than a week apart and often a lot less.


Gives the body less to time to return to habits.
There is so much to undo in any body. You know this.
Please allow time to actually heal.
Skimming the top and hoping for the best is not what we do here.
We ensure it happens . .
Having you come back again and again is not how I work.
Initially a session may (when on an intensive) last at least 3 hours – sometimes 4+ hours.
6 of these and it is highly likely that your body unlocks itself.
Structurally we MUST clear what is holding you hostage.  Your past is locked into pain.
By two sessions, you will feel vastly different.
You will likely wish to complete the process – (at least 6 sessions) aligning ALL of yourself.
What to expect . .
Working intensively this happens.

I provide online courses to also to allow you to TAKE CHARGE yourself

In the past people came as they felt to/wanted to come.
one session at a time.
But now – by the time you are thinking of seeing me usually things are desperate and all else has failed.
Especially if you have now a ‘diagnosis’ It did not just happen – but was percolating for some time.

You WILL need to change
Sometimes everything

You may not feeling the best you . .
Know that things were better than now
Know that no one so far has put a finger on what is going on . .


Ask yourself  have I had enough yet?

Let’s find out together what is holding YOUR life flows back.

What am I offering?

My + 40 years of life and professional experience – in helping those who have no hope.
A unique blend of what works.
In sequence individually crafted for you.
A combination of hands-on subtle, yet thorough ways to soothe and realign you.
Always within the gentle realms of allowing the body to heal itself.
On all levels . . .
  • Soul
  • Emotional
  • Physical

Are we a good fit?


I am a Holistic
Multi modality
Body mechanic
In a session I will choose for you what I feel best suits you – as there is so much that we all carry around as ‘baggage’ and sometimes it is time to let it go.


I am also a Common Sense Health Consultant

Gentling Ways – this is a off spin in addition to the pelvic work I started decades ago and published through the ‘What Dads Can Do’ manuals and DVD’s online available (and use yourself (for anyone) the moxa sacral fan) at home – and the specific pelvic clearing.

Start with your centre – is it in the centre?
This will fix what is ailing you – likely a uterus (or prostate) in misalignment – and whether or not they are removed – the ligaments are no longer doing what they are to do – and there you are – in constant pain to be adjusted constantly

Women’s Health

Your womb/space needs to be in your centre . . and if now missing where she was is paramount to be undone .. Adhesions/scars/distressed bodies can be taken back to their original settings . .

Do expect ‘miracles’.
After working with a sense of humour and intending to NOT take “can’t” for an answer – I expect them before you leave me – to at least feel so much lighter and freer! (And your pain free/substantially reduced).

Structural especially – that back no one can fix?
Probably your misplaced uterus – even if she is gone – the ligaments and meridians hold the memories. .
YOUR miracles  are waiting – we just need to set them in motion for you.
Happens all day in my clinic . .

What you may expect – so many do . .

Often there are sensible solutions for the problems no-one else has been able to find answers for/’fix’

Perhaps we just need to take out what was not supposed to be there, and put more in of what should.

Steps: ALIGN

Let’s start with Structure determines function:

and get away from the ongoing ‘work’ it seems to be to keep your body aligned.
invest in your health and future . .

Get your circulation going again – then there will be no pain.

Clean out what is not supposed to be in your body:

1 – Cold

2 – Chemicals

Often it is as simple as having more of what nourishes us on board and less of what does not.

More exercise and warmth – and no ice – ever!!!!

Why no ice?

It stops the circulation – which needs to be BETTER when in pain to get the oxygen and blood there to heal – and the rubbish away fast. See more here

Told you have fibromyalgia?
As usual – a combination of not enough quality nutrients and not in alignment sets you up for everyone trying to FIX what is the result of essentially malnutrition and lack of movement.


Often health return and comfort is as simple as working on old scars.

This may seem a strange idea. Meridians – lies of flow – and the adhesions that glue you up
You may know you hate being touched there. . ..

or that you haven’t felt the same since . . . or that the scar is actually a problem.

Why not come and get it aligned with your energy again?

Meridians (lines) of energy traverse the body – and when these are interfered with – through accidents and operations – often function and of course local feeling is altered. 

After I have woven my magic and you get off the couch –

You WILL feel taller


Any health queries

It may be that Simple Natural Solutions are needed.

Contact me here

Align Your Life!