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Often there are sensible solutions for the problems no-one else has been able to find answers for/’fix’

Perhaps we just need to take out what was not supposed to be there, and put more in of what should. . .

What might I mean?

There are so many chemicals that were never intended to be incorporated in the body or the environment. (And cold energy from putting ice on every little thing).

The loss of nutrients in the ‘food products that our ancestors would not recognise also needs addressing.

It may be that Simple Natural Solutions are needed.

Chronic Pain?

In acupuncture it is known that poor circulation creates pain.

More Vitamin D? Lack of this means pain all through your body – and you need thousands of iu daily – not hundreds. A lot of what is seen as being currently ‘best practice’ in mainstream medicine is incorrect – and there are few answers found following taking drugs instead of what is needed to run your body well.

Often it is as simple as having more of what nourishes us on board and less of what does not. More exercise and warmth – and no ice – ever!!!!

Get circulation going again – lose the pain . . .

There are many ways us can help yourself at home – use of moxa – available from a local acupuncturist – will allow you to sort out most back pain – esp with using magnesium oil – on the skin – and getting my massage and self help manuals.

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Why no ice?

It stops the circulation – which needs to be BETTER when in pain to get the oxygen and blood there to heal – and the rubbish away fast.

Also no inflammatory foods – avoid all that is sweet and ‘fun/easy’ to eat to help you heal faster – see me today to see how we together can get on top of your suffering . .

This means STOP USING ICE on anything.

Cold is NOT a Woman's Friend

Cold is NOT a Woman’s Friend

Also stop drinking cold/chilled water – often this is all your gut needs to start working well again.

To learn more please investigate the simple natural solutions offered all through this site.




Better-Health-&-Vitality-3dAlso available in:

As simple as ensuring the blood flows and there is enough great ingredients for your body to heal itself with.

This means getting active and allowing the qi to flow.

Better energy and blood flow, whether it is through mobilization, massage, the application of direct heat or by needles/cupping/scraping/and the burning of moxa is the intention of all techniques used by acupuncturists.

Visiting Heather (who has a very different understanding of circulation) may alter your life – on many levels.

Is it your thyroid?

Usually yes . .. Far too many people believe that when the blood tests say ‘normal’ or ‘within normal limits’ that they are well and their thyroid is ‘OK’.

Perhaps it may be the same as everyone else’s – falling in a hole.

Likely taking the supplement designed to allow your body to work as it was designed to is what is most needed – at a fraction of the cost of all the vitamins and what not you may have bought and been taking diligently.  It may be all you need – please watch the DVD clips on the Glutathione section (Robert Keller Original) in ‘Healthy Living’

Read more about thyroid issues . . .

When to take charge

When you aren’t feeling alive and vital and on top of your game/life. Could it be something blocking healing?  Or maybe that what has happened to you has impacted on how your body is able to function. It may well be that all the tests you have had have not found the culprit.  It may well be your thyroid /adrenals/metabolism.  It may well be not quite bad enough yet – although you don’t feel great – to slip under the medical safety nets/radar. Are you stressed and anxious?  Aging too fast? Depressed for no good reason?  Try the Glutathione information – as it is the way to ultimately heal – an anti inflammatory, anti aging and the strongest anti oxidant there is.

  • Have you been suffering pain, low energy, poor sleep, low mood or headaches?
  • Does life seem too hard?
  • Do you feel as though there is not enough right and not enough wrong to warrant going to see someone?
  • You may well have a complex web of symptoms that other health professionals have been unable to assist you with.
  • Have you a high maintenance body?
  • Do you find yourself continually at the massage therapists/chiropractor or physio?
  • Are you wearing a splint/protective device as your body is too sore/weak to work unaided?

I strongly suggest you listen to the Dr Keller interview to see how you can help your body to work well again.

When you come to see me, there will be an assessment of what is happening now – and what you can do to change your future.

Often it is as simple as working on old scars.  It may seem a strange idea. But then – you may know you hate being touched there. . .. or that you haven’t felt the same since . . . or that the scar is actually a problem.

Why not come and get it aligned with your energy again?

Meridians (lines) of energy traverse the body – and when these are interfered with – through accidents and operations – often function and of course local feeling is altered.

 Talk to Heather

Until and including 11th Feb I will be in clinic most day and also all Saturday. From 12th I will be absent as I am teaching acupuncture and furthering my own studies overseas, returning 16th March.  Please see if you can ft in at least one session with me as all sorts of magic may happen.

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