You may wonder what is Heather doing now?

Back in Brisbane 18 th August for a few months,

L.A. to teach again and N.Y.C – mid October
Europe (Sweden/Paris and Toulouse) November.
Back beginning of December to teach till Christmas then teaching in NZ (Heather’s healing sanctuary Atarau, SI).

To arrange times to see Heather please consider these and also that she may be able to start the process with a Skype consult and possibly see you in NZ when she is home there in September and in January.

Week long intensive programmes are likely to move what is needed on for you.
Discover a new you!

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Professionally- important note

On 19th June 2018 I handed in my de-registeration . . . .

No longer to be called an acupunctur – IST in Australia. Fine all over the rest of the world . . .


Many health care ‘professionals’ are now pretending to be using acupuncture needles in acupuncture points and even call what they do acupuncture /DN (Dry needling) – not injecting anything or even ‘Western’ acupuncture.

They will not say that they are an “acupuncturist” as that is a protected title.
I still do the real deal – and have done for 40 years now – and l am teaching internationally.

What is acupuncture?

A system of health care that has been written about for thousands of years – encompassing many forms of therapy – always working with the natural flows and biology – as energy . Most likely known as the use of fine needles in spots following Qi flow in the vessels/channels/meridians in and on the physical body.

What has happened?
We all forgot that the elders know  .
And will always work for the common good.
As such I am now bringing forth a new breed of therapy and workers – who practice The Gentling Way . .
A combination of releasing what may have held you hostage.
As I travel the world, we will find more coming under this banner.
Gentle . .


From being the only woman in Brisbane city working in the late 70’s/early 80’s to designing and writing the acupuncture undergraduate course, to now. My passion from 1981 has been teaching all levels of acupuncturists how to wield their own Qi – discovering their own mastery.  . Along the way I have traveled far within myself.

I have NOW released myself.
I am a
Multi modailty
Body worker.
Meaning that the suite of tools i have is extensive.
In a session I will choose for you what I feel best suits you – as there is so much that we all carry around as ‘baggage’ and sometimes it is time to let it go.

What holds you hostage?

Always beliefs .. .

I can now see that my own health, and that of all my children and all those seek me has been whittled away insidiously. Recently the fears have intensified – so even catching the measles APPARENTLY will kill. Never mind what that injection did to me and my daughter and to myriad other ex vaxxing peoples – we eventually wake up  – some of us are not able to take out the toxic residues.

Some seem to believe – are led to think  – that this health horror even helps!!

Please research yourself

Where does this leave you?
Very able to see me
I now will only see those who have sought help elsewhere and not get it
They have steeped outside the box.
They are now ‘on their own’ and have nothing to do but change.
That is where the healing is.
Your investment in YOUR life.
Not dipping a toe in the water – but YOUR taking charge.

That is when I can help you.

Having my own and my children’s problems to solve, initially doing what we all do –

I eventually stepped outside the box.
(I did not fit it anyway).

It was to start seeking healing the body itself so it could do what it was designed to do – self heal.
Looking back, the children got ever more ill the more I used the medical system .
Times change.You as parents and consumers of illness care /micromanaging also need to Wake Up.
If you do not, I and no one else can do it for you. Once you have – welcome!!
We can work together easily.
My 40 years of asking different questions, finding answers that work – on an individual basis are here when  am in clinic. Often not as I am around the world lighting other practitioners fires as they too discover that what did work now is not. Patchy results – getting ever worse.
If this is a lot of reading – how else are you to find answers?


Gone everywhere?
Done everything?
Still with what you weren’t happy with and now more problems on top
All say ‘It could not have happened like that’
Invalidation and dis-empowerment.


Finding what I can do and not being allowed to tell you/say that happens in clinic all day people heal and walk out FIXED.
Telling you and you not listening.
(Google/forums/medical people/other health care professionals) – all have a stake.
YOU have to live with your choices.
WAKE UP please as the answers are simple.
A self care package has been designed so you can download and start NOW
At home –

I have many sites that may interest you.

This one may be your starting point.

My original site in 1999 was for my meditation work

I have added more. See here

If you are interested in any women’s business – or in uterine re-positioning (for the entire healing of your being – with, or now without a uterus even – as the ligaments and the spaces still need corrections) – please see more here;

As a multi modality transformative energy body worker  – (even when I was first qualified as an acupuncturist in 1978, I was hands-on and dual trained as a naturopath) I always moved lymph, always undid blockages to flows. always playing with the energy that leads the physical shell we inhabit into its merry life dances. Always interested in being heartful.

I am generally in Brisbane for 3 weeks at a time.

In NZ (summer) gardening/working in my healing sanctuary,

writing courses and teaching apprentice healers.

Back in Brisbane clinic

18 th August

(I am away teaching internationally sometimes.)


Back all September – off again mid October/all November.

Catch me when you can for the intensives that will alter the rest of your life.

Maybe step out of the old. That which was comfy eventually is not you are used to  . . 

Ask yourself  have you had enough yet?

 NOW – get started on a New You,

Are we a good fit?

 I am here for you:after all these (39 years)

Ever transforming the inquisitive and the authentic in me to meet your real world of ‘something is not working’:

Let’s find out together what is holding YOUR life flows back.

Heather's Healing hands

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  • Soul
  • Emotional
  • Physical


A Common Sense Health Consultant

1 – Maybe see me for a programme of intensive of Heather’s Gentling Ways –

Why ‘Gentling’?

This is a off spin in addition to the pelvic work I started decades ago and published through the ‘What Dads Can Do’ manuals and DVD’s online available (and use yourself (for anyone) the moxa sacral fan) at home – and the specific pelvic clearing only one in the world so far to use – Heather’s Gentling Ways ..

It will fix what is ailing you – likely a uterus (or prostate) in misalignment – and whether or not they are removed – the ligaments are no longer doing what they are to do – and there you are – in constant pain to be adjusted constantly . .

Women’s health

See also more here:

Why did I (a very accomplished acupuncture consultant and teacher for decades in my own right) get into this?

Why an accomplished acupuncture consultant became an Arvigo® practitioner

I find answers – the Mercier work was the 2016 addition

Mercier plus Heather’s Gentling Ways

Why see Heather Bruce?
Perhaps you are now desperate enough to change?


Please – expect to see me initially intensively: you have taken ages to get to where you are here – not happy . . .

Do expect ‘miracles’.
After working with a sense of humour and intending to NOT take “can’t” for an answer – I expect them before you leave me – to at least feel so much lighter and freer! (And your pain free/substantially reduced)

Structural especially – that back no one can fix?
Probably your misplaced uterus – even if she is gone – the ligaments and meridians hold the memories. .
YOUR miracles  are waiting – we just need to set them in motion for you.
Happens all day in my clinic . .

What you may expect – so many do . .

Often there are sensible solutions for the problems no-one else has been able to find answers for/’fix’

Perhaps we just need to take out what was not supposed to be there, and put more in of what should.

Steps: ALIGN

Let’s start with Structure determines function:

and get away from the ongoing ‘work’ it seems to be to keep your body aligned.
invest in your health and future . .

Get your circulation going again – then there will be no pain .
Clean out what is not supposed to be in your body:


Often it is as simple as having more of what nourishes us on board and less of what does not. More exercise and warmth – and no ice – ever!!!!

Why no ice?

It stops the circulation – which needs to be BETTER when in pain to get the oxygen and blood there to heal – and the rubbish away fast. See more here

Told you have fibromyalgia?
Fix why here

Is it your thyroid?

Likely . .. Far too many people believe that when the blood tests say ‘normal’ or ‘within normal limits’ that they are well and their thyroid is ‘OK’.

Perhaps it may be the same as everyone else’s – falling in a hole.

Likely taking the supplement designed to allow your body to work as it was designed to is what is most needed – at a fraction of the cost of all the vitamins and what not you may have bought and been taking diligently.  It may be all you need – please watch the DVD clips on the Glutathione section (Robert Keller Original) in ‘Healthy Living’

Read more about thyroid issues . . .

When to take charge

When you aren’t feeling alive and vital and on top of your game/life. Could it be something blocking healing?  Or maybe that what has happened to you has impacted on how your body is able to function. It may well be that all the tests you have had have not found the culprit.  It may well be your thyroid /adrenals/metabolism.  It may well be not quite bad enough yet – although you don’t feel great – to slip under the medical safety nets/radar. Are you stressed and anxious?  Aging too fast? Depressed for no good reason?  Try the Glutathione information – as it is the way to ultimately heal – an anti inflammatory, anti aging and the strongest anti oxidant there is.

  • Have you been suffering pain, low energy, poor sleep, low mood or headaches?
  • Does life seem too hard?
  • Do you feel as though there is not enough right and not enough wrong to warrant going to see someone?
  • You may well have a complex web of symptoms that other health professionals have been unable to assist you with.
  • Have you a high maintenance body?
  • Do you find yourself continually at the massage therapists/chiropractor or physio?
  • Are you wearing a splint/protective device as your body is too sore/weak to work unaided?

I strongly suggest you listen to the Dr Keller interview to see how you can help your body to work well again.

When you come to see me, there will be an assessment of what is happening now – and what you can do to change your future.

Often it is as simple as working on old scars.  It may seem a strange idea. But then – you may know you hate being touched there. . .. or that you haven’t felt the same since . . . or that the scar is actually a problem.

Why not come and get it aligned with your energy again?

Meridians (lines) of energy traverse the body – and when these are interfered with – through accidents and operations – often function and of course local feeling is altered.

Ring (07) 3899 2274

Any your health queries – also see my natural health solutions apps here

It may be that Simple Natural Solutions are needed.

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